Birthday Celebration at @IHOP #FamilyFun

My grandson turned 4 years old last week and he is so adorable. He celebrated his birthday at school and on Sunday we asked him what  he wanted to go  for his birthday. Without skipping a beat he shouted pancakes!! So it was IHOP birthday boys’ choice for breakfast. There is always something new at IHOP, this time it is the mouth-watering Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice lineup includes:

  • Sticky Bun Waffle: Two thick Belgian waffle triangles drizzled with sweet maple glaze and topped with honey glazed pecans.
  • Red Velvet French Toast: One slice of rich, chocolaty, cake-like French Toast topped with cream cheese icing.
  • Cinnamon Roll French Toast: One warm cinnamon roll dipped in batter and grilled before being topped with cinnamon roll filling and drizzled with cream cheese icing.

We came for breakfast and so we ordered pancakes, french toast and eggs, fried, scrambled and omelet too. Everyone was in a birthday frame of mind.

We stuck with our traditional favorites this time around  even though IHOP is offering the delectable trio of  freshly made signature dishes like French Toast and waffles include: Sticky Bun Waffles, Red Velvet French Toast & Cinnamon Roll French Toast!  For sure we will be back!!! 

The best part was everyone singing Happy Birthday and bring out a dish of ice cream,  whipped cream with a cherry on top. One happy boy!

Happy Birthday! I Hope You Dance! #FortyyearsOld

You know when you have a child you never think that one day the child  will grow to  be your age.  At least I didn’t.   I was 24 years old when I had my first child, a boy.  By today’s standards a 24 year old is still a child, but 64 years ago, well, that wasn’t the case.  Your first born child is always the Prince or Princess of your life.  Nothing compares to your first born.  Until they are overthrown by the second born.

But now my mind spins to see how quickly my son has grown.


How  did we go from, a little baby boy, to a full grown man?

In 40 years my son has given us more proud moments, than sad ones.  More joy, than glad ones. More peace, than bad ones.  I wouldn’t change a single thing about these past 40 years .    

















Son, you have traveled many roads these 40 years, and I pray, with our Lord by your side,  you will travel many more.  However, no matter how many roads you travel, always know, you became the beat of my heart the moment I was aware of your existence.

So today, I want to wish you a “Happy Birthday!”   And  want to thank you, for giving me so much more than I could ever have prayed for and no matter what road you take,  you will never walk alone.  Always remember “When you get a choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance, I hope you dance.”


SKINDINAVIA  is the perfect  makeup finishing spray, perfect for that fresh, just applied, makeup look.

Now Skindinavia is introducing:


Wearing makeup is something I do more often than not.  I do love wearing makeup, but of course do not love how makeup can clog pores and strip skin of essential minerals.

But now there’s a spray for that.

SKINDINAVIA’S Post-Makeup Recovery Spray delivers a boost of key nutrients to your after makeup face.  Simply spray on within 5 minutes of cleansing face: this helps reboot radiance, keeps pores clear and prevents breakouts.

Skindinavia’s post-makeup recovery spray has a hero ingredient:  ZINC.   Zinc is a powerhouse mineral that is clinically-proven to promote luminous, clear skin.   Skindinavia’s zinc infused mist clears pores and prevents breakouts after removing makeup.

Here are the flawless facts of Skindinavia Post-Makeup Recovery Spray:

Resets skin by replenishing pH, minerals and vitamins depleted through long-wear makeup use and environmental factors.

Timing optimizes skin barrier function to increase effectiveness and skin-clearing results.

Paraben-free Hypoallerlgenic. Alcohol-free

Skindinavia Post-Makeup recover Spray, “Flawless Skin is for Makeup Lovers! ”  Like ME!

Hyacinth Flower #Spring #Bloomingflower

Oh, the sign of SPRING!

A flower!

A Hyacinth flower, blooming in a pot.  However, this is not just any pot.  The pot is made of  glass and holds a Hyacinth bulb.

No soil…What a great idea!

Easy way to bring spring into your home!









 I saw the lovely flowers in my local Stop n Shop grocery store, floral area.  Loved it.  Now the price was right, $3.99 each,  and the best part this plant needed minimal  care

Buying three Hyacinth, for my window sill, was an easy decision.

One for each window pane totally worked for me.  The aroma that emanated from the Hyacinth  was instantly noticed as you approached the kitchen window.  These flowers brought a touch of the outdoors indoors.

A garden of  pleasures right in my home.

I loved bringing SPRING into my home, and leaving old man winter outside.  Ha!  Take that Mr. Winter.







But then the flowers started to dry up.

I knew it was time to snipe them off, as I did with great regret.  However,  after snipping off the flower I noticed that even without the flower my  Hyacinth plants looked good.   The Hyacinth  green leaves, that the flower left behind, still exuded the air of spring.

Well, spring is not officially here, but the Hyacinth don’t know that.