Birthday Celebration at Kashi Japanese Lounge & Restaurant

The answer is yes, Marlene, we will still love you when you are 64!!!  Now let’s celebrate you and many more birthdays shared together.  The birthday girl picked Kashi Japanese Lounge and Restaurant and honestly we were all happy for the change of menu. We usually have Italian (which we still love) but change is good.

We started with a cocktail and settled on Hibachi Entrees, Angus Steak, Filet Mignon and chicken which came with a mushroom soup, salad and cooked shrimp appetizer. We shared a plate of sushi too.  Oh and lots of Saki.

The Saki Fun went around the table during the whole meal and well, some where better than others.  Merci did pretty good I think.

Lots of fun and this evening there were two birthdays on the table and each enjoyed some birthday ice cream and whipped cream as we all sang Happy Birthday.

The birthday girl even got to take home a doggy bag to enjoy later. Our friendship is like gold….strong, bright and exclusive. We hope it never ends. Be happy, lovely Marlene. Happy Birthday