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Groovinmoms spent a guest weekend at Mount Airy Casino Resort and after the drive we got there hot and  hungry. Our first stop was at the pool for a dip and some refreshments. We found everything we needed at the Get Wet Ultra Pool.


After a cool off swim we ordered some nachos with the best tortilla chips we ever had. We think they were baked.


Yes, we ate the whole thing so good and then we washed it all down with two GTL. Life is good



Our first night dinner was at Guy Fieri’s Mt Pocono Kitchen.


Merci had the salmon and I took the BBQ Ribs. We skipped the starter to make sure we had room for dessert. Best Bread Pudding we ever ate!




We loved the food so much we went back in the morning for breakfast. This place is opened 24 hours.


We also enjoyed a before dinner drink Tito’s vodka straight up at the bar at Guys. That’s how we roll


The breakfast was so huge that the next time we ate was dinner at Bistecca by Il Mulino. Very fancy very fine dining.


We both loved the tomato spread with the breads and the red house wine.


We decided to share the Seafood Tower as our starter. I really don’t think any words are necessary here. We left nothing but the shells.



I ordered the Rigatoni Buttera, pasta with homemade sweet sausage, peas in a cream sauce. Merci ordered the a special of the night Sea Bass.  There was not too much talking going on.



Lots of smiling but not too much talking 🙂


We  swear we shared a Fresh Fruit and Cream for dessert but we never got to take a photo. Yes, it was that good.


We never got to try Lucky 8 Noodle and Sushi Bar or The Buffet and that will be one of the reasons we use to get back to Mount Airy Casino Resort soon.

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2016 Back To School Bash #MomtrendsBTS

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A few weeks ago I went to the Momtrends 6th Back To School Bash and had a most groovy time hanging out with lovely people and finding  the latest for getting your grandchildren ready for back to school.  The first thing I did was get a wonderful foot massage thanks to Keen Kids.


Keen Kids has the most comfortable and stylish footwear that will keep up with any kid!!


I nibbled on some healthy organic after school snacks ideas from Earth’s Best. My favorites were the gluten free chicken nuggets.



Ella’s Kitchen USA has the best little easy to carry snacks and cookies. Grandma likes them too.



There was a braiding station thanks to Vamousse and GlamSquad.  I have short hair so I just enjoyed watching the many different styles of braiding.


So glad I went back and tried the Popsicle Cocktail. Fruit Bar and Champagne! What a great summer drink idea.



Everyone enjoyed the photo booth thanks to Wall Pops!  Easy and fun  for any room makeover ideas.




Mabels Labels was there with fun and groovy ways for kids to keep their stuff together and find them quickly.



Lots of back to school choices thanks to Joules Clothing Everything your little ones or not so little ones need.


We enjoyed a back to school fashion show thanks to Joules and Keen Kids.


Nalgene  had a totally new kind of lunch box which I know my grandchildren will love to take to school.



Paula’s Choice was there with a sneak peak at what’s in the works for a clear complexion.


I fell in love with Chewbeads line. Keeping little and not so little  hands busy.  Mama and Grandma get to wear some groovy looking jewelry that kids can play with while you wear it. Genius.


Yoobi was there to encouage us all to  give back to the children and your community alike. Love


Here is a quick video I took when I walked in the door.


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Sagely New Smart Weekly Pill Organizer #LiveSagely

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Sagely‘s SMART Weekly Pill Organizer Revolutionizes Medication Management.

I’m impressed with this unique design for a pill box.  7 separate containers big enough to hold a number of pills, including my large fish oil and multi vitamins.  The two sided flexible lids lift easily, even for those with manual dexterity issues:  one side colored green , the other side blue to help differentiate morning and evening pills.



Innovative Push Through design allowing pills to be simply pushed through the perforated lid into the container.

Just place pills on top of the containers and then pushed them thru.  So easy! So fast! So neat!

