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Diamonds Are A Girls’ Best Friend

Did you know that jewelry-auction sales at Christies’ reached an all-time high in 2010?
2008 = $384 million 2009 = $273 million 2010 =$426 million.

Seems collectors driving record sales await the possible auction of Elizabeth Taylors’ 33 carat Krupp Diamond ring, that was given to her by Richard Burton in 1968.  The word is the price will go through the stratosphere.

It is estimated to sell at as much as $20 million.  I just can’t wrapped by mind around it.  How crazy is  that?  Just because Elizabeth Taylor  owned and wore the ring may up its value by maybe 13.5 million – but no one really knows.

This is what I want to know…..how do I get on the mailing list?



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Getting Gorgeous With Degree – Just In Case

She looks after her skin, her hair, her fashion.  Now it’s time to look after her sexual health. And do it beautifully.  Created by a mother and daughter team.  What women know does not neccessarily equate what women do.  Chances are women will not carry a condom for fear of being judged.

Helping raise the odds that she will make healthier, smarter choices of safer, sex practices.

5% of all profits from Just In Case purchases will be donated t o AIDS and Women’s Health Charities.



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Dot, Dot, Polka Dots – They’re Back

Are you seeing dots before your eyes?  Don’t worry, the polka dot is back…Check out the Polka dot brigade…I purchased  a polka dotted dress last year for my grandson’s  christening.  Loved the retro look.

So go ahead get polka dotted.   Yellow polka  dot  bikini – great if you can still wear one..

Dot, dot, dogie

Not ready for a dotted bathing suit or dress then try a dotted  handbag.  Aren’t they  dot-rageous



Belly Dancing

Belly dancing, who would have thought.

I have always wanted to  belly dance.  I recall one time we went to a turkish restaurant and during dinner they entertained us with a belly dancer.  Oh boy, could she shake.  I really thought  that I could do that, no problem, what is so hard about shaking your hips.  What girl would not be able to  belly dance?
Hello, meet the girl who could not do it.
When my gym offered belly dancing classes I thought, now here is my chance to shake my bootie.  Boy, did I found out the hard way that it is not so easy to do.  Easy to watch, but not easy to do.
The instructor passed out  skirt scarfs , which we  wrapped  around our waist.  Jingle, jingle went the scarfs, as we all swiveled our hips and laughed.  I could do this, no problem real easy.
Then the instructor started to belly dance.  Oops! Not so easy. Why my hips did not move around like hers, and certainly not as fast. Wow, how does she do that?  Not only did her hips move, her  arms  began flowing out from her side like a snake dancing for his master.  What choreography.
I have taken her class for the last 3 weeks and learned a few tricks.  I learned that shaking you hips is not just a hip shake, your hips need assistance from your  knees and feet. When you incorporate these your hips begin to shake.  Keep this going and  your hips take on speed.   It does take concentration and a lot of control. This reminded me of what Kristie Alley recently said about dancing, she stated that dancing helps your brain as well as your body,  I certainly agree, belly dancing is not a mindless movement.   It will take me some time to get all the moves I am willing to wait.  I  know that belly dancing is a great form of exercise and belly dancing helps strengthen the muscles behind the belly wall.  I surely need these muscles strengthened.
So if you haven’t guessed by now I will be continuing this class and hope to learn the routine and the moves.  Oh, by the way not only do you need to shake your hips,legs, feet and arms you will need to also shake your chest, all part of this exotic dance.  So shake it up. Gypsy/Rom Fantasy