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Cinderella: Anniversary Edition, Walt Disney Signature Collection, On Digital and Movies Anywhere and Blu-Ray

As summer comes to a sad close we can smile as we prepare for the fall, for fall brings family movie nights. What better time to sit down and watch the recently released Disney Anniversary Edition of Cinderella. This iconic enchanting and beloved fairy tale is a generational favorite. Cinderella, a rags to riches tale never disappoints…This Signature Collection is Digital Coded (included and you can watch anywhere), with Blu-Ray Bonus Extras.

Offers 2 ways to watch:

1. Original theatrical version

2. New: In Walt’s The Envisioning of Cinderella.

Disney Anniversary Edition of Cinderella a fall time movie treat! Fall in love with the magical story, enchanting characters and exquisite artistry
of “Cinderella,” complete with two all-new extras and classic bonus material

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iCaddy by Molly Rosner

iCaddy (groovy gift for all kids) is a universal mobile device stand for tablets (including iPad and Kindle Fire) and smart phones. It includes a USB power bank, a charging cable and premium earbuds. All pieces are stored compactly in built-in storage compartments (never lose your ear buds again!) and it’s foldable, so it fits neatly in a backpack. Tablet battery life can be extended by up to 60% while phones can be completely recharged with the powerful 2600mAh battery pack. for more information click here

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I Don’t Like To Eat Ants by JTK Belle


I Don’t Like to Eat Ants by JTK Belle a timeless message and children with illustrations created by Sabine Mielke. My grandchildren are picky eaters and this book was so much fun to read together. They still are picky but I am hopeful.

I Don’t Like to Eat Ants follows two anteaters and the pros and cons about their diet of ants. Anteater Two insists it’s in their nature to only dine on ants, but Anteater One doesn’t like the taste and tells Anteater Two about the wonderful foods he’s tried and enjoyed more those little bugs. When Anteater One treats Anteater Two to a sandwich at the Peanut Butter and Jelly Deli, he too discovers he likes peanut butter and jelly, and decides to try more foods since he won’t know what he likes unless he is willing to take a chance.

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“LITTLE” #DVD #BluRay #Movienight #Entertainment

She went to bed grown up and woke up LITTLE

Little a movie that makes for a perfect GIRLS NIGHT IN! Directed by Tina Gordon.

Starring: Regina Hall, Issa Rae and Marsai Martin

LITTLE a film based on an idea by Marsai Martin, who serves as executive producer, alongside Regina Hall, Preston Holmes and Josh Martin.

The LITTLE three female leads show incredible talent, as well as show the true meaning of Black Girl Magic. A comedy, light hearted and heartwarming on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital comes packed with lively exclusive bonus features:

  • Gag Reel,
  • Behind-the-scenes look at the ram cast that brings Black Girl Magic to the silver screen,
  • A look at Regina Hall’s unique approach to playing the character of Jordan Sanders,
  • Journey with Marsai Martin as she tours around the set interviewing the fimmakers and crew,
  • Issa Rae share tips for surviving a boss from HELL.

LITTLE teaches us to not shy away but to celebrate the greatest and most authentic versions of ourselves..

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Tuscanini Tomato Sauce – Premium Italian Passata

Tuscanini Tomato Sauce  a tomato sauce that’s imported from Italy. The secret is in the sauce.

Tuscanini Tomato Sauce comes in a resealable screw cap carton which allows for easy pour, and easy to store back in refrigerator to use another day. 

Easy, no mess, no waste.

Made with freshly harvested Tuscan tomatoes, and Kosher for Passover all year round.

Plum and ripe Tuscanini Tomato Sauce is not just for pasta sauce. A must try is their classic Tomato Soup recipe. Tomato Sauce Premium Italian Passata brings Italian food to your table…Mangiare