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Photo Friday – Christmas Time #Macy’s #SantaLand #HeraldSquare


It’s  the most wonderful time of year.”  Except, the traveling to Manhattan to visit Santaland at Macy’s Herald Square on 34th Street.

However, it has been a tradition, going back to my children’s days of believing in Santa Clause, however then I was much younger.   I do want to keep this tradition going as long as my grandchildren still “Believe” in the white bearded man called, Santa Clause.  I  was worried about my grownup granddaughter, who is growing up so fast, I think by next year she will be coming just because her brother still believes.  Nothing wrong with that.

The one thing I do absolutely know is that if Christmas isn’t in you heart, cause it comes so fast, spend a day at Macy’s in Herald Square and I can guarantee, the magic of Christmas will begin to bloom.



















The magic of Christmas is as real as can be,

For on this night we got to see,

a long lost member of the family,

Our Christmas night was more than complete,

‘Till next year, my family, God willing it  be.

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Advanced Mixology -Mule Science – Moscow Mule Mixology #Moscowmule #Holidaydrinks

Moscow Mule Pure Copper Mugs (Set of 2) by Mule Science

Get ready!  The holidays are coming!

It’s time to spread good cheer with Advanced Mixology  copper mugs.                                           Moscow mule mugs made from 100% copper.

Advanced Mixology copper mugs gives you the most copper for every dollar you spend. Using 22 gauge, 100% pure copper sheets, each mug weighs at least 1/2 pound. No filler metals, no metal linings.  Advanced Mixology Copper mugs undergo a 32 point quality check to ensure that you get the highest quality mug always.

Advanced Mixology copper mugs are:

  • PURE COPPER – No nickel, tin, or other metals on copper mugs! Only pure copper to give your moscow mule the right taste.
  • PERFECT SIZE – 16 oz. size just like the original copper moscow mule mug. Not too large nor too small
  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY, NO RIVETS – Rivets basically need holes to screw on the handles, so they leak after a while. Advanced Mixology uses the latest metal joining technology to get a no rivet joint
  • TARNISH RESISTANT – Coated with food grade lacquer to retain its shine.
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Order your set of 2 Copper Mugs today and receive free 2 Pure Copper Straws, 2 Coasters and Shot glass… Order Now.

Advanced Mixology copper mugs perfect mugs to serve family and friends the easy to make Moscow Mule… How do you make a Moscow Mule?  Easy peasy! 


  • 4-5 oz.  Ginger Beer
  • 2 oz.  Vodka (vodka of choice)
  • ½ oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • Fresh lime wheel for garnish


  1. Squeeze lime juice into a fresh chilled glass with ice (preferably a Moscow Mule pure copper mug, though a 10 – 11 oz highball glass will also work)
  2. Pour in  Vodka
  3. Fill the rest of the glass with Ginger Beer
  4. Garnish with a lime

A perfect gift! A perfect cooper mug!

For a variety of holiday drinks check out Advanced Mixology’s recipe variations.  

Advanced Mixology ships Worldwide. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free shipping on all orders over $15

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Cry Babies – It’s a World of Cry Babies #Doll #Crybabies #Pacifier

Welcome to the world of CRY BABIES!

 Cry Babies by IMC Toys are adorable dolls that cry with real water tears.  Just add water and remove pacifier.  Cry Babies arms and legs also move for additional playtime fun!

 Cry Babies is a Finalist for the 2019 Toy of the Year Awards for Doll of the Year!!

 Cry Babies, Lea, a perfectly happy doll.  Until, you pull out her pacifier.

Boo-Hoo!  Boo-Hoo!

   Out flow the tears.

Don’t cry baby!

With pacifier back in her mouth, Lea, once again, is a happy baby doll

.  LEA

Welcome the world of Cry Babies   –  Lala, Coney, KatieLammy, and Bonnie.   Each Cry Babies toy comes with their own changeable cutisie, onesie.

With Cry Babies you can have lots of play time fun and games.  This season get ready to have a fantastic time with your favorite doll!

The Cry Babies line is available at Target stores and Amazon for $29.99.


Family, Time of the Season

Thanksgiving Family

Hello December you sure did get here fast.  Not so fast that we would not find time to share our Thanksgiving Family Day.  We have celebrated Thanksgiving together for over 50 years. Yes, we have been blessed. Through the years we have lost loved ones and we have gained loved ones.

Thanksgiving Recipe for Friendship ~ A generous cup of blessings, a tablespoon of refection, a handful of memories together

A good helping of hugs and laughter, a pint of time with friends and family

Mix with love and forgiveness.

Thank you, Lord,  for the food before us, the friends beside us and the love between us. Happy Thanksgiving!

And Thank You Joey for another fabulous turkey carving job. God Bless You !!


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Raw Spice Bar

Raw Spice Bar have made some updates! They have created a much more customized spice subscription where you sign up for what you need and choose your own spices. There is also  a whole new spice shop, plus some awesome spice set gifts for the holidays. These mostly salt free, gluten free, paleo, vegan spices make an awesome gift for almost anyone. Live life with a little spice!

For Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipe click here