Foto Friday

Foto Friday – Fleur

In 1978,  my parents vacationed in Malta, and to my surprise they brought me back an oil painting.     See, in 1978, I was very into oil paintings.  Oil painting gave a home a touch of sophistication, at least that was what I thought.

   So, an oil painting was perfect for me.  I could not believe how the artist captured such beautiful flowers.  And the colors of this bouquet blended well with my decor, even to this day.   The only problem  was the painting was given to me rolled up.  It wasn’t framed!   Getting the painting framed was easy enough, however the cost of the frame lessened my bank account by $150.00.

Well, I did get my monies worth, after 40 years this painting still hangs in my home.  Not sure what happened to the artist, but his painting hangs on.

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Richard Simmons: Sweatin’ to the Oldies 30th Anniversary Edition #DVD #SweatintotheOldies

It’s Christmas time and what better gift to give then Richard Simmons: Sweatin’ to the Oldies,  a 6 disc Collector’s Set (39.95) is available Exclusively from

For thirty years, Richard Simmons has been helping people lose weight and get healthy with his unique enthusiasm, charm, and encouragement.  And, on October 31st, Time Life celebrated this iconic weight loss guru with a landmark DVD release.  With the 5 discs, home exercisers will find 41 exercise routine set to rock n roll music classics such as “It’s My Party,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry, “Gimme Some Lovin‘,” “Oh, Pretty Woman,” and more.  This special anniversary set also includes 100 minutes of bonus programming featuring an exclusive interview with Mr. Richard Simmons himself.

As we celebrate the holidays and stuff ourselves with all the goodies of the season what better time to become re-acquainted with one of the best-selling home entertainment fitness series in history – RICHARDS SIMMONS: SWEATIN’ TO THE OLDIES: 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION. 


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Pizza With Jesus (No Black Olives):Finding Hope and Grace Amid Hardship & Grief, by P.J. Frick #BookWorm

Losses, disease, disaster, death, and more touch all of us.  Some way at some point of our life grief  infiltrates without prejudice.   Pizza With Jesus (No Black Olives): Funding Hope and Grace Amid Hardship & Grief, by P.J. Frick  demonstrates that grief is not one size fits all.  

Pizza With Jesus (No Black Olives) chronicles  one couple’s journey through heartache, losses, suffering and grief.   A story of one couple’s faith.  How  one finds his reward and the other found her way back to God.   As losses and grief are universal it is our response to them that are unique. Pizza With Jesus is a faith journey.  P.J. Frick shows how even in profound suffering we can rest and place our complete trust in God.    Pizza With Jesus is a personal experience with grief and its compounded effects on our lives.

Pizza With Jesus (No Black Olives): Finding Hope and Grace Amid Hardship & Grief sends a message of hope.  That there is life on the other side of our grief, no matter how dark and alone one might feel.   That our Savior walks beside us through it all.   And it is our loving Father who offers a lifeline through pain, and grief, to bring us through the other side.

The book focuses on the following topics:

  • What life is like on the other side of suffering and loss
  • How good comes of every situation – even the difficult ones
  • There is a difference between being “positive” and being “resilient”
  • Acceptance (of the end of a life or the outcome of a major life change) does not mean one is giving up
  • Loss is loss.  One person’s loss does not trump another’s. It all hurts.
  • How being a caregiver can be harder than being a patient

Babies Are A Blessing #BabyShower #TastyTuesday

Marg and I have been friends for over 40 years. Our girls played together when they were little and I was so thrilled to learn that  she was going to be a Grandma for the second time. Babies are a blessing and now it’s Baby Shower Time!!! It was so wonderful to spend the afternoon together celebrating the baby that is on his way – yes, it is a boy! You know I loved spending time with my daughter too. It was a win win win day with cake too!

Can I mention the fabulous cake made by Margs’ niece Lauren Gia Calon Cakes. How adorable is this Twinkle Twinkle Theme cake which was vanilla with chocolate butter cream!!!  It was as good as it looks too! Back there are home made Oreos covered with chocolate, this was a serious sweet table.

No shower is complete without a little toilet paper challenge. Each table was given 2 rolls of toilet paper and told to pick the cutest woman on the table and turn her into a baby. Here are the brave women from each table and as it should be they all won a prize because lets’ face it everyone loves a good sport.

Kudos to Marg and her daughter Jennifer for hosting this beautiful Baby Shower for Nicole and Earl. I had such a wonderful time laughing and being with old friends. And what a great idea, how much fun is this photo booth where you can ham it up with your  friends. I love these women, because you know what?  true friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it about being separated and nothing changes. Babies are a blessing, so be sure to enjoy every minute.  Love you and God Bless.


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Eager To Serve – Diary of A Service Dog by Margaret Peiffer #bookworm

Eager to Serve – Diary Of A Service Dog is a wonderful book told from the perspective of Ana the service dog, as if she were writing in a diary, the story begins with Ana as a puppy waiting for adoption, training to become a service dog, and her time as a guide dog. This is a heartwarming story and the illustrations are so sweet, it will touch anyone especially those who owned a dog. As a former volunteer reading specialist for the Queen of Apostles Catholic School located in Alexandria, VA, Peiffer is donating a portion on the proceeds from the sale of her book back to the school and students.