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Boxitale Adventure Game #CraftGaming

Imagination will take you everywhere. Imagine blasting off in a galactic universe and investigating the existence of an unknown space station found on an asteroid near Venus. Upon arriving you realize that the space station needs your help to save the earth. Through your cutting, pasting, taping, and coloring, you too can save all mankind! No time to be bored here!!

BoxiTale from Akibabus Ltd brings stories to life on smartphone or tablet and allows children use their crafting skills on the game board. Available now through

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Foto Friday

#FotoFriday #Friends

Many moons ago, I use to be a Real Estate Agent.  The lovely women in this picture worked with me at the same Real Estate office.  Till this day we are still friends.  It is a blessing to have friends stick with you.      Wish my hair was as loyal to my head!  Image result for laughing emoji

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YM aka Your Mom #loveYM

I got it from my Mama. Lovable, recognizable, totally authentic, the YM cartoon character says everything your mother has undoubtedly said to you at one point or another. YM is absurd and funny – and like all moms, she has her quirks – but everything she says comes from her heart.

The YM brand launches with a line of greeting cards, mugs, totes, and more that Moms everywhere will love and identify with.  Lots of love with a lot of fun.

Out of all the moms in the world I am so glad you are mine.

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School Of Rock The Musical and Opry City Stage #familyfun

My darling granddaughter turned 13 this year ~ yes we officially have a teenager in the house again!  To celebrate the big day we went to see the musical School Of Rock at the Winter Garden Theatre.  It was a full family fun day!!

Before we headed into the show, we stopped by Opry City Stage Restaurant and Bar to get some lunch. At the door we were greeted by none other than  Johnny Cash!  It sort of saddened me when the kids asked who’s Johnny Cash. Please!!  Honestly they say the same about Elvis and the Beatles. But we did get a photo with Johnny.  What a fun place  to eat if you are ever in New York City and they also have  live entertainment.

Everything on the menu from catfish to chicken tenders, real comfort food here folks.  We also munched on biscuits and grits and poutine!  We feasted.

The afternoon was filled with laughter, music and oh so much talent, all the children in the show were amazing. There were lots of children enjoying the show with their family. Lots of cheering and love all around. The kids left the theatre singing Stick It To The Man. Ha!!

Cannot say it enough and I hope you never tire of hearing me say Happy Birthday Darling I loved you before you were born and I will love you forever. Happy Birthday!!