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Macally Dual Position Car Seat Headrest Mount UBS Charger #Car #Dual #Headrest #Drivehappy

MaCally Dual Position Car Seat Headrest Mount UBS Charger allows hand free use for your devices, iPad Pro, iPad, iPhone, Smarphones, Tablets and eReaders in the back seat of your car.

Rotatable holder for views horizontally and vertically.

Securely mounted with clamps provided, for secure attachment to headrest post 2 inches to 9 inches wide. A flexible design to view device within reach.

Can be mounted between two car seats for multiple passenger views.

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Birthday Time

It seems that the older we get the more things we have to do. Our families are growing up and our parents are getting older and the only way to get together was to meet 2 weeks early in the month for my birthday. I have passed by Katch Astoria for years and never realized it was a sports bar/beer garden and so I picked it to celebrate. We were too late for Happy Hour but that did not stop the celebration. It was beers for the table, some guacamole and chips to start.

Three of us went for sandwiches, Pulled Pork for me, Merci went for the Wagyu Beef Sliders, Marlene enjoyed the Chipotle Burger and my sister Marianne had the Brick Chicken. Everything was delicious.

Spoiler here ~ the place is noisy but fun, the good news is we can talk real loud. No chance of being asked to leave here. We took a break and enjoyed the time together. And then we shared “eat them while they are hot” Churros, our very favorite.

These women are the diamonds in my life, bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style. I only wish someone could tape us while we figure out the bill. Hilarious, really hilarious.

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Brilliant Ideas from Wonderful Women ~ Aitziber Lopez ~ Luciano Lozano #Inventions

Brilliant Ideas from Wonderful Women is filled with 15 incredible inventions from inspiring women! Disposable diapers… The dishwasher… Kevlar… Maritime flares… Anti-reflective glass… WiFi… What do each of these revolutionary inventions have in common? They were all pioneered by women (most of whom were juggling families of their own!)! It may be hard, but hard is not impossible.

Each brilliant idea is presented with biographical information about the brilliant woman who came up with it, including what inspired them. Learn how Martha Coston disguised herself as a man to contact pyrotechnicians and convince them to manufacture her idea for maritime flares, how a New York tram ride on a wet winter’s day led Mary Anderson to invent the windshield wiper and why Letitia Mumford Geer’s one-hand operated syringe was a medical breakthrough, among other fascinating facts. Full-page illustrations show the inspiration for and use of these incredible inventions in humorous detail. The heck with being beautiful ~ Be Brilliant.

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HOPE & Sesame Organic Sesame Milk #Chocolate #Hazelnut #Organic

HOPE & Sesame Organic Sesamemilk made from organic sesame seeds is rich and creamy and has a distinct nutty taste. Hope & Sesame Organic Sesamemilk has 8x more protein than nut milk without all the sugars and lactose of cow’s milk. Perfect in cereals, smoothies, protein drinks or just to drink on its own. Hope & Sesame Organic Sesamemilk is heart healthy, are USDA Organic, Non-GMO. Lactose-free, carrageenan-free, Certified Gluten Free, OU Kosher, free of the 8 top allergens (except Chocolate Hazelnut flavor), and packed in recyclable BPA-free tetrapack milk cartons.

Hope & Sesame Organic Sesame Milk (Variety, 6-pack): USDA Organic Non Dairy Milk | Non-GMO, Lactose-Free, Nut-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free | Recyclable BPA-free 1L Boxes

Hope & Sesame Sesame Milk comes in 5 flavors: Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, and two Original Unsweetened. The sesame seed is a super seed, packed with nutrients including protein, calcium and iron. Hope & Sesame a creamy plant=based milk with a distinctive flavor all of its own.

for 20% off Hope & Sesame 1L 6-pack variety using the code SESAMELOVE

To learn more about the first planet-based line of organic sesamemilks – CLICK HERE.

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The Ultimate Burger Cookbook – Plus DIY Condiments, Sides, and Boozy Milkshakes by America’s Test Kitchen

It’s here! “The Ultimate Burger” by America’s Test Kitchen Plus DIY Condiments, Sides, And Boozy Milkshakes all in time for your summer bbq season. This book introduces over the top soon to be favorite burgers. Each burger is created to achieve burger perfection. The ultimate burger will show you how to make the perfect patty plus home made condiments and toppings. You will be able to achieve the classic beef, turkey and veggie burgers…

such as: a Double Decker Drive -thru Burgers, Grilled Blue Cheese Burger With Bacon and Tomato Relish, Donut Shop Burgers…and many more burgers. Also, you will be able to make fresh condiments, sides, and “boozy” milkshakes for your family and guests. Each burger recipe has a nutritional information listed in the back of book.

The Ultimate Burger” holds test kitchen developed recipes with a combination of flavors and textures that harmoniously come together in every bite. Get shopping tips for buying ground beef and other meats to accomplish your ultimate burger. Now whether you want a beef burger or a cauliflower burger, are cooking on a stovetop or the grill with “The Ultimate Burger” you can use the components to try out new ideas.

America’s Test Kitchen well-known for its top-rated television shows with more than 4 million weekly public television viewers, bestselling cookbooks, magazines, websites, and cooking school. The highly reputable and recognizable brands of America’s Test Kitchen, Cook’s Illustrated, and Cook’s Country are the work of over 60 passionate chefs based in Boston, Massachusetts, who put ingredients, cookware, equipment, and recipes through objective, rigorous testing to identify the very best. You will discover, learn, and expand your cooking repertoire with Julia Collin Davison, Bridget Lancaster, Jack Bishop, Dan Souza, Lisa McManus, Tucker Shaw, Bryan Roof. America’s Test Kitchen fabulous team of test cooks!