Bella B Natural Body Care #DueMaternity

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All Bella B products are made with organic ingredients and are free of artificial preservatives, animal by-products, petrolatum, lanolin and harsh chemicals…so you don’t have to worry about anything harming you or your family.  Bella B has you covered!
The weather is getting cooler but don’t be fooled there are still plenty of mosquito bits in this season. So we keep Bella B Buzzy Bee Natural Bug Repellent close by.

Bella B offers more than 25 full-size products, and  all Bella B products are made with organic ingredients and are free of artificial preservatives, animal by-products, petrolatum, lanolin and harsh chemicals.

Bella B products  are safe for nearly anyone to use, and they can replace chemical-laden products. Products range in price from $3.99 to $14.99, and gift sets are $24.99 to $34.99.
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DENNY’S #DreamWorks #KidCups

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Denny’s new kid’s cup feature Oh from Home, Donkey from Shrek, and Po from Kung Fu Panda.   These new DreamWorks headband cups are available while supplies last at Denny’s.20141025_112636


Prices range from $2.49-$3.29 and selection may vary.


If your children are anything like mine they will love these headband cups.  A headband to go with your very own cup.  They had a fun time with DreamWorks cups.img_6059-1
Denny’s Free Pancakes for kids is still available.  While at Denny’s pick up a DreamWorks headband cup for the kids, be sure to collect them all, and be on the look out for special holiday themed cups in the coming months.



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Total Package Girl #SuccessByYourOwnDefinition

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Total Package Girl,” written by Kristi Hoffman, MS, CEO, and 23-year Girl Scout volunteer has devoted her time to help young girls overcome their personal challenges, from self-image, confidence or  bullying.


When young girls open up this guide, they will learn to love themselves, how to stay positive, steer clear of negative influences, and feel powerful. “Total Package Girl” helps build confidence, knowledge in themselves, and how to fulfill dreams.  What a great tool to have  starting  middle school because school and  life are just not easy.


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Eight O’Clock Coffee #Alert #Relax #BrazilianBreakfast

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Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee. Ha! I always wanted to say that.  I did not start drinking coffee until I was in my mid-thirties. I was always a tea drinker until then. My parents always used Eight O’Clock Coffee so that is what I finally tried and to my surprise  I liked it and I drink it everyday. I drink it black and without sugar. Now after all these years I am so happy to see they have introduced three new coffees. Relax, Alert and 100% Brazilian Breakfast.


Infusions Alert is a premium full-bodied 100% Arabica coffee that is medium roasted for a full-bodied bold, robust flavor.  Gently blended with caffeine and guarana, ALERT offers consumers a way to brighten their day with a hi-caffeine blend. Guarana is rich in caffeine and is a popular ingredient in energy drinks and teas.  This is my choice for the days I know I’m going to see my daughter and my darling grandchildren. They keep me busy!


Infusions Relax is a premium, medium-bodied, decaffeinated 100% Arabica coffee blended with chamomile and lavender cuts. The lavender and chamomile in Relax subtly complement the taste of the coffee. Lavender and chamomile are familiar aromas and flavors associated with tranquility making  Relax the perfect coffee to enjoy when taking time out to relax.  Love a cup after dinner.


100% Brazilian Breakfast was created for coffee drinkers whose stomachs prefer a less acidic, blend.  The variety contains 100% Brazilian Arabica Coffee beans that are sourced from the Cerrado Minas Gerais region in Brazil. With a soft-bodied, less acidic cup profile, this variety is perfectly suited for multiple-cup coffee drinkers. This is my first cup in the morning.

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DENNY’S #Pancakes #ShareMySlam

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Denny’s is making it easier and more affordable for families to try its all new Buttermilk Pancakes thanks to its “Free Pancakes for Kids” offer, which started September 1st.

Families are invited to take advantage of this offer everyday during the month of September from 4-10 pm at participating locations.  This offer is valid for children ages 10 and under with the purchase of one adult entree.


Pancakes are always a favorite with the grand kids.  And Denny’s gave them just the right amount of pancakes to enjoy.  Let’s not forget the french toast and scrambled eggs with a side of healthy fruit…another big hit.image-10Denny’s is family friendly… with hand eaten food.image-11



We played concentration at Denny’s.



The grand kids played poke your sibling at Denny’s.






My sister and my great-niece could not have been more pleased to join us at Denny’s.




Denny’s pancakes are fluffier, tastier, and have  50% more pancake goodness for little guests to get their teeth into.

In addition to its “Free Pancakes for Kids” promotion, Denny’s is kicking off No Kid Hungry campaign, raising money through the month of September to help end childhood hunger.  Every $1 that is donated will provide a child with 10 healthy meals.  With every donated $1 Denny’s will provide a discount coupon redeemable at participating Denny locations.  Another way to help this important cause: share the hashtag #ShareMySlam on Twitter and Instagram and Denny’s will also donate $1 to No Kid Hungry.


Groovinmoms  enjoyed the meal at Denny’s.

We ordered from the 55+ menu that Denny’s offers.

Denny’s four new Signature Builds:

 Double Berry Banana Pancake Breakfast, Sticky Bun Pancake Breakfast, Strawberries & Cream Pancake Breakfast, and Peanut Butter Cup Pancake Breakfast.

AARP members receive special daily savings for themselves and their guests….

Image result

” Welcome to America’s Diner”

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