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Christmas Eve 2018

So happy we got to go to the Christmas Eve service together at the beautiful Lutheran Church of the Resurrection. The pastor beautifully reminded us that baby Jesus is the reason for the season and it’s not what is under the tree that matters, but who is gathered around it.   

My daughter called a PJ Christmas Eve and most of us complied and then some of us just forgot. you know how it goes.  You just can’t remember everything. But the kids had a great time and Tucker really enjoyed his first Christmas.

Yes Santa left him some doggy toys to play with. Together is such a great place to be.   We enjoyed some seafood and pasta and my daughter always makes a baked ziti for the kids and who ever does not like fish.

  Thank goodness we all love pie. My daughter made my moms’ night when she presented her with roses. She smiled and that is a good thing.

  May the magic of Christmas never end and your greatest gifts be friends and family. Merry Christmas.

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Baby Magic Creamy Baby Oil, Sweet Baby Rose #Moisturization #Massage

Baby Magic Creamy Baby Oil, Sweet Baby Rose –  oil for the extra sensitive and dry skin needs.  Baby Magic Creamy Baby Oil provides that extra moisturizing. With a unique blend of oil and lotion it helps soften and seal in the natural moisture of your baby’s skin, and is gentle enough for even the most delicate skin.
Just gently massage all over baby’s skin after bathing or after diaper changing to soothe and help prevent dryness. 

Baby Magic Creamy Baby Oil, Sweet Baby Rose: 
Enriched creamy oil to help soften and seal in moisture of baby’s skin
Aloe and vitamins A D and E
Absorbs quickly and non greasy
All day moisturization

There is nothing sweeter than Baby Magic Creamy Baby Oil, Sweet Baby Rose…

beloved by generations of parents!
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Baby Magic Calming Baby Lotion Lavender & Chamomile

“Oh, Oh, Oh, it’s Magic”

  beloved by generations of parents! Calming Baby Lotion.  A rich and creamy baby lotion enhanced with Vitamins and Aloe formulated with real Lavender and Chamomile extracts to give a calming feel to your baby.  A bedtime massage with Baby Magic Calming Baby Lotion will help your baby sleep while keeping baby skin moisturized all through the night.  

Baby Magic Calming Baby Lotion is:

Rich creamy lotion enriched with milk protein and aloe to soften babys delicate skin

  • Aromatherapy scents of lavendar and chamomile help soothe and relax baby
  • Hypoallergenic
  • All night moisturization
  • Nourishing milk proteins

Softly rub baby lotion into baby’s skin before nap or bed time.  Baby Magic Calming Baby Lotion helps soothe and relax your little one.  You’ll know it’s magic because it’s Baby Magic Calming Baby Lotion 

*If sensitivity to any of these ingredients exists, talk to your doctor before use.

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Keeping Christmas Going with Timeless Friends

Keeping Christmas going is easy with wonderful friends.  Who are willing to meet up at Playwright Irish Pub in busy Manhattan to celebrate the season together.  

Sara, on the left, drove up from, Florida and Joanne drove in from the far away state of, New Jersey.  Our accommodating husbands are always with us, they can never understand what we talk and laugh about every gathering.  Our only explanation is, women who have been friends this long don’t need to be perfect with each other and sensibility is out the window. 

It’s been two years since all six of us last met which made this gathering a Christmas treat.  

Oh, there is never enough time when we are together!  But we never think about the short time we have.  Why waste the time thinking about time.

It’s hard to stop the clock from ticking away making our time shorter and shorter.  However, we have learned to make the best of the time we have been given.   Even though we boohoo the close of our gathering, we smile with anticipation of our next face to face.   

Yes, our time may be short together but we always know that we will meet again, to laugh, talk, and forget that time has aged us.  See, when you are with good old friends, the past becomes the present and future time is what we look forward too.  

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Brunch and Broadway #TannerSmiths #KingKong

This has become a family tradition, one that we all have come to enjoy and love. Brunch and Broadway for Christmas. My daughter selected the show King Kong on Broadway and my son in law chose Tanner Smiths for brunch before the show. 

Each was the perfect pick/ There was something for everyone at brunch. Refreshing cocktails, BLTs,  burgers, eggs and dreamy mac and cheese. 

It was such a beautiful Sunday that we strolled to the theatre after our meal.  We did not know what to expect at King Kong on Broadway.

My sister and daughter loved all the songs but I could not take my eyes off of Kong. He was the hero. He again paid the price for  the greed and we were all in tears.  Be ready to be entertained. Yes, the story is the same but this is so different and new. 

We all knew the story and we all wondered how was Kong going to happen.  It was amazing, King Kong came to life, the music was so new, so techno and the lights!!  Kong took us down the streets of New York City and up the Empire State Building like the King he is. King Kong on Broadway is a great, entertaining  spectacular. You have to see it to believe it!