Scarabya ~ Kingdomino Expansion Age Of Giants ~ Blue Lagoon Games by Blue Orange

Blue Orange launches 3 new board games at Gen Con: Scarabya, Kingdomino Expansion Age of Giants, and Blue Lagoon. Put on your game face.

Scarabya is a tile-laying puzzle game  that includes unique game play and intricate components. By positioning pentomino (5-omino) tiles on individual boards, players create excavation zones of 1 to 4 squares that contain scarabs. The scarabs are then worth the size of the zone they are in.

Age of Giants was an expected hit following the fame of Kingdomino, Spiels des Jahres winner in 2017. The expansion, to be played with Kingdomino or Queendomino, adds new challenges, brings a new level of player interaction, and includes a domino dispenser tower. It also allows for a fifth player to join.

Blue Lagoon,  requires smart placement and anticipation to win. The area control and set collection game is won through the accumulation of points by collecting resources and settling on the islands.

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