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Chameleon Fineliners #Write #Draw #Colorlikenoother

Let me introduce you to CHAMELEON FINELINERS The World’s First Color Blending Fineliners

Chameleon Fineliners will provide a world of color…because Chameleon Fineliners blend color as you write.

Chameleon Fineliners are the tools that will help you unlock this world of color. The color is in the PEN and the CAP! Simply switch the cap and blend color.

  • 0.3mm metal-clad tip for smooth writing performance
  • Water-based, washable, dry safe ink
  • Patented dual ink system with ink in pens and caps
  • 48 colors that can be combined 1,128 ways
  • Seamless blending between colors making writing, doodling and drawing more fun than ever before!

Chameleon Fineliners are a creative idea for writing, coloring, doodling, and drawing, – perfect for bullet journals and planners the ink won’t bleed through most papers – ergonomic design.

To pre-order click – pr.go2fund/chameleon

Entertainment, Family, Time of the Season

Birthdays and Beetlejuice #Play #Entertainting #Fun #Grandpa #Grandson #Maybirths #Birthdaysarespecial

Birthdays are special! But are even more special when very special people in your life celebrate birthdays only 2 days apart. Like husband and Grandson. That’s why this year, to make their birth dates rise to the celebration, I gathered them both and took them to see the Broadway play BEETLEJUICE the Musical.

Now mind you, this was not an easy gathering. My husband, who works in Manhattan, doesn’t like to spend any time in the city on his days off. As for my grandson. Well, he just turned 9, so life is still a bowl full of kittens. 🙂

This Saturday’s adventure ride to the big city did end up to be a little more eventful. It was the first time we got to seat on one of the LIRR Double Decker trains. We sat high up, looking down onto the streets, as the the train whooshed by. When we arrived, at Penn Station, we couldn’t help but salute Old Glory, as it hung high directing our exit to the NYC trains, which was not so adventurous.

However, once off the train we perked up, there it was The Winter Garden Theathre and BEETLEJUICE – The Musical. The Musical. The Musical

The play did not start on time and I became fearful of the down time. I thought if BEETLEJUICE doesn’t start soon my grandson would begin missing his sister and/or mother. For the truth be told, this was the very first time he has ventured out without the accompaniment of his sister. He didn’t say a word. This was good and it was a tiny bit sad, my grandson is growing up.

When the play finally began it was a easy bike ride up hill. BEETLEJUICE – The Musical made us laugh, kept us entertained, offered so much more than what I had expect. BEETLEJUICE gave the audience a few surprises. When the play was over I did notice that my non-smiling husband was exiting with an entertained heart.

Then it was time to head on home.

As I watched them strolling, very quickly down Broadway, to catch the train, I then realized that this was my musical moment of the day, cause I was the orchestrator and they the music that always brings me joy.

BEETLEJUICE 3 times… get the Demon started…DAY – O!

Family, Time of the Season

Mother ~ First Friend ~ Best Friend ~ Forever Friend

Behind all of our stories there is our moms’ story. They are amazing, loving, strong, happy, selfless and graceful. Because of them we have our story and we have been blessed with children and grandchildren.

This is our circle of life. We are so happy to share another Mothers’ Day together, nothing fancy just love being together, sharing a meal, making a toast and spending time together. We have found it is best to keep things simple.

The truth is we did get it from our mamas. Mom to the world you are a mother but to us you are the world. Happy Mothers’ Day.

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The AdaptiFit Blanket by SnuggleBumpkinz

The AdaptiFIT™ by SnuggleBumpkinz is a self-stick baby swaddle blanket that takes the guesswork out of traditional swaddling. A safe sleeping baby is the new Happy Hour.

It holds itself in place just by pressing the blanket with your hand!

Other swaddle blankets can unravel and cover baby’s face – SO SCARY!!   

AdaptiFIT stays secure giving parents peace of mind and a better night’s sleep – baby too!


Why we love this swaddle:

  • Unique â€śpress & stay” design â€“ strong hold so baby doesn’t break out of the swaddle and wake up ~ Breathable cotton inner layer ~ Adapts to your growing baby with arms out and legs out options ~ Saves parents a TON of money â€“ use this one swaddle from birth to blanket! ~ Fun & trendy designs!

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Barbaras Puffins Cereal #Taste #Treat #Breakfast #Peanutbutter #HoneyRice

Barbaras Puffin Peanut Butter and Honey Rice Cereals

Barbaras Puffins Cereal is a quality cereal with great taste. Barbaras Puffins Cereal chooses high quality ingredients for their cereals. This means no refined sugar or hydrogenated oils.

A bowl of Puffins always brings hearty and crunchy to morning breakfast. A healthy start to get through all them busy mornings. Barbaras Puffin Cereals are a wake up delight to taste buds.

Puffins Cereal

Barbaras Puffins Cereals are low in sugar, Kosher, Low fat, Non-GMO, Vegan. Now lets get PUFFIN – Barbara’s offers a full line of delicious cereals and snacks, including popular consumer favorites like Puffins cereals, Snackimals cereals and cookies, Morning Oat Crunch, Cheese Puffs and more. In addition to using whole grains and other natural ingredients, the majority of Barbara’s product portfolio is now Non-GMO Project Verified. Products are available at major retail grocery stores and natural food stores nationwide. For more information on Barbara’s products, please visit the Barbara’s website or Facebook page.