Scotland and the Highland Cow #HIGHLANDCOW #CATTLE #FOLD

You may already know about Highland Cattle.  However, the first time I saw a  Scottish Highland Cow I was so delighted.  How unusual these cows looked.  At least, unusual for me.  I saw this Scottish Cow on a program and thought this cannot be a cow, it had to be some kind of hairy dog.  Ha!   This cow had bangs and hair that covered most of it’s body.  A hairy cow!  How cute!    How adorable!  A cow that was a cute as a dog. This cattle was cuter, to me, than a sheepdog but so much bigger.

The Highland Cattle is one of the oldest registered breed in the world.  I just didn’t understand how I had never see one…ever!  Then to my surprise my daughter tells me she is going to take a trip to Scotland.  What!  How crazy!  I immediately told her she has to go see these hairy cows.  And she did.

I am now thinking of doing a tour of Scotland, just to see for myself, these hairy adorable looking cows.


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