Walk This Way

I am a walker.

Sitting down for even a short period of time is to long a period for me.  Even when I am at home I rarely sit.  When I  sit to  long I get stiff and oh, my aching back.   As I aged it just seemed harder for me to get up from a sitting position.

Springing up is not easy when your springs have sprung out.

I decided a long time ago  to stand more than sit.

Sitting is something we tend to do much to much of.  We sit at work, in front of a computer,  in front of the TV, and of course,” I can never go anywhere without”,  the car.  Heavens my husband drives the car two blocks  to 711…that’s just crazy lazy.

It came as no surprise to me when I read  the Huffington Post article on how sitting adds to all our health issues.

For those who sit more than stand here are 6  very good reasons why you should sit no more…So don’t have a sit and read on.

1 – Sitting Ups the Diabetes Risk –  Researchers from the University of Missouri published results suggesting that sitting throughout most of the day may put individuals at higher risk for diabetes, obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease — even if you clear time for daily exercise. – OUCH! Really?  So sitting at my desk is actually unhealthy.  I need to speak to my boss about getting some run around time.

2- Sitting Increases Your Overall Death Risk – a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that women who sat six or more hours a day were nearly 40 percent more likely to die over a 13-year-stretch than those who sat less than three hours. – Here is  what I am understanding, the less you sit, the longer you  live.  I’ll not sit to that!

3- Sitting In Front of the Tube Takes a Toll – An August study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that every hour you sit in front of the TV, you can slash your life expectancy by nearly 22 minutes.
And watching the tube for six hours a day?  That type of seriously sedentary behavior can cut your life expectancy by five years. – OK , watching a marathan of Twilight Zone and the Honeymooners, once a year, is cutting my life by how many years?  That is 22 minutes times…forget it I hate math.

4 –Sitting is Linked with the big “C” – sitting may be responsible for more than 170,000 cases of cancer yearly — with breast and colon cancers being the most influenced by rates of physical activity (and inactivity).
But according to that article, a little bit of walking can go a long way.
“For many of the most common cancers, it seems like something as simple as a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day can help reduce cancer risk,” Christine Friedenreich, an epidemiologist with Alberta Health Services – Get out and walk it is that simple.  I walk everyday of the work week, at least half hour…rain or shine. 

5-It Makes Your Bottom Bigger – researchers have found that putting pressure on certain body parts (i.e., your bottom) can produce up to 50 percent more fat than usual.  HuffPost UK reported: “In a bid to explain why sedentary behaviour causes weight-gain, scientists believe that the precursors to fat cells turn into flab (and end up producing more) when subjected to prolonged periods of sitting down, otherwise known as ‘mechanical stretching loads.'”  – Sitting makes the butt grow BIGGERreal good reason to get up and stand, and move.  If sitting causes buttocks spread, then bottoms up!!

6-It Could raise your Heart Attack Risk–  Not too long ago, Men’s Health covered a study in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, in which researchers from Louisiana found that people who sit for the majority of the day are 54 percent more likely to die of a heart attack. Indeed, the investigators found that sitting was an independent risk factor for serious cardiovascular events. – Sitting =Heart Attacks … don’t need a math degree to figure that one out… 

The final analysis  – Walk, Walk, Walk,  Move, Move, Move…don’t let a few minutes of rest get the better of you.  Bernie, Synergy Instructor,  always says that a rest period of 4 seconds is all we really need.   REALLY!!

 WARNING – Your couch may be hazardous to your health


Source:  Huffington Post – mb

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