Salonpas Topical Pain Relief

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If you are like me and do not like to take over the counter pills for pain and discomfort, here is a alternative available to you. The Salonpas family of topical pain relievers come in a variety of forms and sizes.  There are patches, sprays and gels, something for everyone and every pain.


They are powerful and safe. Regardless where your body pain is, there is a Salonpas for the job. Always consult your doctor before taking or changing any medication. Use as directed.

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Cheese Chili Dip

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Fridays is a good day at work. Someone always brings in a treat or two. This Friday Maria brought in this great Cheesy Chili Dip.  So good, that by the time I went to get my camera, half of it was gone. Are you kidding me people?? Ha!!  Thankfully it is football season and this will be a hit for sure!
Cheesy Chili Dip
1pkg.  (8 oz.) Cream Cheese, softened
1 can  (15 oz.) chili
1/2cup   Shredded Cheddar Cheese
2Tbsp.  chopped fresh cilantro
 Spread cream cheese on the bottom of microwaveable pie plate; top with chili cilantro and cheddar
Microwave on HIGH 45 sec. to 1 min. or until cheddar is melted
 Serve with your favorite tortilla chip, crackers or cut up fresh veggies
Touch Down! :)

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Witches Brew

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The Witches Brew is a  coffee house that has been in my neighborhood going on at least 20 years.


My granddaughter loves it and makes me take her there every so often for coffee.  Well she does not make me, I just pretend that she does.   I love to go there with the grand kids  to enjoy a brew or two.   I have to say the Witches Brew makes a great cup of coffee.  Their decor is vintage and set up to make you feel like your are having coffee in your living room.image

image This visit Sophie wanted ice coffee. image I did order it decaffeinated.  Did not want her up all night for her mom.  Christian doesn’t like coffee too much so I always order an extra creamer for our coffee.  He likes to drink milk from it and this way he get to be apart of the coffee clutch.


But more than the coffee they love the Witches’ Brew cookies.  Chocolate Chip cookie is the one they always order.  Sophie likes her cookie with powdered sugar, and Christian likes to eat his plain.  The chocolate chip cookie is always served melting hot.  So hot, you cannot start to eat it right away.   The cookie smells and looks so tempting to me.   See, I just have the coffee and stay away from the cookie but  sometimes I do give in.

YUM!                    image


We love the Witches Brew for it’s comfortable and scary feel.

Come into my parlor you lovely children… NHAHAHAHAHAHAimage       The few minutes it takes to drink some coffee and devour a cookie is all they need to enjoy a treat at the Witches Brew.  I am glad that me, Grandma, gets to be the one to give them this special treat.          2ex4nlvnglr7a8-180


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Keratin Treat – It Works!

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When I returned from Mexico my hair began to feel like crushed tortillas.  I don’t’need to tell you what my hair color ended up to look like after 6 days in the pool and sun.  Funny thing is I did not notice the hair damage right away.  Took me a few days to notice my damaged hair.  OMG!  It was horrendous! The more I blow my hair, and hot pressed it, the more it felt and looked like old dolls hair.imageThen Sunny  texts me this picture.  She was showing off her new keratin treated  hair.  I texted her back, “Love it!”

Wow, her hair looked really  good.  Then the light bulb  went on.   A Keratin Treatment!  That is what my hair needs.

I immediately dialed J City Hair and made an appointment with Alex  to get a haircut, color and Keratin healthy.

When I arrived for my appointment I saw my hairstylist blowing someones hair.imageThat someone was Erin, my  daughter-in-law.  Had not idea she would be there.  Guess I was not the only one who needed an after holiday hair fix.get-attachment (1)

This was  Erin’s first time at J City.  I was a little concerned. What if she did not like the way Alex does her hair?

But Erin did end up liking the cut and the style Alex gave her… She looks happy!

imageThen it was my turn to have hair look good.  I was under the hair dryer for the color, then under dryer for the Keratin.  I thought I would never get out from under that stupid dryer.

Why I don’t look so happy.

After 4 long hours of salon sitting.  I was done.image


Now I am happy.  Color looks good, and my hair stopped feeling like crushed up tortilla’s.  Keratin treatments do give hair back its life.  Now I get to enjoy the treatment for 3 months.  Do wish the color could last that long.

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Wordless Wednesday

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