Stay Healthy On The Job

According to a article from Allyou,  simple stategies to combat three common workplace wellness hazards.

You Sit Or Stand Too Much………Walk three minutes every hour.  If you’re standing, rest one foot then the other on a stool to relax your back, or use a cushioned floor mat.  I stand alot at work and having  these cushioned mats really help.

You Don’t Get Enough Fresh Air……..On your break, go to an area with the least polluted air (like a park) or the top floor or roof of your building (gravity keeps pollutants low to the ground).  Consider buying an inexpensive portable air filter.  After I eat my lunch, I try to get outside for at least 10-15 minutes – usually leaning on a parked car, talk about the family or whatever.  Sometimes we take a walk to the dry cleaner or just around the block  for some exercise.

You Are Feeling Burned-Out..….Focus on the present rather than worrying about the past or the future.  When things go right, credit your efforts, not luck, and view tough situations as challenges, not problems.  I try to do the most I can, the best I can and not lose my joy or peace and stay in the moment ,  not saying its  easy, or that it always works…….but I try.  Then play $1.00 lotto twice a week.

product review

Hail Merry – Good and Healthy

HAIL MERRY are snacks that are healthy for you.




queen merry 100% trans-fat free

HAIL MERRY are 100% trans-fat free.

HAIL MERRY is  Gluten Free.

HAIL MERRY products were designed by a Raw Food chef whose core philosophy is to bring awareness to the powerful benefits of healthy raw oils, which we must obtain from our diets. These plant based fats like Omega 3 & Oleic Acid can actually improve our cholesterol profile, reduce inflammation, and make our hair & skin more radiant.

 Snack away this  season, or any season, with                                                                              HAIL MERRY. 

When it comes to  a healthy snack, HAIL MERRY is a touchdown.