Gnoments are precious!

Gnomes are adorable!

And Gnoments create fun and thoughtful moments for the one you love.

 Gnomes are loyal. Gnomes are known keepers of treasure. Gnomes are caring, sentimental and have magical powers.  Gnomes love to dance and celebrate special occasions. Gnomes are pranksters.

But most of all  Gnomes want to encourage couples to do kind and thoughtful things for each other to keep a relationship fun and fresh in light of our busy lives.

The Gnomes in Gnoments will help your love grow by being a gentle reminder to be thoughtful.

“There sheer presence is a reminder of your love”.


 Gnomes encourage couples to dream up thoughtful gestures and fun adventures to surprise  their loved one.

Couples can send a note via Gnome.

 Each Gnome has a special surprise pouch on it’s back to hide a love note or something truly special.

Mr. & Mrs. Gnome can deliver surprise messages, videos, sound clips, photos, maps, and more through each gnome’s embedded NFC technology.  You can also send a Gnomification text or email through the Gnome website.

 You will need to Register your Gnome. image (3) Let the Gnome create special  Gnoments for you!

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