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Corned Beef and Peas Sauce #groovineats #TastyTuesday #MalteseFood

Canned Corned Beef with Peas sauce a recipe my mom got from her mom during WWII My nannu worked at the RAF station in Luqa Malta and he liked to  gamble with the soldiers  and sometimes lose his pay, then he would  bring home British soldier laundry for my nanna to wash and cans of corned beef.  Growing up I did not understand I just knew I loved the nights my mom made this for us. Here is the simple recipe:

Olive Oil
One medium onion diced
One 12 oz corned beef  cut into 8 pieces
One 15-16 oz tomato sauce
1/2 can 8 oz. wine ( measure in tomato sauce can)
1/2 cup frozen peas
salt/pepper to taste

Saute onion with olive oil in a large pot. Stir in corned beef and smash down  and mix  with onions cooking for 5 minutes. Add tomato sauce and wine salt/pepper. Stir well. Let simmer for 15 minutes. add frozen  peas and let cook 5 more minutes. Serve with your favorite pasta or rice. Use in your favorite pasta recipe. (Baked Ziti, Lasagna or Eggplant Parmigiana etc.)


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Noblo Umbrella Anchor #SummerFun #BeachFun

If you are like me, you have sea and sunshine on your mind!!  Don’t let a  beautiful beach day  turn ugly  with a fly away beach umbrella. This can cause nasty injuries to your kids or other beach goers. I love the Noblo Umbrella Buddy is a brilliant beach umbrella anchor. So compact  you won’t notice anything extra in your beach bag. This unique, eco-friendly nylon bag fills up with beach sand, then attaches to your beach umbrella, and voila!  You can relax knowing your beach umbrella won’t blow away.  Plus, this can double as a bag to put things in while walking to and from the beach!

Step 1:  Fill the reusable Noblo bag with sand and cinch closed.
Step 2:  Attach Velcro strap above umbrella spokes.
Step 3:  Set Noblo on the site and enjoy your day at the beach

Noblo is manufactured in the USA  ~  Packaged by physically and mentally handicap people ~ Noblo donates part of the proceeds to the USLA – the lifeguards.

Invented by two amazing moms  ~ available in blue or red

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The Bear’s Life By Christian Brennan #Book #Goodlife #Friendsforever #Bear

Being sick, and not being able to go to school, was not my grandson’s choice.  However, it was my choice to baby him and make sure he was well taken care of.  That is grandma’s job when mommy and daddy work and grandma doesn’t.

My grandson spent two days recouping at grandma’s.  First day he was really feeling the sick bug. 🙁

But the second day the bug had moved on, but mommy kept him home from school to make sure that he was  truly 100% well.

When my grandson started to feel better he decided that he would write a book titled, “The Bear’s Life.”  Book reads as follows:


The story in the book is short and has a happy ending.  This book, that he stapled together, will not be read in any classrooms, but it’s the best story I  ever  read.

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Choo Choo Shoes #KidsShoes #TrainSounds

Choo Choo Shoes are  kids shoes that make a train sound.  These super cool shoes are an exciting, exercise-inducing way to get children up and active with train sounds! Stomp and they chug. Jump and they whistle and light up!

These pretty in pink Choo Choo shoes are the biggest, and the hottest, new toy for kids.  Each shoe has a speaker that makes a locomotive sound  with a simple stomp.  Both shoes light up and a train whistle sound will be heard, when your little one jumps and lands with both feet together.

Choo Choo Shoes  leave the impression of train tracks in sand, snow, dirt or water.   The batteries last 100,000 cycles and never need to be changed or recharged.  Each shoe has an on/off switch.  Play time can be fun time with a pair of Choo Choo Shoes.

Very stylish and comfortable for these pretty little feet.  Emma can play conductor with her new Choo Choo Shoes.  No need to make any train sounds because she has her Choo Choo Shoes that does that for her.  Chugga, chugga.  All aboard the train…with Choo Choo Shoes.

Similar to the widely popular light up shoes, but so much more fun, Choo Choo Shoes have sensors inside that react to different motions. The soles of the shoes even make railroad track prints in the dirt. Choo Choo Shoes come in red & black or pink. Sizes range from toddler size eight to youth size six. Price: $49.99; sold online at: