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Sunbeam Heated Back Wrap with Shiatsu Massage #Heatrelievespain #Massage


Oh, my aching back! A cry I never thought I would otter, but as I age, I say it more, and more. I have found that simple tasks, that I have been doing for years, now causes a persistent pain in my lower back. I was told that the best treatment for a lower back relief was to apply heat and massage the area.  To get the heat on to my back I would  wet a towel,  heat the towel in a microwave, then place the heated towel directly on the lower back.  This remedy eased the pain.  As for the massages?  Well, that was not easily available to me.  🙁

However,  with the new  Sunbeam Heated Back Wrap with SHIATSU MASSAGE I get the heat and the massage with press of the control. Now with a waist strap to hold it in place, the wrap provides added mobility and convenience while in use, so you can get the relief you need – hands-free.

Sunbeam’s Heated Back Wrap with SHIATSU MASSAGE is clinically Proven to relieve lower back pain.  Sunbeam’s Heated Back Wrap with Shiatsu Massage has 4 Shiatsu massaging Nodes.  Pad stays in Place which means you don’t have to stay in place.  The heat from the wrap helps to warm and relax those hurting muscles while the kneading action massages the tight, injured muscles.

Sunbeam Heated Back Wrap with Shiatsu Massage features:

  • 3 heat settings (low to high)
  • 4 Shiatsu Massaging nodes
  • Hands-free use, stays in place with waist traps
  • fits up to 54-inch waist (sizes women’s small through men’s XXL)
  • 12 ft long cord
  • Pocket for easy cord storage
  • 2-hour heat auto-off
  • 20- minute massage auto -off

Got lower back pain?   Relax, Sunbeam’s Heated Back Wrap with Shiatsu Massage is here.

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product review

Kids Group of Wolverine Worldwide @hushpuppiesshoes @Keds @merrell @saucony @sperry #BacktoSchool #KidsGroup

Groovinmoms was recently invited to Kids Group of Wolverine Worldwide for a special #Back to School foot wear event.  It was super exciting to see all the new trending footwear for kids.

Wolverine Worldwide, owns brands that include: Keds, Merrell and Hush Puppies, Saucony, Sperry has created Wolverine Children’s Group, which focuses on its growing children’s business for the Company’s portfolio of brands.

Kids Group are the kid experts of footwear. Many different styles,.  In different sizes.  For different little feet.  Little feet like those of my great niece.  These feet are happy in a Saucony  – Baby Jazz Lite Monster Sneakers .



These  sneakers are Big-kid inspired but made for little feet.  The Saucony Jazz Lite toddler sneaker is flexible and lightweight to support first steps and made with adjustable, easy-on closures.
  • Suede and nylon upper
  • Alternative closure for easy on/off and adjustability
  • Lightweight rubber out sole for superior flexibility, traction and durability
  • Imported

Baby Jazz are a now keeping Emma running and walking smoothly.

Comes in two favorite colors -blue and pink.



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Life Is Better With Friends

Had the chance to meet up with childhood friends a few weeks ago. Merci and her sister had a baby shower and were not able to make it this time.  Love these ladies, know these ladies for over 50 years, growing up, having fun and getting in trouble on the streets of New York. Priceless.

We agreed to meet at Baby Bo’s Cantina for some Mexican fare. What a cute place, so cozy, friendly and the food was so good. Started of with some beers and cocktails to toast off the night.

We grew up across the street from this place in Murray Hill, the neighborhood has really changed but we talked about everyone we know and the places we went to together and it is still home for us. After we ate , we decided to walk over to the 35 Street park where we played hookey, played 500 rummy for hours, drank, got drunk, got sick, argued, laughed, fell in love and got our heart broken and kept each other company when times were not so good.  We have  shared so many moments, there are not enough words to express. Friends.  Winter, Spring. Summer. Fall.

We all realized that we never paid much attention to the Empire State Building as kids and  that it was so clear to  see and seeing it that night brought us even closer. So close that we decided to have one more drink before we called it a night.

We headed over to Paddy Reillys’ Music Bar a neighborhood favorite spot. Always a friendly face and a kind word spoken here and they have live music and Karaoke nights.

One more for the road, no one was driving, Ceil, my sister and I went home by train. Ann Marie still lives in the hood, we all walked her home and Kathy took the train to Jersey. Time and good friends are two things that become more valuable as you grow older.  May you be blessed with both.