Breast Cancer Walk

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This past Sunday was the yearly American Cancer Breast Cancer walk on Long Island.  The walk takes place out in Jones Beach.

Every year I walk the walk with Bobbieann, my friend, and neighbor.  We both  started walking every October for Breast Cancer the year after I was treated for  the disease.

get-attachment (4) We left our homes at 7: 30 a.m., picked up Martha and Debbie,and drove south to Jones Beach.  Martha and Debbie are friends, and neighbors, they are now part of our yearly Breast Cancer Walk.   The crowd of people walking the walk is always impressive.  get-attachment (6)

All the people who walk, men, women, children, dogs, young adults either know someone or lost someone to Breast Cancer.  It could have been  a mom, sister, aunt, cousin or friend of a friend.  Cancer effects us all.

get-attachment (7)

We all come together to give solidarity,  and give support, to survivors. Survivors like me.

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This is Martha, and her plastic surgeon, Dr Israeli, whom she loves dearly.  See Martha is another survivor.  It is important that when you are diagnosed with this disease you find a doctor who you can connect with.  And Martha  found it with Dr. Israeli. get-attachment (8)Check out Martha and Debbie.  Walking with determination.  With a YES we can attitude.

get-attachment (3) Debbie, Bobbieann, Martha and Me.  It was a cold , sunless day but we did it. Till next October, my friends, God willing we will be able to walk another day.


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Wordless Wednesday

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This Is The Greatest Place! The Forbidden City and the World of Small Animals by Brian Tse

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This is not the usual book my granddaughter looks at, but she had a wonderful time reading and exploring Ancient China through this wonderful book. A wild history lesson that will  make any child’s imagination take off. For readers ages 5-9 and  I enjoyed it with her too.


To learn more at about This Is The Greatest Place click here

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Sunday in Washington Square Park and Amorino Gelato

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Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at Washington Square Park with my sister.


We were there to hear my niece Sandra  singing with her acapella group, the Itones from Queens College and it could not have been a more beautiful day. Standing next to my sister is Cory a Itones member and friend.  Really, there was lots of music in every corner of the park. People performing and enjoying the day. Washington Square Park is a really beautiful place to spend a day.


Even though it was a little chilly we decided to stop for some Amorino Gelato on the way back home. Sandra deserved it for a great job :)


This was the first time I ever had Amorino Gelato. What a fun idea to shape the ice cream on the cone into a rose, beautiful and delicious!!

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Vitabath Dreamy Pink Frosting Body Wash

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Give me some Pink!!  Loving the Vitabath Dreamy Pink Frosting Body Wash  with Sweet Almond Extract now during Breast Cancer Awareness October.  Part of the Cupcake Couture, a oh, so sweet confection collection that is actually good for you and 100% guilt free.  Always antioxidant-rich superfruit complex protects and soothes, leaving you feeling clean, refreshed and vibrant.  Yes!!

To visit Vitabath on Facebook click here

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