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One Shoe Can Change Your Life – Cinderella

I miss the days when I could  wear high-heeled sandels and shoes to work.  Stand and walk, even run,  around all day long, hour after hour, day after day, year after year.  Then I became pregnant and my feet starting asking for some loving care.  They asked loudly, and they have not stopped yet!!  I slowly started to wear a lower heel.  Love a kitten heel today. I had to adapt because the bottom line is I love shoes!!!  So Ichanged my shoe style, I like to walk and I really give my feet and legs a work out each and every day.

There are plenty of women who love shoes as much as I do.  If you came to my job you would see that every one of us  has a U.S. mail carrying carton under our desk filled with shoes/slippers/sneakers that stay in the office ….just in case. There are shoes in all colors for every outfit, mood and occasion.  Meeting friends for dinner after work?  Got a shoe for that.  Rain? Snow?  No problem, got a old shoe for that.   I go to work in sneakers and then pick a pair of shoes  right out of the bin under my desk.

So I might start out with one pair of shoes in the morning and end the day with another more comfy pair in the afternoon.  The men in the office try to understand, but I don’t think they ever will.  It’s a woman thing.


Time of the Season

Sunscreen the Sun

The following is a list of sunscreens recommended by 2011 sunscreen buying guide.


Nature’s Gate Sunscreen Lotion in Tropical Scent 30 SPF, $6
Natures Gate Sunblock Lotion absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy finish. Includes Aloe Vera Extract, Rosehips and Cucumber to help nourish and soothe sun exposed skin.

2. Organics SPF 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen, $32
John Masters Organics SPF30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen provides all over skin protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays. John Masters Organics SPF30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen contains vitamins and minerals that help hydrate, moisturize and replenish the skin.

3. All Natural Sunscreen 30+ SPF By Soleo Organics, $14
Soleo Organics brings you 5.3 oz of all natural sunscreen for only $14. Contains an SPF 30 and was designed as a consumer friendly and safe alternative to synthetic-based sunscreen products.

4. Vanicream Sunscreen Sport SPF 35 – 4-oz. Tube, $11.95
Vanicream Sunscreen Sport SPF 35 is free of dyes, fragrance and masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens, formaldehyde and other preservatives. This unique formula with transparent zinc oxide and octinoxate provides a light, elegant, transparent film that minimizes white residue. Ideal for daily use.


Remember you need to put on your sunscreen 30 minutes before you go out in the sun.  Always reapply after swimming.  I hope you are not like me, I always apply when I get to the beach or pool.  Take additional care when sunning.  Wear a hat and sunglasses to  armor yourself against too much sun exposure.

The Sun is a big factor in aging skin and skin cancer.  Don’t forget we only need 15 minutes a day of the  sun.