SLAMMERS Fun Organic Snacks For Kids @GoGourmet

SLAMMERS an Organic Super Snack Food.  SLAMMERS ingredients come from certified organic farms.   Slammers offers kids a quick way to have a snack.  But the most important Slammers are a SuperFood  snack.


CHILL’N with Apple, Bananas, Blueberries, Butternut Squash, Greek Yogurt & Yum Berry Slammers – high in antioxidant vitamin C  

BURST into a Watermelon Kiwi Slammers with Strawberry, Kiwi, Watermelon, Apple, Banana and Beet – SuperFood Smoothie7 grams of protein and a full serving of fruit
Enjoy AWESOME goodness  with Bananas, Apples, Blueberries, Strawberries, Beets, Acai & Amaranth Slammers – No sugar added

Slammers are an excellent source of vitamin C, have no artificial colors, are high in antioxidant and provide one full serving of fruit and vegetables. 

SLAMMERS are  a convenient healthy treat that give kids the nutrition they need without pausing the fun.                         

 It’s easy to make sure the kids are getting a super snack with SLAMMERS!

My grandchildren love their SLAMMERS.  I love knowing that they are getting slammed with fruits and vegetables.

And I don’t mind SLAMMING myself!  YUM!

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Toilet Tree Professional Skin Care System #GiftIdeas #SkinCare @ToiletTreeProd

Why not delight Mom  and let her  pamper herself with a Toilettree  total body, skin-cleansing system, and  feel more confident with healthy, beautiful skin!

Toilettree water resistant Face and Body System comes with four interchangeable rotating heads (2 face brushes – 1 soft for sensitive skin, 1 medium for normal skin; 1 large body brush; 1 pumice sphere for tough foot skin) that cleanse and exfoliate skin from head to toe.

Exfoliating with a Face Brush stimulates skin renewal and improves overall skin clarity and appearance. It also reduces the appearance of problem areas, such as dead skin cells, oily skin, dry patches, fine lines, blemishes, visible pores, blackheads and wrinkles, leaving skin smoother and glowing.  Now you know what Mom wants, she wants cleaner, softer skin and an hour alone time would be nice too.

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Ball Canning Spiral Jars – New For 2017


Have you heard that the  favorite Ball Canning Jars have a fresh new look for 2017 with the debut of the NEW Spiral Jars, a twist, quite literally, on the standard Mason jar design.  Made of glass, not plastic and so sturdy. The modern shape lends beautifully to beverage and crafting uses, oh, the possibilities! ,  while also remaining ideal for home canning. Each case includes four jars, lids and bands for $8.99 This is the first design change the brand has made in over 100 years.

Surprise mom with a simple, creative gift for Mother’s Day, a perfect gift for summer craft and home decor  or picnic fun. Start a family tradition with something you can pass along. And we all know that old Mason Jars make the best vases.

Gummy Cuties Children’s Vitamins – @NDXNutrition

Getting kids to eat a balanced diet that will provide them with the nutrients to grow strong and healthy is certainly never easy.   But now there is Gummy Cuties Children’s Vitamins which will give your child their daily required vitamins.  

Gummy Cuties Children’s Vitamins use scientific discoveries, global botanical wisdom, and innovative ingredients.  Gummy Cuties are GMO , Dairy, Soy, Peanut, Gluten, Egg, Treenut, and  Allergen Free.  Gummy Cuties Vitamins are founded on “The 3P Principles” – People, Plants, and Profit.   Gummy Cuties Vitamins offer a Multi-vitamin,  Calcium with Vitamin D, Echinacea, and Omega-3 DHA/EPA 

Gummy Cuties Vitamins are a fun and easy way to give  kids the nutritional support they need.

NDX Nutrition, a natural supplement for all ages

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Bulgarian Wine #Bulgaria #Wine @EnjoyTheNewOldWorldWines

Groovinmoms had the opportunity to join the Enjoy The New Old World Wines event and sample Bulgarian wines, at the Hunt & Fish Club in New York City.   We not only had the pleasure of tasting these scrumptious Bulgarian wines but also learned the history of wine growing in Bulgaria.  We found out that grape growing and wine production have a long history in Bulgaria, dating back to Thracians time (4,000 BCE), and that wine is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Bulgaria.  Numerous tribes, in Bulgaria, worshiped wine as a divine drink.   After the fall of Communism Bulgarian wineries, once again, began to flourish and produce that divine drink we call wine.

