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Rodgers & Hammerstein’s, The Sound Of Music Live #Shout!Studios #Movie #Music

Shout! Studios has brought The Sound Of Music Live home on Blu-ray and DVD in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Broadway’s classic Rodgers & Hammerstein’s The Sound Of Music.  This version of  The Sound Of Music, is a live broadcast production from BAFTA-nominated director Coky Giedroyc.

Since the show debuted on Broadway in 1959, The Sound Of Music has become a family favorite as well as a family classic.   With memorable songs such as “The Sound of Music,” “Edelweiss,” “Sixteen Going on Seventeen,” My Favorite Things” and many, many others.

In the new production, Kara Tointon, (Maria) plays the tomboyish nun who became the governess for seven children living in the shadow of their stern widower father, Julian Ovenden, (Downton Abbey fame).  Maria brought love, music and excitement back into the von Trapp household, and even their stern father gave way to love.   However, as Nazism began to spread the threat of war darkened their future.  The Sound of Music Live features “How Can Love Survive” a song not in the original movie but part of the stage show since 1959.  Bonus Features – Audio commentary with Kara Tointon and Juian Ovenden – Behind-the-scenes featurette.

This season let the “Hills come alive with The Sound of Music” Live.”

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I See the Sun in the USA by Dedie King @SatyaHouse

Geared to children age five and up, parents, elementary school teachers and librarians, the book serves as a unifying force for children in a divided country.  It points out differences and similarities between American children with unique cultural backgrounds with an overarching emphasis on those elements which bind us together as a country and welcome our diversity. We are a beautiful mosaic.

See the Sun in the USA tells the story of Stella and the children and families she meets, with a variety of ethnicities and cultures, while on a family vacation.  Each child is also presented by a family tree depicting the blending of their families, hence the blending of American culture.  Glorious illustrations by Judith Inglese  express and enhance the story line.

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It’s A Scorpio Birthday ~ Time to Celebrate

We have 4 (count them) four Scorpions in the family. Scorpions are like cream filled chocolate, hard on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside but never underestimate them, Always remember their sting.   That’s my sweetheart Natalie photo bombing the picture (she is a Gemini like me).  With my mom still not feeling like herself yet, we agreed to celebrate at home.

So I slaved all day (only kidding) and made some meatballs, chicken cream sauce , a pork tender loin and boiled up some pasta to keep everyone happy.  My mom got be see everyone in the comfort of home and we all got good and comfortable.

The nice part of the day was knowing that tomorrow was a day off from work and school because today was Veterans Day celebrated on Monday.  So we ate, talked and drank the afternoon away. We all know what the best part of Birthdays is ~ the cake!!  Baskin Robbins was the choice Pizza Cake for the kids and a yummy ice cream Roly Poly for the rest of us, though honestly everyone had a taste of everything. And no celebration is complete with out some Dunkin Donuts. Yeah, that’s how we roll around here.

So to my sister Marianne, my niece Sandra,  my daughter Vera and her husband Bill I wish 12 months of Health ~ 52 weeks of Blessings ~ 365 days of Opportunity ~ 8760 hours of Love ~ 525600 minutes of Peace and 31536000 seconds of Happiness. Happy Birthday Scorpio.

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PORTALS ~ A Photo Experience by Canon @CanonUSA #CanonPortals

From Thursday, November 8th to Sunday November 18th (weekdays, 3-9pm; Saturday, 12-9pm; Sundays, 12-8pm), Canon will be hosting PORTALS, A Photo Experience from Canon. The 11-day pop-up will be built around photo moments that will transport visitors to an entirely new world by embedding camera tips and tricks into the consumer journey. Made up of five unique photography setups, PORTALS will allow photographers (amateur and experienced) to open up their imaginations while producing exciting – and Instagram-able – photos.  I enjoyed the experience – and got some great shots in the process!! Visit at 107 Grand Street New York City.

Portal Of Reflection ~ to see beyond the surface of a subject that’s right in front of you.

Portal Of Focus ~ Allowing you to play with your foreground and subject to create a unique memory

Portal Of Light ~ Able to pull low-light out of the darkness to create the perfect mysteriously moody and groovy photo.

Portal of New Perspectives ~ Now you can find new perspectives hidden in plain sight.  Up up in the sky!!

Teleportraits Portal ~ (my favorite)  Took me on a carpet ride to a fantastical world!!

For more information click here

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The Book Of No Worries by Lizzie Cox – A Survival Guide for Growing Up #BOOKWORM

Growing up has it ups and downs, has happy times and confusing times, and with all of that comes worry and anxiety.  How does a young person face all of these challenges?    The Book Of No Worries by Lizzie Cox is a book for young people to help understand the challenges of growing up.

Did you know that children as young as 10 deal with issues at school, experience increased pressure to study, while maintaining good grades and making friendships.  Now, mix into that, the non-stop nature of social media and all the added pressure it brings.  Is it not a wonder why anxiety and depression is on the rise.

The Book Of no Worries reassure readers that their worries and fears are perfectly normal.  Offers practical tips for managing anxiety and stress.  The Book Of no Worries focuses on the emotional well being and mental health of young people.

The Book Of no Worries recognizes worries such as: problems at school, relationship woes, body image concerns, troubles at home, social media, drugs and alcohol, even fashion and beauty.  

Fears and worries are a normal part of everyday growing up and The Book Of no Worries can guide a young person through it. This friendly and funny book aims to reassure tweens that their worries and fears are normal and offers practical tips for managing anxiety and stress.

Author, Lizzie Cox: is a former editor of popular teen brand Sugarscape and an award-winning journalist who has written for a range of titles. Lizzie is known for her humorous, light-hearted tone and has plenty of experience in tackling teen subjects for both boys and girls.

Illustrator, Tanja Stevanovic