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Bare Veggie Chips #BareBite #CraveYourVeggies

“What to pack for lunch?”  My daughter packs a lunch everyday for my three grandchildren and I pack a lunch everyday for myself.  We are always on the market for a healthy snack. In our home Happiness Is A Bag Of Chips.  Our unanimous answer is Bare Veggie Chips

Bare Veggie Chips are  crunchy beet, carrot and sweet potato chips  that are baked, never fried, and made with real vegetables and simple ingredients, with no  oil! Everybody is happy.

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Baby Butz Cream #BabyButzAtTarget

Olen Cosmetics has created *the* best solution diaper rash with their Baby Butz Cream. The safest and most effective diaper rash treatment available without a prescription. 100% natural ingredients and 30% zinc oxide. Used in hospital neonatal units and many pediatricians hand out samples plus medical professionals have endorsed this cream. No Chemicals, no Alcohol, no perfumes and hypoallergenic.  For little and big Butz too.

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Sea Of Galilee #JesusBoat #Manofgalilee

I traveled to Israel this summer and it was an amazing trip.  One of the amazing things we did, and we did many amazing things, was sail the Sea of Galilee.  Sailing the Sea of Galilee conjured up images of Our Lord, Jesus and his apostles quietly sailing and fishing in the Galilee Sea.  Now the Sea of Galilee is a lake, not a sea..

It was In the Sea of Galilee that a boat, dating back to the 1 century AD, was found.  This boat is being called the Jesus Boat.  OK, they can’t  prove that this boat was Jesus’  boat  but they can’t prove it  wasn’t!  

The Jesus Boat was  discovered in 1981.  Pulled out from the Sea of Galilee and taken to a museum that just happened to be in close vicinity. The museum’s name is  ”Man in the Galilee Museum”.    How amazing, that the Sea of Galilee would cough up an ancient boat which is now on display  in a museum called, Man in the Galilee Museum.  Did you know that Jesus was called the Man of Galilee.  Could be  a big coincidence but not in my book.

Yes, we sailed the sea of Galilee.  A sailing experience that could never be duplicated anyplace in the world.    And I got to do it  with my favorite girl, my daughter.  As for walking on the waters…that’s something that only The Man from Galilee could do.

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Eat Smart Precision VOYAGER Digital Luggage Scale #EATSMARTLIVESMART

EatSmartEast Smart Voyager Digital Luggage Scale is a way to get smart when traveling.  Voyager Digital Luggage Scale will help you save time and money.  Will give you the ability to know the exact weight each luggage piece you travel with.  No more paying overweight charges or rearranging  luggage, to lighten the load, at the airport.

Voyager Digital Luggage Scale:

  • Weighs up to 110 lbs / 50 kgs in 2 measurement modes: Pounds / Kilos in graduation increments of 0.1 lbs / 0.1 kgs
  • Proprietary Two-Handed SmartGrip Design Handle with Durable Strap and Easy Clip Buckle
  • Beep Feature: Scale Beeps When Weight Locks In
  • Easy to read blue backlit LCD Display with auto shut-off after 20-seconds
  • Runs on 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery (included)

Easy to use.  Safe weighing operation – strap and clip buckle around luggage handle.  Hold scale.  Press on/off button and wait for the unit to go to zero.  Within seconds (a beep will sound) and you will know the total pounds/kilos your luggage weighs.  It’s lightweight, 5.5 oz, can easily be tossed into a bag for the return trip.

Voyager Luggage Scale

Every EatSmart product has a 100% EatSmart Satisfaction Guarantee.

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PopCorners Snack #DoOneBetter

Enjoyed Popcorners all summer long with my family  and now we kids (big and small) will enjoy them all year round. I love to have wholesome, popped chips that are never fried, but are a healthier alternative to greasy potato chips for my grandchildren. Approved by their Mom too.

Yummy kettle corn chip (my favorite) has a delicious combo of sweet and salty that kids and adults love. Pack in a lunch or enjoy after school or anytime. Delicious.