Your Light: A Musical Storybook by Jillian Aversa #Bookworm #Bunny #Musical

Jillian Aversa's heartwarming picture book with accompanying song. A baby bunny dreams of a fallen star and sets out to find it...
by Jillian Aversa
Illustrated by Marnia Lezeano

“Your Light” by Jillian Aversa written for” little bunnies everywhere”

Your Light: A Musical Storybook, a new children’s book with an accompanying song.  Your Light: A Musical Storybook, creates a unique bonding experience between parent and child.

Framed as a dream the baby bunny has while being tucked into bed at night, readers will be soothed to sleep in this captivating new tale.  Children will delight in the soft watercolor imagery, magical story, and moving lullaby from an award winning musician,  Jillian Aversa.  

Jillian Aversa wanted to do something special for her new daughter and so she was inspired to write a lullaby.  But she decided to turn the text into lyrics for a storybook to create something they (she and her daughter) could share together for many years to come.

Your Light: A Musical Storybook offers:

  • A unique bonding opportunity between parent, grandparent or caretaker, and child
  • A musical element to enhance the reading experience for young children
  • A touching a tale that will soothe reader’s minds and bring comfort
  • The perfect bedtime story with a dreamy plot and soft watercolor illustrations throught out

And much more! Click here to download the song:

Your Light: A Musical Storybook a book that will make tucking in your little bunny to bed a musically experience.

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