The Riverhead Cider House #Cider #Beer #RIVERHEADCIDER

Heading out to the Hamptons this summer?  If so, you need to visit The Riverhead Cider House.  The Riverhead Cider House brings a new, and interesting twist to the well known Long Island Winery area.

 The Riverhead Cider House is a place where the whole family can relax and spend time together (something we need to do more often).  

The Riverhead Cider House serves the “Finest New York Hard Cider” and the Cider House offers a variety of ciders that you get to taste test.  However, if cider isn’t your desired drink, you need not despair, they have local beers and wines as well.       

After tasting all three ciders – Benjamin’s Best Founders Reserve  and Captain Cooks Razzs Ma Tazz  –the cider of choice was Benjamin’s Best.  Benjamin’s Best with its apple aroma, light finish, and only 3% residual sugar.  

With no elbow bumping, at the bar, and drinks in hand, the kids are cheerful. Reminds me of the old saying, the family that cheers together stays together.  Something like that.  Bottoms up, guys.

Plenty of sitting space at The Riverhead Cider house.

Look, a door for a table!  Here you can just knock down a few ciders.
 A chair for two that immediately draws you to it, but, doesn’t invite you to sit.  A lovely piece of furniture but not easy on the buttock, it was dubbed the stand up chair. The Riverhead Cider House made our cider experience a comfortable one, even the grand kids found their corner.A beer barrel table gave my husband a few moments of alone time.  Until, the kids decided to take over with their juices drinks and super pretzel.     

Then The Riverhead Cider House outdoor area was found.  Swoosh!  Before you could say,”Cider house,” we were all sitting outdoors.

Even though the sky was gloomy, and not giving off that outdoor feeling, it just did not matter.

The visit to The Riverhead Cider House gave our Hamptons visit a different splash of color, with a taste of cider.  Looking forward to our next Riverhead Cider House visit.                     

Fake Bake Summer Glow Event at the Caravan Stylist Studio at The Gregory Hotel

Both Merci and I used to worship the sun for hours at a time when we were much younger, but today we shy away from the sun. Honestly we miss our golden tans because we we just feel better and healthy tanned! So we were super excited to experience a spray tan with the celebrity gurus from FAKE BAKE who create a beautiful glow but can give you a red carpet tan.  It all happened at Caravan Stylist Studio at The Gregory Hotel. That’s us in the before.

You know what you have to wear on Wednesday and every day ~ a tan!! After only 20 minutes we were ready to go and ready for our close up. When you look good you feel good.  Then we got to  meet Lisa Cypers Kamen for some tips and tricks on being your happiest – she is the author of ARE WE HAPPY YET ? She was so delightful and she autographed our books and sent us off to a happy start. We all have to learn and practice to  Harvest Happiness because happiness is really an inside job.

Tanned and happy we were treated to just what we needed,  the luxurious  Simply Venom gave us each a  10 minute hand and arm massage  which we greatly appreciated after all the time  on our phones and computers.  Oh and there were mimosas too. How is your summer?

It’s a wild world out there and we are all very busy but the truth is you cannot pour from an empty glass, you have to take care of yourself first. Please take care of yourself first.

Basil Brick Oven Pizza #TastyTuesday

When ever we get together we always find time for a bite to eat. Basil Brick Oven Pizza just happens to be our favorite quick lunch. I am going to say that I told Merci, you know I could eat this all by myself, I mean that is how good this pizza is. She knew I was kidding/serious.  I did not eat it all, we shared ~ 2 slices each. Do Good. Be Nice. Order Pizza. Repeat. We will return.  It’s what we do.

DivaDerme Cosmetics #LashExtender #WingsMascara

Divaderme Cosmetics, a lash and brow collection that is 100% NATURAL including their two hero products, Divaderme Wings Mascara and Lash Extender II. 

Divaderme products feature plant based extracts to repair skin, soothe irritation, enhance color, cover gray, reduce hair loss, and aid in healthy hair production.
Say goodbye to unfilled promises of gorgeous lashes and brows, and open your eyes to natural, spectacular lashes and brows courtesy of Divaderme.

SCUNCI – Life is too Short to have Boring Hair #UGOTTHIS

My granddaughter is always looking for a scrunchie for her long, beautiful hair.  However, when she wears her hair in a ponytail she complains that the scrunchies dent her hair.

OMG!  This is a No! No!

But now she has SCÜNCI Hair Knotted Ponytailers

These knotted ponytailers will never dent her hair.  This was the perfect schrunchie.  So with a few flips and a few twist her hair was up in ponytail style.  

SCÜNCI comes in brights and neutrals colors, to help fit your mood or style.

And, as my granddaughter pointed out, SCÜNCI hair accessories look cool wrapped around the wrist. 21183-3590.jpg

Dent-Free, Ponytailer can be purchased at Walmart