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Life Is Better With Friends

Had the chance to meet up with childhood friends a few weeks ago. Merci and her sister had a baby shower and were not able to make it this time.  Love these ladies, know these ladies for over 50 years, growing up, having fun and getting in trouble on the streets of New York. Priceless.

We agreed to meet at Baby Bo’s Cantina for some Mexican fare. What a cute place, so cozy, friendly and the food was so good. Started of with some beers and cocktails to toast off the night.

We grew up across the street from this place in Murray Hill, the neighborhood has really changed but we talked about everyone we know and the places we went to together and it is still home for us. After we ate , we decided to walk over to the 35 Street park where we played hookey, played 500 rummy for hours, drank, got drunk, got sick, argued, laughed, fell in love and got our heart broken and kept each other company when times were not so good.  We have  shared so many moments, there are not enough words to express. Friends.  Winter, Spring. Summer. Fall.

We all realized that we never paid much attention to the Empire State Building as kids and  that it was so clear to  see and seeing it that night brought us even closer. So close that we decided to have one more drink before we called it a night.

We headed over to Paddy Reillys’ Music Bar a neighborhood favorite spot. Always a friendly face and a kind word spoken here and they have live music and Karaoke nights.

One more for the road, no one was driving, Ceil, my sister and I went home by train. Ann Marie still lives in the hood, we all walked her home and Kathy took the train to Jersey. Time and good friends are two things that become more valuable as you grow older.  May you be blessed with both.

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Kafè In the Box #Coffeetogo #Coffeecup #Nomorediposablecups

Kafé In the Box is designed to keep your coffee hot while outside stays a comfortable temperature to the touch.  For that tea, coffee or hot beverage fix! This stylish, and light double walled reusable coffee/tea travel cup, fits car holders and no spills.

Kafé In The Box is a re-usable drinking cup that is – double wall insulated – has a splash proof lid – fits standard car cup holders – has a super tough Triton Inner – is dishwasher safe –  straw compatible. 

A lip hugging spout that directs coffee to the mouth.

It’s a unique coffee cup that is easy to fill, grab and go, and go, and go.

Ditch The disposable cup” and bring  Kafé in The Box with you for all your coffee time needs.

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Gefen Ziti #Pasta #Nongebrokts #Glutenfree #Kosher

Gefen Ziti  are 100% Gluten Free, Egg Free, Non Gebrokts and imported from Israel.  Kosher for Passover.  Gefen Ziti Pasta is made from all-natural ingredients—potato starch, potato flour, salt and beta carotene. “The new line of Gefen pastas from Kayco cook up just like regular pasta and work wherever pasta would. Pasta’s just the tip of the iceberg, as Kayco offers an exciting array of innovative culinary options this year,” adds Nachman, whose Passover cookbook has had record sales.

Time to boil up a pot of water and add a bag of Gefen Pasta Ziti,  cause you don’t have to wait for Passover to enjoy Gefen Pasta Ziti!

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