Here is what we learned about Bulgarian Wineries and the Bulgarian Wines:

Asenovgrad Winery – situated on the northern hillsides of the Rhodope mountains and on the two banks of the Asenitsa river. From the south it is encompassed by hills, which hillsides at places abruptly slope down towards the river. From then west and north in front of the town lies the Asenovgrad’s fruitful field.  Asenovgrad Winery produces a  Mavrud Reserve Wine which has a deep, intense ruby color, with an impressive deepness and character.  Offers a rich fresh aroma of ripe fruit and spices.  Intense taste!  Another favorite – Version Plaisir Divin Mavrud 2016 Wine has a sparkling, deep, ruby-red color, a complex brand aroma, which reminds of a ripe wild blackberry, sweet dark cherry, and fresh forest fruits. A long elegant aftertaste.

Miroglio Winery –  situated in South East Bulgaria near Elenovo Village (Thracian Valley Region).  As of 2013 part of their vineyards were certified as organic, and they currently produce 4 organic wines (red, white and rose).  Currently the wines from Miroglio Winery export to more than 25 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America.  Miroglio Winery – produces  Elenova Mavrud 2013 Wine  –  a single vineyard Mavrud made from carefully selected hand picked grapes which are grown on the estate of the winery near Elenovo Village in south-east Bulgaria.  This wine possesses intense red color with brownish hues.  Rich in ripe cherries, with hints of mushrooms, dry leaves, walnuts and smoke.  Excellent Structure and complexity, long and memorable finish.  Another favorite, EM Brut 2011  –  A sparkling wine made by the traditional methods.  Delicate and sparkling, with greenish and golden nuances.  Displaying fruity (lemon ,white fruits) and brioche aromas.

Vinal Winery –  A modern winery located in one  of the oldest Bulgarian cities.  The town’s history goes back to the 4th-5th century, when the region was inhabitant by the Thracian tribe of Melds.  Vinal Winery, produces a  Merlot Special Reserve Wine made from high quality grapes grown in vineyards in the Lovech Region.  Merlot Special Reserve captivates with its rich, well preserved, deep purple color.  A powerful flavor of multilayer bouquet of pleasantly interwoven nuances of ripe plum, forest fruit and discrete vanilla.  The taste, thick voluminous and warm.  Awarded the Gold Medal at Vinaria 2013, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.  Another favorite, a Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve Wine – which has a rich granite color, an intense flavor with a well formed bouquet and preserved fruitiness, hints of blackberry and minerals.  the taste is soft, harmonious,  well structured and balanced.  Awarded the Silver medal from Vinaria 2011, 2013, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Gold medal Vinalies Internationales 2014–Paris FR.

Villa Yamblo Winery – One of the oldest and most important wineries with more than 90 years of wine making experience.  Villa Yambol is one of the few wineries in the region with, its own barrel workshop.  Proper ageing of wine is one of the most important final steps in wine production. Villa Yamblo Winery – produces a Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Wine made from the finest varietal grapes, renowned for their softness, roundness and harmonious character, 75% of the wine has been aged in French oak barrels. The wine has a warm color.  Holds intricate and attractive aromas, bringing together nuances of plum, jam and spices.   Awarded- Vinaria 2016 and Mundis Vini 2017-Gold Medal.   Another favorite , Pixels Sauvignon Blanc 2016 –  bright color wine with hints of green. Delicate nose with hints of green apple and ripe citrus fruit. The acidity is medium high and has roundness and fruit.  Awarded Mundis Vini 2017,  Concours Mondial de Bruxelles” 2015 Pixels Sauvignon Blanc v.2014 Golden Medal & BIWC- Sauvignon Blanc v.2014 – Silver Medal

A good glass of wine is divine!  And Bulgarian Wine is now on my wine to buy list. Enjoy It’s From Europe.

Bulgarian Wines a tradition spirit with a great future!

Bulgarian Wine does bring the old world into the new!

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