World Tour Presented By The Studio #Dance

My darling granddaughter has danced her way into my heart from the start. Natalie loves to dance, she loves to sing and gives me big hugs and kisses when ever I see her. Proud Grandma that’s me.   Natalie and the entire cast and crew of the World Tour show gave an amazing performance, the dancers were spot on and the music  from around the world was picked with love.  One of Natalies’ dances was from West Side Story set in New York City. Amazing energy out there.

From Paris to Rhode Island, from Australia to Egypt it was an evening filled with life, love, song and dance.  My darling leaves a  little sparkle where ever she goes and we all had a wonderful entertaining night and are looking forward to the next time. Grandma Bea and Grandpa Bill presented her with flowers so well deserved.  Brava Natalie!



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