Savvy Travelers Jetset Elite Essentials

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Do you want to feel first class fabulous while traveling?  Savvy Travelers Jetset Elite Essentials are what you need to pack.  431044_335704106482601_244753448911001_955858_402985299_n                                                                          You don’t need water to use the 16 individually wrapped luxe sheets.


Some Savvy Travelers:

NOsweat – wetness and odor protection.

Speakeazy – mouthwash in a swipe.

Take Offz – facial cleanser and moisturizer.

In The Klear – lens and screen cleaner.

No need to rinse formula.


Savvy Treavelers make you feel first class fabulous anytime, anyplace!

Savvy Travelers becomes your own personal body guard!

Carry-on friendly
Not tested on animals
EPA Green Power Partner Approved
FSC and Rainforest Alliance-certified
Biodegradable & compostable wet wipes
TSA Compliant
Made in California using clean, renewable solar energy

Travel Well with

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I Am NOT a Dinosaur! #bookworm #AMNH

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I Am NOT a Dinosaur! by Will Lach, is a book about prehistoric creatures that are not dinosaurs.

With great Illustration by Jonny Lambert.  I Am NOT a Dinosaur! is based on specimens in the collections of the American Museum of Natural History.


You will get to meet some amazing prehistoric creatures. Like a fish with no teeth called DUNKLEOSTEUS.  362317778212 (2)

Check out the Woolly Mammoth.  Looks like an elephant with fur and tusks but NOT a Dinosaur!

310dresses_updatedI am NOT a Dinosaur! will help teach little ones that the dinosaurs were not the only  creatures roaming this land.362317778212 (1)

I Am NOT a Dinosaur! uses riddle-like rhymes and bright illustrations to reveal 16 creatures.427109_334061166646895_244753448911001_951699_1434354245_n

Yes, a long, long, time ago strange creatures did roam the earth and I Am NOT a Dinosaur! shows us just who those creatures were.

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Grandma and Granddaughter #minime

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A few days ago the grand kids came over and we decided to take them both for ice cream.  Sophie wanted to walk to Friendly’s (they have the best ice cream).  I love to walk, so this was a good thing, walking was it.

As we began our little walk I realized that she was wearing sunglasses, and it was 7 p.m..  Oh, I thought she is wearing sunglasses just like me, right down to total sunset.

I came to a stop and asked Christian to take a picture of me and Sophie wearing sunglasses.   I was surprised that she was willing to take this picture with me (remember she never wants a picture with me).

Christian takes the shot!



Shh! Don’ t tell Sophie but she is like grandma!

Shades and all


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The Alkaline Water Co #Hydrate #Alkaline88

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Don’ be fooled, this is not your average bottle water. It’s going to be a long hot summer and we all need to stay hydrated.  What do Beyoncé, Miranda Kerr, Elton John, The Pope, President Obama, Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Kelly Ripa, Janet Jackson and Ray Kurzweil all have in common? They’ve all gone on the record to say that they drink alkaline water! Many athletes and celebrities including are attracted to the benefits of an alkaline diet as balanced body pH results in greater energy, more restful sleep, improved digestion and fewer colds according to some medical authorities.

Alkaline88, favored by Brande Roderick and Tim Tebow, achieves its 8.8 pH level through a state-of-the-art, completely chemical-free scientific process. At home or on the go,  don’t forget to stay hydrated with Alkaline88.


For more information click here 

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Momtrends Travel Event #Passport #MomtrendsTravel

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I had a wonderful time with my niece Sandra  at Momtrends Travel Event at Ivivva Store Union Square  hearing about popular family destinations, checking out trendy travel gear and must-haves, previewing summer fashions, getting crafty with travel cookie decorating,


With these fabulous styles for women and girls  found at Ivivva you will be able to pack and travel any place, any time.  We really loved the fashion show and presentation of how to pack  stress-free. The young ladies did a amazing job!! I will stay calm and keep on shopping for the most comfortable and easy to travel and pack clothing,


Never underestimate the power of chocolate. This is the time to plan a trip to the sweetest place on Earth “Hershey’s Chocolate World“. I am dreaming of falling into chocolate very soon.


Loved the eBags brand stylish and so affordable luggage and backpacks and travel accessories. The best part is they are guaranteed for life. Time to start packing.


Learned all about Guardian, a deet-free repellent that works better than Deet. We all would  love to enjoy the outdoors bite-free.  Next I discovered that  I would so love a get away to “Canyon Ranch where you can enjoy and glow  in a  snergy of place and possibility.


How happy were we to run into a Igloo cooler filled with Essentia Water and NobleVines Wines? Cheers!


There were great giveaways and goody bags.  Guess who won 4 Tickets to Hershey Park?   I did! Very groovy indeed.




Thank you to Momtrends  here in the adorable and groovy  summer wear from Talbotsfor hosting and thanks to all the sponsors who made the evening delightful and packed with helpful travel information that are super easy to apply no matter the place, time you choose to get away. Happy Trails to You.

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