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Halloween and Special Ops Tricks

Trick or Treating with my favorite Halloweenies is always a walking adventure, as we go house to house, ringing door bell, after door bell, repeating the same lines over, and over.  We all become totally engaged in the after school activity.

However, what I found most interesting, this year, was how ones costume can actually get you engaged and become the persona the costume represents. As my grandson did.  This Halloween he decided not to just dress the part ,but actually play the part of his Halloween Special Ops costume.  

With all his gear in place it only took minutes for him to jump into his Special Ops character.  The transformation happened so quick that he stole the Halloween show from all.

He began to move from corner to corner in military fashion.   He was so captivating, that we paid little attention to his sister – dressed up like a scary movie character – I can’t remember who she was suppose to be.  🙁

Even my great niece, who was a bat of some type, received minimal attention.  🙁

As he moved along, slithering from house to house, hiding behind bushes and doors, it hit us.  He’s camouflaged!   We noticed that he was blending into the houses we trick or treated.  What the Heck!  It was then that I realized, that, this Halloween is full of interesting tricks in more than a Halloween treat.

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Elly Lu Organics #MakeTheWorldABrighterPlace #Mermaid #Tiger #Whale #Organictoys

Elly Lu

Elly Lu Organics create organic toys with a whimsical twist.  Their toys are made with certified organic cotton fabric and dyed with low impact, non-toxic dye.

They have chosen to create a line of endangered and marine stuffed animals to educate children about their importance, such as Norman the Narwhal, Tug The Tiger,and Edmund the Elephant.

Elly Lu toys have also created characters from meaningful storybooks.

  Meet Leialoha the Mermaid she is a favorite.   Leialoha the Mermaid, lives in the warm waters off Hawaii. She loves studying art, natural history, and marine biology.  She spends her free time rescuing her ocean friends that need help.

She is approximately 15 inches long and made of 100% organically grown cotton fabrics.  Outer fabric is dyed with non-toxic dyes.  She is filled with organic buckwheat hulls and organic cotton. 

Leialoha the Mermaid enjoys morning breakfast with our little Emma.

Ella Lu’s Organics are  toys to educate children.  Every toy comes with a hang tag that includes an interesting fact about the animal. Even Cupcake the unicorn comes with a historical fun fact!  Ella Lu toys are bright and fun with personalities of their own.

All toys and characters are copyrighted. All toys are ethically made in Sri Lanka

The company is devoted to creating the highest quality products out of the safest materials available and each toy corresponds to a unique cause to which $1 per item sold is donated.

Click SHOP to check out Elly Lu products.


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The Feminine Path To Wholeness ~ Becoming A Conscious Queen by Colleen R Russell #TheArtfulSage

The Feminine Path To Wholeness by Colleen R.Russell (The Artful Sage) is a creative  guide to help restore the balance of feminine empowerment and embrace the beauty and soul while bridging through unity  the division in todays’ culture. This wonderful book reminds us that we cannot not fail being ourselves. That’s what makes you beautiful and whole.

Finding ways to let go of who you think you need to be and enjoy being just who you are. So happy I stopped, sat down, relaxed and took the time to read this joyful book.

For more information click here

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NFL Electric Football Game @TudorGames #NFLSeason #TTPM

It’s Game Day Now Here Comes The Boom!!!   NFL Electric Football lets you call the plays to march your football action figures down the vibrating gridiron. Friends can face off in a game of patience and skill, requiring them to guide their teams to victory! In Electric Football, two coaches place their players on the line of scrimmage and run plays by triggering the vibration of the board with a handheld remote control. The game inspires imaginative play and teaches kids important life skills such as perseverance and sportsmanship. Tudor Games packs all the thrills of football into a tabletop game you can play anywhere, allowing for hours of competitive and interactive play. Don’t forget it’s not how big you are , it’s how big you play!!

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Sub-Zero Superfoods by Project Juice #Organic #CleanFood #ColdPressedJuices

Sub-Zero Superfoods™, by Project Juice, are a ready-to-blend line of organic, pre-portioned superfood smoothies.  Easy to prepare.  A great way to start the morning is with Sub-Zero.  It’s a simple and delicious way to get your fruits and vegetable, right at the start of the day.

To boost your morning you will need -one cup of liquid-liquid of choice – a blender- a Sub-Zero Superfood smoothie – Ready in seconds.  Made with organic ingredients.


 Blend to your preferred consistency.  Pour back into the cup!

Ready in seconds and made with organic ingredients, each variety is also gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, plus come in a convenient on-the-go cup. Simply add liquid (non-dairy milk or coconut water), add cup contents to a blender, blend and pour back into the cup!

Sub-Zero smoothies are:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Vegan, with the exception of the Coffee Collagen smoothie (containing bovine collagen) and the  Mango Turmeric smoothie (containing bee pollen)
  • Organic and free of preservatives!

Sub-Zero Superfoods smoothies come in 8, 12, 24 packs.  Sub-Zero Superfood is conveniently delivered to your home.  Subscribe on your terms.  Post purchase you can set up delivery schedule – – weekly,every two weeks or monthly.  You can skip deliveries or cancel anytime.  Total Zero commitment.

Fan Favorites Box

Click Sub-Zero Superfood Smoothie to order

Greens: Apple Kale, Avocado Orange, Mint Cacao, Pineapple Matcha (your daily veggie fix)

Fruits: Acai Chia, Mango Turmeric, Peach Green Tea, Strawberry Banana (my favorite)

Protein: Blueberry Protein, Cacao Protein, Coffee Collagen, Kale Protein (will keep you powered up and full)

Project Juice is an organic clean food and healthy beverage company.  Project Juice delivers ready-to-blend superfood smoothies & bowls and ready-to-sip cold-pressed juices & cleanses, straight to your door.  They obsess over the details. The kind of details that guarantee top quality.