Farewell To Owen

We all know that home is were the heart is but when your heart has two homes, well this is heartbreaking.  Owen had two homes.  One here in the States and the other in Malta.  It was sad when Owen had to say goodbye to his NY home after 10 years.  As soon as he made his “I am leaving” announcement my family went into disbelief.  See we never thought of Owen leaving. He came and he was suppose to stay, however now we had to say, “Farewell Owen.” Saying farewell to Owen was not easy but it had to be done in a big way.  So we gathered some friends at Cannons Blackthorns in Rockville Center and gave Owen a farewell he would never forget.

IMG_0415 It was open bar.  No one was excluded.  Come one, come all, to wish Owen farewell.  get-attachment (34)

get-attachment (38)

We all waited for Owen to show but kept ourselves busy with conversation and drinks. The drinks were buy one, get one.  I got to see  people I hadn’t seen in years at this shindig.get-attachment (39)Here are friends of my son. Haven’t seen them in 10 years. This farewell party was a reunion of sorts.

So cool!get-attachment (30)

When Owen arrived we all blurted out “For he’s a jolly good fellow.”  Which ever one will miss. get-attachment (41)Now Owen made friends very easy.  And when you were friends with Owen you always felt like you had been friends for years.  That is just how Owen is.  get-attachment (20) We girls had to embarrass  Owen when we surrounded him for a photo shot.  Poor Owen, I am sure he would have loved to have been surrounded by some younger birds.  But nothing wrong with being surrounded by a bunch of  cougars, RRRRRoaRRRR.

get-attachment (21)Then the men  had to get into the picture act.  Copy cats!

 get-attachment (19)Of course I needed my own picture with Owen.  Yes we had a great time saying farewell to Owen.  However, when the time came for him to leave us it was not all smiles.  With tears and broken hearts we had to kiss Owen goodbye, two days later.  That was not a happy occasion…I wish the evening could have gone on forever. Maybe Owen would still be here, his second home.

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