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Now I am not a creative individual and really don’t like to spend time being creative – ūüôā – so when I decide to bring change I ¬†immediately, almost always, ¬†take the easy way to create change. ¬†I know that using cork to create is nothing new, and ¬†I love some of the creative things you can make with corks, but, as I mentioned, the cork creations¬† on Pinterest were too much work for me.

I wondered, what could I do with all the corks that my wine bottle opener pulled off?  Ah! The answer was sitting on my kitchen counter, glass pitcher.  And so it began.  Every time I opened a bottle of wine, I throw the cork into the pitcher.

Pop, pop, pop, one by one the corks filled the pitcher.

With the first throw of a cork the pitcher began it’s transformation. ¬†Didn’t take too long to get the pitcher filled with cork. ¬†And it didn’t take long for the corked pitcher to get noticed by my friends. ¬†Of course, I didn’t stop with just a corked pitcher. ¬†

 A glass fruit bowl was my next cork target.

And I noticed that my friends have caught on to this cork filler idea.

I Love it!