Happy Thanksgiving Day 2014 – Photo Heavy

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We all gathered another year at Mercis’ house for Thanksgiving Day. The weather outside was snowy, rainy and cold but inside was filled be loving warmth and laughter. Merci mom Nina is the chef of the day and this year the turkey was perfect!


Here are Merci’s parents Nina and Andy, our hosts with dear friend Rosie and my mom Tessie.


The one and only Joey carving both turkeys for us. Nobody does it better and what a face! Love this guy.


The darlings Sophie and Natalie. Could not get Liam to sit for a photo, he was busy playing a video game.


Got a shot of Caleb and Christian playing together.


Merci daughter Erica with Marlene and Marianne glamming it up.


Sandra with Caleb and Marlene with her granddaughter Emma. These two dollies were a delight to watch playing.


Group picture – it’s as loud as it looks right now!


Merci reading the prayer and blessing before we start to feast.


Here are all the lovely ladies of the day together once more. Thank God.


One of the joys of Thanksgiving is wishing you a happy Holiday Season and a healthy and prosperous New Year. Love Merci & Liz

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Happy Thanksgiving To All Our Readers!

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It’s here Thanksgiving Day, 2014.  The day we all need to give thanks.

Groovinmoms sends thanks to all our readers.

We Thank you for all your clicks on  www.groovinmoms.com.

We Thank you for all your  comments and likes.

We Thank you for keeping us going.

Without you,  Groovinmoms could/would not be able to groove on.

So without further ado, Liz and I wish you all a day of laughter, hugs, kisses, and tears of joy.

We need to always give thanks  but we are always running on the treadmill of life.

So this Thanksgiving I will remember to  get down on my knees and humble myself before my creator and thank him for all the blessings that I don’t deserve.

Liz and Merci – Two Groovinmoms


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Lemon and Garlic Baked Shrimp

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This is one of my favorite go to recipe.  I always have a bag of  frozen shrimp in the freezer . Just serve  with your favorite side. I made a big salad this time.

Lemon and Garlic Baked Shrimp – serves 6

Oven 425

2 lbs large shrimp – peeled and devined
Zest and juice of 1 large lemon
3 garlic cloves minced
3 Tb olive oil
salt/pepper to taste
chopped parsley  – optional


Mix all of the above in a large bowl. Pour onto a lined baking sheet pan. Baked for 20 minutes until shrimp turn pink. Do not over cook. Serve hot or cold.  Makes a great starter too. Enjoy!

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Birthday Celebration At Cabaret

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My darling niece Sandra turned 21 this year and I wanted to do something special for her. I asked if there was a show on Broadway that she would like to see. Without hesitation she said “Cabaret”!!    Because, well,”In Here Life Is Beautiful”.


She was so excited to see the super talented Emma Stone playing Sally Bowles and of course the most fabulous Alan Cummings as the Emcee at Roundabout Threatre Company Studio 54.  The theater is turned into the Kit Kat Club with small plates and drinks  available inside. So cool!


We sat in the orchestra section at a table for 4 which we shared with a lovely mom and daughter. The daughter had played the part of Fraulein Schneider in college. Sandra had played the part of Fraulein Kost in high school. The only photos allowed are during intermission.


The show was electrifying and I pray Cabaret stays on Broadway forever. I will never get tired of hearing this story because sadly  it remains still very relevant today in every country one way or another.  We must always be reminded to let all people live and let live. Love and let love.  Life is a priceless gift given to us all from God.  We must never forget to stop, look at ourselves and take inventory of our actions, thoughts and words and re-adjust  when necessary.  Let’s not forget.


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