As soon as you see this tower, standing tall and straight, you know you have arrived at Jones Beach State Park. 

We took  my California in-laws to Jones Beach so they could put their toes into the Atlantic Ocean.  It was one of the most beautiful days we ever had in New York State – California weather all the way – and the ocean stood strong, and powerfully against the East coast blue skies, not to mention the white sand begging us to run our feet thru it.  And so I did the chicken dance.  HA!  As you can see my husband stood his ground and did not let the sand touch his little toes.

I think my in-laws were impressed?

Could not tell.  Atlantic, Pacific, guess they can all look the same.









However, it’s really grand to have family come over from the west coast to enjoy our company on the east coast.

Well, we did get a thumbs up from my brother-in-law and husband.  Day ended well!

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