The Bear’s Life By Christian Brennan #Book #Goodlife #Friendsforever #Bear

Being sick, and not being able to go to school, was not my grandson’s choice.  However, it was my choice to baby him and make sure he was well taken care of.  That is grandma’s job when mommy and daddy work and grandma doesn’t.

My grandson spent two days recouping at grandma’s.  First day he was really feeling the sick bug. 🙁

But the second day the bug had moved on, but mommy kept him home from school to make sure that he was  truly 100% well.

When my grandson started to feel better he decided that he would write a book titled, “The Bear’s Life.”  Book reads as follows:


The story in the book is short and has a happy ending.  This book, that he stapled together, will not be read in any classrooms, but it’s the best story I  ever  read.

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