True Natural Organic Sunscreen #PerfectTan #NoSun #Anti-Aging #OrganicSunScreen

It’s snowing on the east coast, and I’m thinking of my summer tan.   In April, I will be heading down to Florida,  and want to have a summer dew look, and a no “SUN” tan is just the right way to go.  Why I’m thinking of True Natural Organic Sunscreen.

True Natural promises the PERFECT TAN.  

True Natural promises a Safe, Chemical Free Tanning.  Long Lasting, Visible in 3-4 hours.  Gluten & Cruelty Free.  Vegan.

With the dangers of tanning beds, spray tanning, and of course, the sun.  True Natural sets the standard for safe effective tanning.

True Natural Self tanning is 100% natural has high quality ingredients.  All products are 100% biodegradable and never tested on animals. Certified organic ingredients are used whenever possible.

ELLE Green Star Winner Best Green Beauty Products 2015

WIPENote Notebook #Erasable

My granddaughter immediately  called dibs on the WIPENote Notebook and got busy drawing.

She had so much fun for hours, sketching  and drawing  with the WIPENOTE dry eraseable notebook!  So whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation or engagement – Beyouneeq’s Wipenote Notebook is the perfect, passionate gift for any artistic, creative mind.  Write, draw, and erase as many times as you want! Perfect for inspiring your child, this nifty notebook can easily be wiped away to create thousands of different, daring designs.

If you don’t like the way something came out you can easily erase and start again.

Easy to carry with you everywhere in either your pocket or purse with the securely sized Wipenote. Wipenote’s eco friendliness is in saving paper, which saves trees from cutting and making cellulose, the paper main ingredient. Very groovy.

  • Award-winning, original artwork cover art to enjoy
  • Ring binding allows for relocation of pages within seconds
  • Buy additional pages online
  • More pages than competitors (50 instead of the regular 40)
  • Dry/Wet erase whiteboard notebook
  • Only takes seconds for ink to dry
  • Safely place hands over artwork without smudging
  • Comes in small and medium sizes, available in green and red

Cascade Ice #ZeroCalories @CascadeIceWater

Loving the Cascade Ice sparkling waters which can be enjoyed plain or in recipes. They are zero calories which make them a perfect replacement for sodas and a great addition to cocktails!

The grown ups mixed the Cascade Ice water with some Prosecco and topped with a fresh strawberry for our family get together. You can have fun with all the  different recipes at home. It is also delicious straight up!

Sodium Free. Caffeine Free. Gluten Free.

Available in over 30 great flavors.


Farmer’s Pantry #Cornbread #Crisps #Perfect

Snacking time is the best time in my home.  When the grand kids come the first place they like to search for snacks  is the pantry and scream,  “What do you have to snack on, Nunna?”   I was happy that I had Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps ready and waiting for them to enjoy.

Farmer’s  Pantry  Cornbread Crisps are baked, not fried, which makes for the perfect snack.

Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps have the  wholesome goodness of cornbread that can be munched on the go.   The Crisps come in three scrumptious flavors:  Original, Jalapeno, Honey Butter.

      Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps is also the perfect snack for the bigger kid in the house, my husband.    And as Farmer’s Pantry promises – Farmer’s Pantry.

Feed your hunger.

Cornbread Crisps are crunchy snacks made with wholesome ingredients you can actually identify.  Cornbread crisps are made from real corn.

Farmer’s Pantry hearty snacks are grown exclusively (100%) on American farms.

Yes, my grand kids love to come to Nunna’s and snack.  And Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps are the perfect go to snack.

Farmer’s Pantry  takes freshly baked cornbread, slices it, and toast it to crispy perfection.

Proudly made in America!




Seedling-Disney’s Beauty and the Beast/Design Your Own Enchanted Rose Crown

Beauty and Beast will be released in theaters on March 17th, 2017.

And this is why It was a beautiful treat to gather my grandchildren so we could design our very own Enchanted Rose Crown with the help of Seedling.

Disney’s Design Your Own Enchanted Rose Crown had my grandchildren working together to create a beauty of a crown.  Seedling Design Your Own Disney Enchanted Rose Crown had everything we needed to create the perfect crown.I

Seedling’s DIY kit comes with fabric rosebuds, flowers, ribbon, glitter glue, and more to help create the most charming  and enchanting crown.

My grandchildren worked diligently together, as if they were under a spell and the only way to break the spell would be to complete the enchanted rose crown.

Once the crown was completed the spell was broken.

The completion of the rose crown gave way to beautiful smiles.

Seedling Design Your Own Enchanted Rose Crown was easy to design.

The beauty of the crown was passed on to our little Emma, who is our little beauty, and is always our guest.