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Sleep it’s the best part of the evening.  However, when you, or your partner, snore, well, that’s a problem.   As we know when sleeping  on the back you don’t breathe as well as you do when you are on your side, hence you snore.   But now there is REST-RITE.  REST-RITE sleep positioner helps to remind your body to stay off your back.

Rest-Rite  blue disk safely attaches to your back or snug fitting clothing, as a reminder to stay off  your back. It’s as simple as that.

Rest-Rite is ideal for pregnancy, as sleeping on your side is the best sleep position.

If you have had an injury and need to stay off the injured part of your body, Rest-Rite will keep you off the injured area.  No more rolling on to the injured part of your body while sleeping.  The blue disk will train your body that rolling over onto the injured body part is a no, no.  You can customize your sleep position by strategically placing the rest-rite disk on the desired area of your back.

Rest-Rite is drug free, convenient, effective, discreet, affordable.  Gives instant relief.  Works the second they are applied.   You can be rest- assured that Rest-Rite will position you for a better sleep.

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