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OddSockEaters #Holdontoyoursocks

Ever wonder where missing socks go? They get eaten by OddSockEaters!

Based on the international bestselling books by Pavel Srut, ODDSOCKEATERS brings audiences into the little known world of these mischievous creatures unknown to humans.

Their mantra “never take the full pair.”

This January, Omnibus Entertainment socks it to consumers when the Dove approved animated tale arrives on DVD and Digital platforms. You will learn about Hugo, who is a small Oddsockeater venturing out into the big world for the first time. After moving in with his uncle “Big Boss” and his two nutty cousins, he encounters the Professor, a human determined to prove the existence of Oddsockeaters, as well as the Blades, who are a crosstown gang of rival sock thieves. Wild adventures ensue, as Hugo learns the ropes of being a good sock thief, along with learning valuable lessons about family, love and the true meaning of loyalty.

Oddsockeaters is a whimsical, heartwarming and unique adventure perfect for the whole family to view.

HOLD ON TO YOUR SOCKS – THE ODDSOCKEATERS are being released on DVD/Digital – will hit all socks on January 15, 2019.

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Baby Magic Hair & Body Wash – Soft Powder Scent #Babymagic #Bodywash #Hair #PowderScent

It’s still magic…Baby Magic Soft Powder Scent Hair & Body Wash the Original formula with a light scent formulated especially for sensitive skin. This easy-rinse, vitamin enhanced baby wash gently cleanses baby’s skin without irritation and dryness.
Baby Magic Hair & Body Was is still gentle and tear free. A wash with a soft powder and floral scent that will leave baby smelling clean and fresh.

Simply apply Baby Magic Hair & Body Wash to gently bathe your little one clean. Pour on washcloth or on hands and gently massage all over baby’s skin and hair. Lather & Rinse.

Baby Magic Soft Powder Scent Hair & Body Wash makes bathing time easy and great for you and your little one.

Baby Magic Soft Powder Scent Hair & Body Wash makes bath time baby bonding time.

Now that’s magic!

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Draw Alphabeasts by Steve Harpster

Let it snow! DRAW ALPHABEASTS: 130+ Monsters, Aliens and Robots From Letters and Numbers  shows how you and the children in your life  can draw more 130 imaginary creatures using letters and numbers as the starting point! From kooky monsters to silly ghouls and goofy aliens, you can draw any kind of crazy creature in just a few simple steps. Practicing  letters and numbers is fun when you can turn them into characters from your imagination! So very easy-to-follow guided drawings.Drawing lets you use a pencil instead of a wand for the magic. Have Fun! 

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Cyrus: Chai and Coffee Company Bayshore NY #Brazil

My niece is studying to be a nurse and she moved away to be closer to the school. I miss her so much especially on Saturday and Sunday morning when we would have coffee together. I have to say that this Brazil Cyrus Coffee is one of my favorite gifts. Every time I make a pot I think of her.  This bag was suggested for French Press which I do not have so I used a tablespoon of the coffee with my usually brand. Sandra you are right, life is too short for bad coffee.  Let me say how delicious it smells and taste. So smooth and satisfying.  Thank you Sandra for the hug in my mug and  always knowing what to give and for giving with your heart.