A Sprinkle A Day Will Bring The Baby This Way…

A baby sprinkle, my niece Dana did have. A sprinkle we were told, because it’s a second baby… not a baby shower, a baby sprinkle. Well, no matter the name of the celebration, it comes down to one thing…a baby is coming our way.

We love to gather for any reason. However, getting together to welcome the new addition to the family is super exciting.

Can’t see her right now, as she’s tucked away safely in mommy’s tummy, but soon, very soon, Little Miss Scarlet will be showing her beautiful face.

I can’t help wondering how our little Miss Emma will react to her new sister… She was number one for 6 years! Oh, she’ll get over it. I did, LOL.

My gorgeous niece, how she has grown.  I’m not talking baby growth! 

So much new coming our way.  A new baby, a new sister, a new grandchild, a new great-grand niece, a new great-great child, and a bright new love to offer. 

When she arrives we will never think that LMS was, at one time, not apart of the family.  It will be like she was always a part of all of us.  This family change is a change for the better because a baby  is one of God’s blessing.  

Now , as for daddy? A proud parent he be, as he waits patiently for this new change to his life. His princess, indeed. New daddy will be a good dad but I think he is in for a wailing surprise.

Happy my sister will be a grandmother, again. It’s the grandchildren that makes life more interesting. The grandchildren is a rewind from our children… we treat them nicer…LOL!

I can attest to this!

Yes, all the girls came together to give my niece a lovely sprinkle. We are here, the second generation, third generation and fourth generation all huddled in to take this snap shot. The first generation sat the shot out. 🙁

Girls, let’s keep growing! Let’s keep adding God’s little blessings to our families. Hey, we are not around forever, and this is how we leave a our DNA behind to not be forgotten.

Let me not forget to give a shout out to the males in the family. They are just as important to our family picture…without them how can we grow!

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Independence Day – George Washington, Mount Vernon, Virginia

We recently took a trip to Mount Vernon, Virginia. We ventured to Mount Vernon to see the residence of The First President of The United States, George Washington.

We toured the home and got to know Mr. Washington, as he would have lived. The home was was not large when he inherited it, he just kept added on to it.

The one thing I came away with, during our short visit, is that George Washington was a highly respected General, whose military prowess brought VICTORY to the colonist against the tyranny of King George. However, after the war, all he really wanted was to retire to his family home, but God had another plan. He was to be POTUS1, and continue leading this new country. George Washington knew their was much more work to do to get this new country, with new ideas, up and running. So when the Electoral College voted him President, he humbly accepted the position. His status as President, he made clear, was not as a KING who was to be served, but a mere mortal man who would serve the people.

As George Washington was a Godly man, he regularly attended Christ Church in Alexandria. He understood that this new country was a blessing, and that these blessing come from a Supreme Being.

Christ Church continues to have services to this day. The church also has the original church seating box that General George Washington, and his family, sat in every Sunday. It was humbling to be actually sitting inside this box, the actual box that George Washington sat in.

It was liberty that the early Americans fought for. Liberty from a King who wanted to rule with an iron fist. Establishing a new idea that “All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.– ” They gambled their wealth, status, and their very lives to attain this God given liberty.

Now the U.S. turns 243 years old, and has had many Presidents. History will always look upon the first president as the person who brought it all together.

Thank you President Washington! Thank you, and all those who fought beside you to attain this new concept of “We the people.” May God continue to bless these United States and that the U.S. continue to grow with the knowledge that “Freedom is not FREE.“.