My General Motors Recall Experience

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I was pretty upset when I received the General Motors recall notice on my 2005 Saturn ION. Seems the ignition was defected. I’m not a big fan of driving, the plan is always just go where I need to go and get back as quick as I can.  The notice came in April 2014. I easily convinced myself to take care of it when my inspection was due, before the end of July.


I got an appointment last week  and took my car into the dealership City Cadillac, before I knew it, I was being informed that my fluids had to be changed. Brake System Service and Cooling System Service. Lube Oil and Filter Replace. Only God know when the last time this stuff was taken care of.  I looked at the guy and said OK.  Don’t want to drive around missing all that fluid. Then he told me there was a new recall coming about the power steering. Really? That’s when I stopped hearing what he was saying.  When I got to work, he called me and told me there were some recommendations he had to tell me about. I’d be lying if I told  you I remembered one thing  he said. “No, thanks, not at this time Maybe when I come in for the next recall” Guess what, when  I went to get my car I found out that the power steering recall had been taken care of too. Happy!! :)


I got the bill, which I thought was a whopper, but again my ex-husband always took care of the cars, so maybe this is not too bad. What do I know? I try not to cry about money, I just feel better to lose some money than my fingers. So anyway, I got 2 new keys, my fluids replaced, the  inspection sticker and my car is back where she belongs in the backyard.  I have to say, I felt that I had a smoother ride home and that’s a good thing. Oh and he called my car  a baby because she only has 22,000 miles. I told you I don’t like to drive.


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Bali Intimates Bra

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Merci and I were both measured for a custom-fit Bali bra at the Getting Gorgeous conference. We each picked what bra style and color we wanted.


This is the one Merci picked the easy to fit Comfort Revolution Wire Free with smart size in a nude deco. True comfort.


I picked the One Smooth U Underwire style in Private Jet Jacquared. Love the back-smoothing!

To look at the complete collection click here

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

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I think we all can agree that gardens are beautiful to have.  This year I have to admit I neglected my garden.  I found that I did not have the time to devote to planting, watering and weeding , a lot of work goes into gardening .

Then we went to Lisa’s house.

Lisa has a pool to die for, as Liz recently posted.


But her garden… was the Piece de resistance!


Now behind this beautiful waterfall stands a Palm Tree!  Who has a Palm Tree in their backyard?  Unless your residence is in Florida, or Hawaii, a Palm tree is a natural event.   But in Long Isalnd!   Not so normal.imageimage

Beautiful colors, beautiful flowers, beautiful green.  Now I have tried in the past and never got these kind of results.  I mean no were near this gorgeous.                                                                                                                                    image

imageNow this was the plant that really caught my eye.

I asked Lisa, what is the name of this plant.

Lisa told me that she had no idea what the plant’s name was because she did not plant it.

See it turns out that Lisa did not plant any of these plants, her gardener did.  OMG!

That is how Lisa makes her garden grow…

image                                                                                   Mazel Tov Lisa!


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Block Island Organics Sunblock

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Block Island Organics Sunblock is a natural organic mineral sunscreen.


Block Island Organics was the sunblock I brought with me when I recently went to hang out at my neighbors pool.  So before we went into the pool my neighbors and I put Block Island Organics all over our exposed bodies.  And you know when you are in a bathing suit that is a lot of area to cover.


Now Terry, who normally does not wear sunblock at all, could not believe how Block Island Organics covered her skin.  I started to explain that Block Island was an organic lightweight, non-nano and instantly absorbing mineral based sunscreen safe for sensitive skin.  Block Island Organic provides hours of all natural, highly effective broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, a small amount goes a long way. 


“Yes”, she said a little to doubtingly


Let me be the first to announce a sunsation. Terry is a Block Island Organics Sunscreen convert.



Hey, I even got Bobbi-Ann to start spreading the block.

It nice to know that now , on my block, Block Island Organics Sunscreen will be the sunblock of choice.

Block Island Organics wants you to Play Smart, Play Safe!

Block Island Organics Sunscreen now has free shipping on orders over $50.00…

click here for more information

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