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First Edition Chickapig Game #Game #Boardgame #Familytime #Poop #Chickapig #Cow

CHICKAPIG a fun family game for adults and kids.  It’s a board game that comes in a burlap bag.

A fun strategy board game with chicken/pig hybrids and a cow that poops.  First Edition Chickapig game includes 50 wooden pieces and a quad-fold board, has a organic, farm like feel.  Chickapig’s game is an easy travel game.  

 First Edition Chickapig Game includes:

1 Burlap Bag

1 Quad-fold Game Board

6 Chickapigs per color

4 Hay Bales per color

1 Cow

1 Cow Fence

8 Cow Poops

9 Poop Cards

9 Daisy Cards

1 Sand Timer

1 Custom Die

1 Rules Booklet  Chickapig board game setup

Get the board set up with your Chickapigs, hay bales, and cow then get ready to cross the chickapigs to the other side.  Watch out for cow and his poop!    Chickapigs don’t like poop, however, don’t illegally block a Chickapig.  CHICKAPIG an unusual board game.  Watch out, It takes one single poop, in the right place, to win the game.

Made in the USA.

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TEX-MEX Diabetes Cooking Book by Kelley Cleary Coffeen.PHD

TEX-MEX Diabetes Cooking is chock filled with  best healthy,  cheesy, gooey, spicy goodness  of a hearty TexMex supper recipes.   From enchiladas, oozing cheese from each end, to tacos, burritos, and rellenos, up until now this is one style of cooking that’s fallen squarely in the “comfort food” category. But author Kelley Coffeen’s new TEXMEX DIABETES COOKING: More than 140 Authentic Southwestern Favorites is the game changer that’s taken the flavors of the Southwest and made them diabetes-friendly and therefore EVERYBODY-friendly because a diabetes-friendly diet isn’t a special diet. We like people who like tacos!!!!

A Southwest culinary expert, Kelley has spent her life moving around the region before finally settling in New Mexico. Less than an hour from the Mexican border in one direction just out of site from the world-famous Hatch Green Chile fields in the other, she is at the heart of all of the action and the flavors. In her new book she takes readers on a tour of the region with more than 140 recipes that focus on fresh local vegetables, fruits, beans, cheeses rich in protein, lean meats, fish, and poultry—all with calorie, carb, and fat levels dialed-in for those looking to lose weight, manage their diabetes or pre-diabetes, and work towards optimal health. We can’t control everything, but we can control what we put in our body. Enjoy.

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Mastermind ~ Deluxe Tri-Ominos ~ Rummikub Games @PressmanToy #PowerOfPlay

Looking for a game for the whole family of all ages. Deluxe Tri-Ominos is it. Just like playing dominos players take turns matching a tile to one that’s already in play. Extra play, extra strategy, extra fun trying to match all three sides!!

The family will love testing their code-cracking prowess and STEM skills with Mastermind, the challenging game of logic and deduction. Family members will take turns being the Codemaker and Codebreaker. The Codemaker sets a secret code, then the Codebreaker must use their smarts to unlock it. Designed for 2 players, ages 8 and up.

The Original Rummikub is a game that will bring the family together on game night all winter long. Get a four of a kind, three of a kind, flush, you know the game but this fun is with tiles!  For 2-4 players ages 8 and up.

I remember how much we loved playing these tried and true fun  games with our children and now we love playing them again  with our grandchildren.  Never underestimate the Power Of Play. Make New Memories and Enjoy!!!

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Famous Family Trees by Kari Mauge Illus. by Vivien Mildenberger #Bookworm @quartoknows

Famous Family Trees is a wonderful introduction book  to some of historys’ most interesting people.  Explore the fascinating family histories of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Charlotte Bronte, John F Kennedy, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Maria Tallchief, and many more with 30 family trees from around the world. Because every family has a story.

This accessible, visually-stunning compendium of family trees features some of history’s most loved — and loathed — famous faces and is great fun for the whole family to explore.

Genealogy and history combine to make a fascinating, fact-filled treasury of family trees belonging to famous people throughout the ages.


The Huddle #Dining #Macaroni

Our day at Sleepy Hollow did not go without a Sleepy Hollow meal.  We started out to have an early dinner at the Bridgeview Tavern.  However, when we arrived at Bridgeview Tavern we were told we would have to wait two hours before being seated.   Oh, no!  We quickly turned our heels around and walked back towards the town to find another eatery.   We ended up finding, The HuddleThe Huddle was quiet.  We walked right in, and, wondered if this was the place we should eat…  

As we reviewed The Huddle menu, we were happy to see they offered pizza.  This made my grandson, who is a picky eater, happy.  However, we quickly found out that The Huddle no longer offered pizza to eat.   SAY WHAT!  Huddle, we have a problem.  I explained to the waitress that my grandson will only eat pizza or macaroni.  Since they don’t offer macaroni, not listed on the menu, we will have to finish our drinks and find another eatery.   The waitress just calmly looked at me, and with a genuine smile, she  said, “Oh, we can make him macaroni.”  Wow!  NICE! It didn’t take them long to prepare the dish.  A plate of macaroni was placed in front of Christian and he began to gobble it down.  The plate was so full of macaroni we thought there was no way he could finish it all.   However, Christian did his little best, he ate, ate, ate it up, but, he did have a little help from Grandpa.

The rest of us ordered a pub staple.  A good old fashion hamburger, with fries.  The fries were addicting and the burger fattening good.
At The Huddle we sat, we ate, and we gathered our energy to continue the night in Sleepy Hollow.  The Huddle made up for their menu blunder, for what they took away they restored.