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Cape May #NewJersey #IrishTown #UglyMug

Cape May- is considered the Queen of Seaside Resorts. Cape May has the largest collections of 19th century framed homes.   Cape May, is also a national historical landmark, and the first seashore resort in America.  The best time to visit this seaside resort -Cape May- is when the climate is conducive to outdoor activities.  Like walking.  A March visit, with icy temperatures, not suggested.  Burr!

Being that  Cape May was a short drive from Atlantic City ,it seemed like a perfect short trip to do.  I did always want to see Cape May.  However,  even though we walked from the car to the shore, and then back to the car, at a rapid pace, the seaside view was appreciated.    

Certainly, not much to do during the winds of March.  We did find Cape May Brewery, which was just the place to keep our hands and feet warm.

We spent most of the time deciding on which beer to purchase and hoping to make the right beer choice.  A very helpful server allowed us to sample a few of the beers before we decided which to purchase and drink.   Didn’t take us to long to finally make a decision.

As we sat drinking our fresh brewed beer (I think it’s was fresh), we were happy we found refuge from  winter’s hold.  Yes, it’s crazy.  A cold beer!  Not a hot Toddy!

After the brewery off we went to dine at the Ugly Mug, in Cape May.

We laughed when we realized the name of the eatery was not referring to people’s faces.  LOL!

Yes, more beer!  Not in ugly mugs!  As we rested, our driving feet, we sat and enjoyed the quiet of the town.  For soon,  Cape May will be hopping with beach goers, bikers, families, and many more visitors.  All coming to escape their day to day busy lives. As it has been since the 19th century.

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Atlantic City #Gamble #Resorts #Pier

Atlantic City!  I forgot what this town was like. It was fun returning to Atlantic City, even though, the weather was colder than we would have liked it to be.

As we drove into AC the changes to the landscape was apparent. Wind turbines strategically placed along the outskirts doing the job they are suppose to do, turning kinetic energy into energy.

Some hotels are still there, yet some hotels have long vanished.  Still there, the SHOWBOAT Hotel.

We stayed at the RESORTS Casino Hotel.  The boardwalk was pretty empty.  My husband and I were the only boardwalk walkers.  Like I said, “It was cold.”

Like the Steel Pier.  The Steel Pier is there but it no longer provides the diving horse as entertainment.  The diving horse attracted many visitors to the old AC.  Simple entertainment, for a simpler AC.   Now the Pier has an amusement park for summer entertainment.The new AC does have decorative beach chairs strategically placed along the boardwalk.

Of course, no visit to AC is complete without friends you enjoy spending time with.  We  four created new memories, this weekend at AC, to add on to the old ones.

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All Good Things Come to an End #GymFriends

It is always sad when you have to say goodbye to friends.  Especially, when you are not sure if you will ever see them again.  This recently happened, when my gym closed, and after 15 years of seeing these smiling faces it was time to say goodbye and begin a new gym life.   Hard to  believe I have to move on and leave behind some very great people, who I call,  “My Gym friends.”

It was even sadder when my “Gym Friends”  gathered for the last time to celebrate their gym friendship. They gathered at Kpacho’s Mexican  Restaurant– without me 🙁 .   I had family obligations that evening and could not attend.    I was not there to celebrate, one last time,  with this great group, who every week displayed faces of sweat, that Catherine’s (instructor wearing purple) boot camp can make appear. 

It’s not everyday you join a gym, and along with the gym membership, you are blessed with friends that are full of life.    My we meet again,  not just to do reps of 10,  with sets of 8.

Au revoir!  Fare thee well!  Till we bur-pee, sit -up and squat once again, my gym friends!!

Stay strong, stay healthy, be blessed!

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150 Best Waffle Maker Recipes From Sweet To Savory #Cookbook

Finally a cookbook that expands the usefulness of your waffle maker!!! Now home cooks can enjoy scrumptious restaurant-quality sweet and savory waffles with 150 Best Waffle Maker Recipes From Sweet to Savory by  Marilyn Haugen  and  Jennifer MacKenzie. You will find something for everyone in the family, including  vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. Filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks and entertaining ideas and recipes.  Naked Burger Bites, Club Wafflewich, Stuffed Pepperoni and Olive Pizza Pies, Doughnuts Meets Waffles. This cookbook makes an electric waffle maker perfect for busy families, students and everyone looking for a quick, easy and satisfying meal.

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Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock ~ Keep Your Pint Safe #Icecream


Some people are very serious about their ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s came up with the solution to keeping your ice cream safe: Euphori-Lock!!  This  pint lock is a state-of-the-art security system that keeps your pint plunder proof because each pint lock comes with its own super secret combination code . It’s very popular with people who have roommates or partners with boundary issues.

If you are like me your day starts with coffee and ends with ice cream 🙂

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