Made with food-safe, durable and BPA free materials, the Sagely SMART Weekly Pill Organizer, is specifically designed to be sleek and eye-catching.


Clear containers allowing visual confirmation and accounting of pills. Containers are kept together on a magnetized base. Large lettering clearly denoting each day of the week.

Sagely also created a free medication reminder app (available on iPhone and Android)


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Sagely has created a pill box that is certainly NOT YOUR GRANDMA’S PILL BOX!

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Mount Airy Resort The Spa – #MountAiry #MtAiry #MountAiryResort

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Did you know that a Massage is the “manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.”  And getting a massage at Mount Airy Spa was just that.  Mount Airy Spa has an array of massages you can have.


My massage at Mount Airy Spa was definitely a delightful experience.  As I walked into the massage room my nostrils immediately recognized the smell of a scented candle, it’s aroma  began relaxing me on the first inhale.

The masseuse  used an organic-natural body butter with hint of orange to enhance my Mount Airy Signature massage experience.


The lounge at the spa was also calming and welcoming.  Low lights and no noise.  Leaving you with nothing but your thoughts…


Their restroom also had that spa-ish feel.  The rolled up towels were as soft as can be.  How do they do that?  Keep towels so soft.  Forgot to ask them what they use to make towels feel cottony soft.

Here is me with the white robe and slippers this completed the feel of relaxation.


After my 55 minute massage I could barely walk.   I was so relaxed.  With my muscles jellied, I wobbled out of the massage room and felt the need to just curl up and go to sleep.  Well, that was not happening, we were at Mount Airy and needed to keep on hopping.

Mount Airy Spa’s massage was a luxurious experience, just as promised.

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Mount Airy Casino & Resort – #Poconos #MountAiry #MountAiryResort #MtAiry

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If your looking for a weekend getaway, you need to getaway to Mount Airy  Casino and Resort in the heart of Pennsylvania’s  Pocono Mountains.


I say this because Liz and I spent a weekend at Mount Airy as their guests.

We both found Mount Airy to be relaxing, exciting, and splashing fun!

When we first arrived we roamed around just checking out the place.  We found Mount Airy easy to navigate and felt right at home in no time.  The extra friendly staff helped us to adjust to the new surroundings quickly.

We shared a  Double Queen room.  Our room had a Keurig coffee maker, an iron, a safe, and best of  all super comfortable bed.

Oh, let me not forget to mention the well stocked refrigerator in the room.  Thank goodness our check in person advised us that the slightest touch of the items in the fridge will cause a KACHING to the visa card we gave them.  Needless to say we opened the refrigerator just to look and never looked again.



After we checked out our room we headed back to the lobby to see what we could see and what we saw was fabulous.

1233847846lifebest                                                                               After touring the lobby and checking out the casino, at Mount Airy Resort, we were sure we had seen the best of Mount Airy.  Till we discovered the pool.  To enter the pool area we had to slide our room key to gain access.  By the way most areas are  key protected. No entry,  no access, without swiping your room key,  even the elevator needs your room key.  You should’ve seen us fumbling for the key every time we got into the elevator.   We realized very quickly… No key, No lift!   What a great way to keep your guest safe, I thought.

Getting back to the pool…as we entered the four season pool area, I wondered if we had just walked on to a movie set.  The  pool area is 51,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor heated pool with a bar and nightlife.  The Mount Airy Resort four season pool features a passage which allows a person/s to swim from the indoor pool to the outdoor pool, and vice versa.  Just watch your head!


Their private luxury cabanas have day beds with TV

.  With these amenities who needs a room.


As the evening set in the Poconos, Mount Airy’s  four season pool began to reflect an ambiance of peace and tranquility that the Pocono Mountains emanates.



    First day at Mount Airy and we did Get Wet.

Mount Airy Casino and Resort is the ‘Stay, Play, Eat’ Resort.  1286470098_500mae-evening-2010

Can’t wait to tell you about my spa experience.

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