Visitors From Canada Was Just What the Doctor Ordered #TastyTuesday #AcrossTheMiles

My mom has been getting better day by day after her stroke earlier this year. Friends and family call and speak to her asking how she is doing. Lots of friends have stopped by to say hello and it really makes my mom happy.  So when my mom got a call from Doris who lives in Toronto saying she and her daughter Rose Mary would like to come and see her for a few days, my mom was so happy and excited. She could not wait for them to get here.

Doris is the daughter of my moms’ best friend Giovanna, who passed away this year and broke my moms’ heart. My mom and Giovanna grew up together in Luqa, Malta.  She was an intelligent,  beautiful and  gentle woman who taught my mom to sew and together they sewed my moms wedding outfit ( my mom wore a suit, not a gown).  They would call each other all the years they were here,  my mom in New York and Giovanna in Toronto. My parents made lots of trips to Toronto to visit, that all ended when my dad passed away in 1991. But the phone calls continued until Giovanna passed.  Her daughter Doris and granddaughter  Rose Mary  arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until Monday. Lots of hugging, crying and talking about times gone by and catching up on what is going on now. Doris was not in New York since 1969 and this was Rose Marys first visit, so there was lots of family picture showing and laughter.  While my mom rested and napped  Doris and Rose Mary had some free time and they went on the  New York Sightseeing  Bus and Boat Tour in Manhattan.

The weather was so nice the whole while they were here,  on Sunday we decided to get some Greek food because Astoria NY is the best place to eat besides on the Islands of Greece.  My sister suggested Gregorys 26 Corner Taverna, it was close by and so we walked there and back home.

We started with some dips and pita and then enjoyed Greek salad, kebobs, chicken and fish with the most delicious lemon potatoes. My mom was so happy that day, she enjoyed the meal and the joyful company. She even had a sip of wine. Small steps

Thanks and love for your timely visit, which went to prove that even though there are miles between us, we are not apart, because friendship does not count miles. Friendship is measured by the heart.

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