The Golden Girls Of Rio by Nikkolas Smith

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Here is a wonderful book for kids of ages. Filled with inspiration and a most powerful message for girls and boys alike and the people in their world who love them and want to encourage them with a dream and hope.  Very amazing and powerful book for the family to share and enjoy.


The women athletes of the 2016 Summer Olympics captivated the world. Their accomplishments amazed us, as did their personal stories of persistence and hard work. THE GOLDEN GIRLS OF RIO focuses on the paths to glory for these women athletes, how they got their start and rose to meteoric heights in the Rio games. An inspiring story, bursting with color and action and life, that will make you smile to see these champion athletes as little girls, and to revisit their triumphs in achieving Olympic gold! (ages 4-8)

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Jesus Is Born By Sophie Piper

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Jesus is Born  is the retold  story of the first Christmas by Sophie Piper.

No story is more beloved or more told than the story of the first Christmas.   20110218-img_4536

Jesus is Born reflects the Gospels of Luke and Mathew beginning with the announcement to Mary, by the angel Gabriel,  to the miraculous birth of Christ in the little town of Bethlehem.


The illustrations by Anne Yvonne Gilbert are as beautiful as the story.


 Sophie Piper’s text closely echoes the language of the Gospels in retelling the traditional sequence of the Bible story and even notes where different parts of the Christmas story can be found within the Bible.

The good news of Jesus’ birth is brought to life.


Like the wisemen who came bearing gifts to the baby Jesus, Jesus is Born is a great gift for grandparents and parents who want to keep faith close during the holiday season.19341af-rect_full

The story of the first Christmas  never grows old.

For on that day – ‘Jesus is Born’

Barnes&NobleAmazon –  Indiebound

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Watchitude Slap Watches #StockingStuffer #Wishlist

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It’s all about attitude they say but I think now it’s about  Watchitude.  What is  Watchitude?  Watchitude’s are slap watches   154808_434272289983404_278754593_n

Slap watches for kids – limited edition and collectable designs.

1233847846lifebest      250355_439551609431183_358192805_n Watchitude watches are for girls and boys.  250764_471917729509741_1536725042_n19-362471-1 Watchitude’s withstand rain, sweat, and splashing (no not swim proof) Many wonderful children’s designs for Ages 4-12 and Teens Designs Ages 13 and up.  Watchitude is SGS Certified safe for kids, 100% lead free, non toxic

142224__nightmare_l 213076_2                              12794_4799543394835_2028457907_n

And withstand my grandson.

Watchitude is the latest kids watch craze.

You can create your own Watchitude – sign up at

free stuff

Create and submit your designs.

Vote for your favorite Watches.

Watchitude is a timely gift to give for a boy and girl this Christmas or Chanukah season.

Slap on a Watchitude.

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Women and Heart Disease: The Real Story by Jacqueline A. Eubany

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This story can save your life. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the U.S. Heart disease remains the number one killer of women in the United States, killing more women than breast and lung cancer combined. Dr. Jacqueline Eubany is a board-certified cardiologist and electrophysiologist, currently practicing in Orange County, California. She attended the University of California Riverside for her undergraduate studies, followed by Boston University School of Medicine. She joined the United States Navy to complete her medical training, and served for twelve years.

Dr. Jackie tells readers how to reduce their risk by up to 80%, how to recognize a heart attack earlier, and how to make the healthiest choices for your heart and your loved ones.

For more information, please visit:

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PBS Kids and Whole Food Market #wishlist

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Great news! PBS KIDS and Whole Foods Market are teaming up again to launch new holiday items for their line of responsibly-sourced toys. Having fun with the Honeybee Stacker all day long.


Not only are these toys environmentally friendly, but they also give back – to the PBS mission of education for all children. 100% of profits for the supplier, PBS, go back to their non-profit work. All products give 1% to Whole Kids Foundation, which helps give parents, teachers and children more tools and opportunities to eat well.


PBS KIDS’ responsibly-sourced PlanToys and Aurora Plush animals will be available exclusively at Whole Foods Market. We have a farmer in the house playing with his Field to Farm Stand Play Set. I am busy, Grandma.


for more information click here

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