Cross Fit Sanctuary #Warriors #NeverSayCan’t #NoManLeftBehind

CrosSFit Sanctuary, a gym where WARRIORS are made.   And CrossFit Sanctuary has made a warrior out of me.  

Cross Fit Sanctuary’s owner, Bernie Henry, coaches and motivates his members to be all that they can be.   Bernie is always  there to provide support and encouragement.  He squeezes out that extra push, from the members, to get us to and over the top.    “Leave no man/woman behind,” is the CrossFit Sanctuary mantra.  And  never say, ” I can’t, ” when doing any WOD of the day.     These two words are always self discouraging.  Words of discouragement  are frowned upon.   FYI- if you utter these words you will need to pay into the “I can’t” jar.   

CrossFit Sanctuary  a gym that teaches that we can all be strong.  Strong to accomplish everyday tasks such as: pushing, pulling, squatting, jumping, throwing, carrying and sprinting.  Movements our bodies do every day without a second thought.  A Crossfit program helps us to continue with these daily movements.      Now who got me to go to crossfit?  My daughter!   Her persistence was relentless, and I had to take her up on her statement, “You will see how your body will change,  in two months.”    She was right!  Was it easy?  No.  Was it Fun? Yes.  See, not only is the coach supportive, but the members are as well.  

It’s a pleasure working out with my daughter.  I have joined the force of strong. And am starting to see that I am getting stronger.     Thank you, Bernie!   We are happy to be your Warriors.  Cross Fit Sanctuary is a blessing to us all.

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