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Play Ball! #Baseball #Ball4 #Walk #Spring

Nothing says spring like a game of Little League Baseball.  

And getting to watch my grandson play his first big boy baseball game brought spring to it’s  full bloom.  A game played as the beautiful spring evening sky embraced us.

Our little future (dreaming) ball player standing on green grass turf.  To my surprise the turf was man made. WHAT!  What happened to the good old grassy ground with weeds and all?  Well, the good news is he won’t have grass stains on his new baseball uniform. 

He stands  out in center field.  Our little guy.  As he practices his catch, pitch, or maybe a  new dance, not sure what he was doing out there.  No ball heading his way or anyway.  Little League Baseball can be so entertaining.

Then it happened the changing of the guards.  Time to put on the safety helmet and “Batter up!”

With a bat in hand he is in full swing.   Ball one!  Ball two! Ball three!  Ball four.  Walk!  This was the whole game.  Not a single ball was hit by the bat.   No problem!  His team ended up winning..  It was a walk to base game.  They all arrived safely home.

Oh, yeah!  It’s spring!

So when they say,” Play ball.” What they really mean is just “play.”

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Cinco De Mayo Ladies Night #TastyTuesday #GroovinEats

My sister and I try to take my mom out for dinner at least once a month. So when Cinco De Mayo fell on a Saturday we decided to go Mexican and visited our neighborhood El Rey Mexican Restaurant.  My mom who is a stroke survivor looks forward to our little jaunts and the restaurant was close enough to walk to. We encourage her to walk as much as possible, sometimes she is a little stubborn.  The exercise did us all good, especially on the way back. We were stuffed.

We started off with a small pitcher of Red Sangria, which happens to be our favorite fruit!. Munched away on the salsa and fresh fried nacho chips, this being the true test of self control, we lost so we decided no starters today and we ordered our main dish. My sister got the Porgie Fish which was amazing, I plan to order it next time. My mom went for chicken,  Pollo A La Francesa in lemon sauce and I enjoyed and gobbled up the Shrimp in Garlic Sauce, each meal came with its’ own  salad, rice and refried beans.

My sisters’ daughter Sandra was home in bed with a head cold and while we were eating she texted us to bring her some chicken tacos. We were so happy to hear from her, she must be starting to feel better. Three Chicken Tacos to go. Ole!

We ended the meal with the flan. We ordered two and shared them. Cool, refreshing and just enough. There is a quote by an Unknown Author that says Life Without Mexican Food is like no life at all. I do believe they are on to something.  Wishing you Peace, Love and Tacos.

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Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine #EastMeetsWest

East meets West in the kitchen as you discover the nourishing treasure of Chinese medicine. Food is our most powerful medicine. Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine by Ellen Goldsmith with Maya Klein teaches us how to apply the ancient wisdom and traditions of Chinese medicine to food. We are introduced to a new way of thinking about ourselves and we learn what we need to eat to help achieve balance and help improve our health. The recipes are organized by season so let’s start eating and feeling better. 
He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skill of the physician – Chinese Proverb


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And They’re Off! #KentuckyDerby #Louisville #Preakness #Belmontstakes #Horses

A horse is a horse, of course, of course, but when is a horse not just a horse?  When the horse is running in the Kentucky Derby It’s the Kentucky Derby that makes the horse a very important horse.  Why?  Because the Kentucky Derby is the first race in what is known as the Triple Crown.  The Triple Crown kicks off with the Kentucky Derby, in Louisville, Kentucky, then on to the Preakness, in Baltimore, Maryland.  Last of the three, the Belmont Stakes, in Long Island, NY.

This Saturday, always the first Saturday in May, the Kentucky Derby (first of the Triple Crown races) will begin.  Once my husband and I settle on who we think will be the winner, its off to OTB.  The Kentucky Derby is the only time we bet on the horses.  Now I make my bet based on the name of the horse.  My husband bets on the least favorite horse.  It’s all in fun.  I guess you can say “horseplay.”

As the horses are let out of their gates with a  “They’re Off.”  We watch these beautiful creatures run around the track, cheering for the horse we picked to win.  We never pick the same horse.  Now the race lasts two minutes.  These two minutes are considered the “greatest two minutes in sports.”   Then it’s over.  Till next year.  Exciting!

I can’t wait to see which Kentucky Derby horse will get to wear the blanket of roses in victory.   As for me, the Kentucky Derby is not all about the horses, it’s also about the HATS.

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Tuscanini Raspberry Fruit #Jam #Kosherfood #Authenticitalian #Jammingwithtuscanini

Tuscanini Raspberry Framboise Jam, a must have.

Tuscanini Raspberry Fruit filled jam is imported from Italy.Image result for italian flag

Non GMO – 50% Real Fruit – No Preservatives – No Artificial Flavors Or Colors – Gluten Free – Vegan Friendly.  Authentic Italian.   Tuscanini Raspberry Jam is Kosher for Passover.  It’s the jam you can spread on a cracker and know you are getting real fruit with real fruit taste.


A little bite of Italy!