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edushape Magic Shapes

Edushape MAGIC Shapes…they’re magnetic! Let your imagination run wild. Small pieces featuring magnetic edges stay together allowing you to build tall and high. The platform included in the set makes it like doodling in 3-D! Also great for developing  motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and Logic & Reasoning

Brother helping brother and spending hours sharing plans and ideas. Play is the beginning of knowledge.

Loved watching these guys get along for hours as they each created designs and  then started all over again. Playing is the highest form of research. These boys had a wonderful afternoon at Grandmas’ house!!!

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How God Makes Men by Patrick Morley #BOOKWORM

How God Makes Men a book about stories and principles.  How God Makes Men  a book with “One huge promise for your Life.”  It was God who created man and How God Makes Men will help unlock God’s master plan for your life.

This book will help change your life, encourage you to be a better man and help you draw wisdom, which comes directly from God’s Word.

How God Makes Men tells the stories of: Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Gideon, David, Solomon, Nehemiah, Job, Peter, and Paul.  These men were called to incredible adventures, were brash, were bold.  God took these men and shaped them, changed them, turned them, rescued them, showed them, called them, molded them and empowered them.  In essence, God made them into better MEN.

Today, even men are under attack.  Discover how to prevail in these tough times and release God’s power in every way.   .


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Saffron Road Snacking Baked Lentil Chips & Chickbean Crisps


Snacking on Saffron Road crunchy snacks is the perfect snacking choice.  Guiltless pleasure!

Saffron Road Chickbean Crisps  and Saffron Road Baked Lentil Chips are snacks that are  lunchbox favorite and a perfect topping.

Saffron Road snacks – always gluten free, wheat free, GMO free, and best of all – always satisfying and delicious anytime.
























To complete a circle of snacks just add World Cuisine Saffron Road  to your  snacking plate.

Saffron Road snacks – real nutrition—real delicious-real snacking.

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BOS Ice Tea #GoBOS

Each can of BOS Ice Tea is crafted with organic rooibos, an antioxidant rich and nutrient-dense superfood from South Africa. Naturally caffeine-free, only 70 calories per can and lower in sugar.  BOS Iced Teas are also Certified Organic and Non-GMO verified, and flavor varieties include Lemon, Green Rooibos & Yuzu, Peach, Berry and Lime & Ginger.

My lovely niece Sandra taking a break from her studies at Nursing School enjoying the delicious and refreshing Lime and Ginger. Love her.

Me? I am holding on to summer for as long as I can, taking my Berry Tea outside on the deck and enjoying the weather for as long as I can.  It’s tea time.

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Enjoy Life Foods Protein Bites #EatFreely

In our home we are always looking for a tasty after school, in the car,  taking a break at work snack. Sometimes you just need a truffle.

Enjoy Life Foods Protein Bites (new) – to help kids and adults fuel their days, these chocolatey plant-based protein bites are packed with 6g of protein per serving and are free-from 14 allergens. Two new flavors: Dark Raspberry and Dipped Banana.  Kids are happy and so are Mom and Grandma to find a yummy and good snack ready to enjoy at home or away from home.