BiGR Wearable Wireless Speaker #WRiSTBOOM #bigraudio

BIGR Wearable Wireless Speaker is a WRiSTBOOM!


BIGR WRiSTBOOM is a wireless speaker that straps around the wrist.  WRiSTBOOM lets you hear what you want where you want to hear it.  No wires or the unbearable weight of a typical speaker and the isolation of wearing headphones or those annoying earbuds.img_6083-4


142224__nightmare_lWRiSTBOOM sounds great, rich high quality sound coming from a very small speaker.  WRiSTBOOM conveniently connects via Bluetooth to your Smart Phone, iPod®, Tablet and Computer.

And comes in 7 vibrant colors: white, 28721f4ecd0bde754187d3ce43f6eb79 red, blue, pink, green, black, gray.

WRiSTBOOM comes with a Charging Cable, a Instruction Sheet and Storage Case.

WRiSTBOOM around your wrist makes listening to your favorite downloads an easy choice.  I love to wear it at the gym, it’s never in my way.


BiGR Audio was founded in 2009, is based in San Diego. The company offers a line of high quality headphones and audio products that are environmentally friendly, offer Bluetooth capabilities, and have functional design. For more information on BiGR Audio, visit the site at:

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