What’s In The Box? with Natalie #LoveWithFood #OfficeBox

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Love With Food not only simplifies your daily routine with all-natural snacks delivered monthly, but they also donate a meal to a food bank in the US each month someone is a member.  To date they have donated over 750k meals!  They have also recently launched a monthly Gluten-Free box and Office Box.

My granddaughter Natalie is with me today and together we will find out what’s in the Deluxe Office box!!


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Owlegories!  What is an Owlegorie?  

That is what I said when I first heard the name Owlegories.

Then I found out that Owlegories was created by husband and wife team Thomas and Julie Boto and Owelgories is an animated series.

The Owlegories are gospel-centered animated series and interactive digital app that teaches kids about God through the amazing things found in nature and revealed in God’s Word.

What a splendid idea.

Each lesson focuses on an element of nature that helps teach children about the characteristics of God and the truths found in His Word through the effective use of allergories, metaphors and analogies.

Owlegories Vol.1 – The Sun, The Seed and The Water226656_2

Teaching God’s Word thru the eyes of the Owlegories …FullSizeRender (18)

Let’s spread the Word!

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527bMy grandson came over one day with Pokemon cards.  I was so surprised to see that Pokemon was still circulating with the children.  I remember when they first came out.  It was the rage.  My children were much older when they hit the market but I remember my nephew always talking about Pokemon.

The first Pokémon games, Pokémon Red and Green Versions, came to the Nintendo Game Boy system in Japan on February 27, 1996.  Then the first set of cards was released on October 20, 1996, containing 102 cards, and became very popular.  309528_10150413141126495_12418261494_10157788_1930522154_n

I assume the children just collect the cards and maybe exchange cards with other kids.  I remember collecting cards but these cards were Beatles cards.   I did not exchange these cards, I just collected and collected.  Have to go up in the attic, I think that is were I last saw them…

Anyway, I don’t truly understand what each Pokemon card represents but I do know they represent something.  Pikachu and Braixen Cards are special to my grandson34025_412919741603_5613387_n

I also never understood the craze of Pokemon but now that they are, once again, popular with young children I want to learn what these cards are really all about.

It would be beneficial to me to learn since my grandson comes to my home holding on to these cards, very tightly I might add.  He really doesn’t play with them  he just holds them in his hands.  So cute!  30406_1481138789905_1276888319_1349388_1441180_n

I am not sure if I really will understand what your suppose to do with these cards or why they are once again popular.  601493_280750625368168_1807376778_n

What I do know is the I may have missed the first Pokemon craze but I certainly am not gonna miss the resurgence of Pokemon…thanks to Christian.

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What She Wore Wednesday #LarryLevineCoats

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We still have the snow from Blizzard Jonas in New York, thankfully the weather has been very mild these past weeks. My Larry Levine Envelope Collar Car Coat in heather grey is perfect for the mild weather we are enjoying. Love the hidden snap closures.  So happy to put away my heavy down coat for a spell.  Now if only the snow will melt and make way for those Spring flowers!!

for more info click here

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Garden Lites #getrealfood

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Superbowl Season!!! Garden Lites®  all new veggie-rich snacking products will make surviving this unhealthy season not just bearable, but delicious! This Super Bowl and New Year, why not “swap it”, by replacing those empty, sugary calories with clean, nutritious eating? My family love the Southwestern Souffle and  the Cheddar Broccoli Bake. They have no idea how good they are for them.


Garden Lites® offers consumers nutritious veggie rich foods including allergy-free foods, Non-GMO and Gluten-free. Our approach involves adding vegetables into mainstream flavors and formats, along with fiber, protein and other important ingredients, in a tasteful way which truly beats everything else on the market.

This New Year and Super Bowl “Swap It” with Garden Lites® For Clean, Nutritious Eating

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