The Sound of Music #Sing #Song

Another recital for Sophie.  Her stage performance at Hofstra was once again performed like a true performer.

I watched her perform like an old pro.  Can this be our little Sophie?  She just seems to know how to embrace all that stood around her, as the notes of song flowed out of her.    Singing alone or with a group, have to say, she knew how to handle a stage.Her stage mates commanded the same kind of know how.  Appeared so Broadway savvy.  From the tallest, to the tiniest,  all the performers gave an outstanding  show.

 What goes through the minds of these performers?  Can they see  their family sitting out in front of them? Just watching in awe.  Can they see their family smile?  Or feel their families joy or pride?

Did they know where their family were seated?  Did they receive energy from all the love?  So many questions.

However,  no matter how, what, or who gave these entertainers their harmony and energy, I can say,  those who where seated in the auditorium were  bursting with family pride.

Bravo!  Brava!  You all are splendid!  Take a bow!

Till the next time!  We will certainly return to hear the sound of music from all.


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