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Total Wine Spirits & More recently opened in my area.  Total Wine Spirits & More  became the talk of the town.  Well, if it is the talk of the town need to check it out.  So, I dragged my parents to visit this Total Wine Spirits & More. 

As we arrived I noticed how enormous it looked from the outside and even more enormous inside.All we saw were bottles, upon bottles, of wines, spirits and beers.  So many to scan that it made my head reel.

Total Wine has over 8000 wines, 3000 spirits & 2500 beers, with the best prices at America’s Wine Superstore.

Even though I was overwhelmed with all the store had to offer, I did manage to find a few bottles of wine to purchase.  Price was Totally right.

Yes, it’s true, Total Wine & More prices are less than Costco.

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