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Enduracool: cooling towels, cools instantly when wet.


Enduracool: Mission’s instant cooling technology allows you to maximize athletic performance during competition and training.

1a5de62938e9f412130f6a7067003723Enduracool technology slows the rate of evaporation within it’s series of hollow-core fibers which cools to 30 degrees below average body temperature…Now that’s cool.

Enduralcool is  activated in three easy steps:

  1. Soak the fabric in water,0090505-rect_full

2. wring out excess

3. snap the fabric three times

Now the  airflow will activate the cooling technology.

Enduracool Multi-Cool  works by absorbing moisture and perspiration into the fabric core where the unique radiator-like fiber construction circulates water molecules and regulates the rate of evaporation to create a prolonged cooling effect.

UPF 50 Protection – Technology never washes out – Helps defend against dust and wind.

This is the towel to keep you cool before, during and after activity…Mission is the choice of athletes: Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Carli Lloyd, Serena Williams just to name drop a few.

Body cooling can help you feel better!

Mission Cooling System is the cooling towel every active person needs.

Stay cool and unlock your performance!

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BEYOND FAB #TownofHempstead #FranklinSquare #RathPark

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It was a hot, humid August night, the night the Town of Hempstead brought the FABulous group we know as BEYOND FAB  to Rath Park.  The weather did not stop my family  from packing  our outdoor chairs and camping down in Rath Park’s parking area to listen to the band, Beyond Fab, play in our neighborhood..2006ABMississippiLoveseat I know they don’t look excited but once the band began to play they would certainly be clapping their hands and tapping their feet to the sound of music.  1425779_10202335979511291_1263298826_nWe were one of the first Beyond Fab fans to plob down our chairs in front of the stage to get the full view of the guys in the band.1451435_10202346297049223_2116508035_n

As the night went on Beyond Fab did their Beyond musical thing. 19-362471 (1) The parking lot was packed!  And as the band played the people of the town  were cooled by their awesome sound as they enjoyed their serenade. 0090505-rect_fullBEYOND FAB  group of 4 guys who bring a magnified musical performance of the BEATLES and BEYOND!  Yeah, Michael, Mike, Pete, George, Reggie gave their all for The Town of Hempstead and Franklin Square. IMG_5248  Beyond Fab  gave a FABulous performance and made our Thursday evening a throw back in time we will certainly not forget…Beyond Fab’s Beatle experience is a yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!



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Mabel’s Labels #Mabelhood

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Guess who’s ready to go back to school!!  And when they did get so big? Love the Mabel’s Labels Middle School package. This combo features a range of modern styles, colors, and designs, perfect for designating school supplies, water bottles, tablets, chargers, cell phone cases, and more.


With a brand-new selection of personalized waterproof and durable labels designed for students from little kids to tweens and beyond, keep school supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes, sports gear, and other belongings organized – and out of the lost and found! The Write Away labels are great to share with the whole family and friends too!


Love the personalized name tags for backpacks, sports bag and luggage. Now this is how to get kids excited to go back to school!


for more information click here

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What She Wore #VineYardVines #TangerOutlets

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I spent the weekend with my daughter and a visit to Tanger Outlets in Deer Park was one of the things we did. A favorite store is VineYard Vines and I was so happy to find two dresses that I really liked. The best part was everything in the store was 40% off. I just love a buffalo check, this dress has a bow tie in the back.


I love the color turquoise, it just reminds me of summer sky and sea. Both dresses came to $92.00 which is a little more than I like to spend but I was caught up in the shopping mode and having such a nice time with my daughter. Believe me,  I will wear these dresses out! 🙂 Wear what you want.

For more info click here

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Garden Lites #GetRealFood #Muffins #Snacks #MacandCheese

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Everyone is going to school this September even the little guy!!  Back to School is the perfect time to keep the kids on track by offering wholesome – yet always delicious – choices in their lunch box. Every school day is another opportunity for parents to pack some veggie-rich, nutritional and convenient foods in their kids’ backpack or for after school snacks from Garden Lites, the delicious vegetable company. Everyone in the house love the Mac and Cheese easy fast and yummy.


The two favorite muffins are Chocolate (hands down) and the second runner up is the Blueberry Oat Muffin. When I get to watch the kids,  everyone gets a muffin and I relax with a cup of tea.


for more information click here

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