Kid Lid – Protective Laptop Cover For Small Children

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I am giving my daughter and son -in-law the Fold-Up Board Kid Lid,this Christmas, which  provides a smooth and stable surface for their laptops and  that will resist keyboard pounding and accidental damage from even the most rambunctious child.  They have three!!!. Those three kids are all over the place, drawing, snacking and drinking. The little guy does his best to keep up with them and accidents happen. This extra protection will be a big help.   It also comes in the Protect Board for everyday use . The Kid Lid eliminates the need for constant supervision and promotes safe and healthy engagement with technology from an early age, which I know my daughter will appreciate!

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Christmas Breakfast 2014

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We took our grandchildren out for  a Christmas breakfast today. I did not bring Caleb this time, maybe next year.  We met at the Lantern Diner which has just been renovated. The place was very festive and beautifully decorated. 1221f


The kids ordered from the adult menu, French toast, pancakes and we ordered eggs from the kids menu. It all worked out.


It was not long before the boys started making paper planes from the place mats and the girls soon followed, coloring the planes and charting courses. Cannot forget Rudolphs Red Nose and Bunny Ears!!


Christian even found a picture of Batman. This made the morning!!


Christmas time is a busy time and you have to make a effort to get together with people you love.


Wishing you peace, joy, and all the best the holiday has to offer. May this incredible time of giving and spending time with family bring you joy that lasts throughout the year. Merry Christmas. Liz & Merci.

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Grandpa Got Run Over By Christian.

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My grandson, Christian, is always doing something, or saying something that has you wondering what was he thinking.

Take for instance when my dad had to go to Christian’s school to pick him up.  It was unusual for my Dad, his Great Grandfather, to pick Christian up from school.  But this day I guess  my mother just could not do it, she has been picking Christian up since school started.

So just like a dutiful Great Grandfather , my dad, drove over to Christian’s school and waited outside with all the other parents, grandparents,  waiting to pick up their 4 year old.

What happened next could never have been predicted.

As the teacher released the children my grandson refused to go to my dad.  “What is wrong?”  the teacher asked Christian.  Don’t you want to go with your grandfather?  Christian looks at the teacher and says, ” I don’t want to go with him, I don’t know him.”  WHAT!!!

Needless to say this caused great concern to the school administration.  They all gathered in the principals office trying to contact my son and/or daughter-in-law to find out why a perfect stranger would be picking up Christian.  Or maybe this old guy is a child snatcher…I could picture the teachers with one finger on the phone ready to call 911.  My poor dad!

Of course,  my son and my daughter-in-law are unreachable.  Now the teachers decide to call down his sister, Sophie.  Sophie is in the same school.  Thank God!  Sophie arrives in the office and sees my father and my grandson sitting in the principle office.  I am sure she had a look of total confusion.   Sophie was asked if she knew the man sitting in the chair and Sophie responded without hesitation, ‘Yes, that is Buzzu.”  Viola! Identity confirmed.  Oh, Buzzu is what they call my dad.

Now the question  is, why did Christian say he did not know his own Great Grandfather?   Simple, Christian just did not want to go to my parents house and wait for his mom to pick him up.  He really wanted to go home.

In the end Christian went back to my parents home.  So his little denial plan failed.  I truly felt sorry for my dad but couldn’t help chuckle over it.  Yes, Christian did run his grandfather over.   I cannot wait to see what he will think of doing next.

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Jesus Boat A Witness to Prophecy -DVD

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Have you hard about the Jesus Boat?  I didn’t until I saw the Jesus Boat DVD.  I had no idea that in the Sea of Galilee a boat was found  dating back to Christ.The Jesus Boat film is an amazing story of a first century fishing boat, identical to the boat Jesus sailed upon with his disciples, this boat was destroyed in the years Israel was destroyed by the Romans, but found 2000 years later in a series of astonishing events that even scientists called a miracle. The story mirrors Israel’s own story of devastation and survival.  It is amazing how this boat from the time of Jesus, would rise  against all odds and float upon the Sea of Galilee once more as the oldest surviving freshwater boat in the world.



The Jesus Boat features commentary from some of the great theologians of our day including Franklin Graham, Joel Rosenberg, Jay Sekulow, Skip Heitzig, Chuck Smith and more.

Jesus Boat is a history lesson on Israel, the Romans, and the people of the times.  Could Jesus himself have sailed this boat?  Could Jesus himself have built this boat?  Watch the Jesus Boat DVD to help you answer the questions.

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Wordless Wednesday

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