Saint Andrew (Sant’ Andrija) The Patron Saint of Hal Luqa, Malta

The celebration of saints (feast days) are a big deal on the island of Malta.  Malta is predominantly a Catholic country.  So it is easy to understand why every village, on the island, have these religious festivities which are part of the island’s culture.   A festa or Village Feast occurs in the summer months.  If you have never been to a Maltese village feast you are missing out on a cultural experience of a life time.  I recently read that there are nearly 60 festas in Malta.  However, I know of a village feast that is close to my heart.  The village is Luqa, and the patron Saint of Luqa is St. Andrew (Sant’ Andrija)

Why is Saint Andrew the dedicated saint of the village?   His being a fisherman could be the reason why Saint Andrew was chosen to be the patron Saint of Luqa, since, at one time, many fishermen lived in the village of Luqa.    Saint Andrew is a very big deal to the village people.   So big is the deal that in Luqa many babies are baptized with the first or middle name of Andrew.  My dad is one of them.

Saint Andrew’s feast always starts at the parish church in Luqa.  The church was founded on the 15th of May, 1634.   The parish church was always dedicated to Saint Andrew the Apostle.  The church is located in the center of the village square in Luqa and is one of the oldest parishes in Malta.  Saint Andrew’s feast is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of July.  The whole town comes out for the celebration.   Along with a display of  Fireworks  that keeps both Maltese and foreigners in pyrotechnic awe.

Hal Luqa is all about Saint Andrew.  All about the man who was one of the first to follow Christ.  Who was the brother of Peter (Simon).  Who was called to be a “fisher of men”.  In Luqa, Saint Andrew will never be forgotten.  I mean who can forget when you are honored with a week long celebration that no one one could replica.

July, 2018 is almost here.  The church doors will  burst open and the church bells will toll.  As the statue of Saint Andrew is processioned out.

One more item.  I was baptized in the church of Luqa and my middle name is Andrea (female version of Andrew).

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Promo Uffjali- Festa Titulari ta' Sant' Andrija Appostlu f' Ħal Luqa – 2018

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