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Getting Gorgeous with Degree-Lilly Pulitzer

Nothing says “I am woman” more than a dress.

Lilly Pulitzer’s spring 2011 catalog says just that. Lilly’s dresses are classy, stylish, and in my book never go out of style.

I was delighted to see such flowery dresses. Every dress seemed to say,” I am pretty and would be even more pretty if you wear me”.


You could  wear these dresses to work, beach, or just strolling down an avenue.  Dress them up ( no pun intended) with accessories.
Dress them down with a pair of flip flops, FlipOuts Sandals would work.

Lilly’s children’s dresses are the sweetest.  I could see my granddaughter frolicing in one.

Go on line and see her selection in the spring 2011 catalog. If you are like me you will want more than one.


Lilly Pulitzer dresses are a prize.Lilly Pulitzer

product review

Getting Gorgeous with Degree – FlipOut Sandals

I am flipping out over FlipOut Sandals.  Now I can have two sandals for the price of one.

What a great idea.  Who would not want to have two shoes in one.    How?   With a simple twist of the  interchangeable jewelry that comes with each pair.

You get two jewelry pieces and one flipflop and, voila, you have two, two shoes in one.

Great for traveling.

One flip flop with a few different looks.  Who would guess that they are the same sandals.  This summer I am traveling with a pair in my bag.

I will have one jewelry piece while I am at the beach, and switch the jewelry for the evening drink by the water.  I cannot wait.

Of course, I need to have my feet done, been a little negligent.  OK, very negligent.  I wore boots all winter long.  So when my feet are done, I will have a flip flop party for them.  I can assure you that FlipOuts sandals will be flipping on my feet all summer long.


product review

Getting Gorgeous with Degree – Sue Devitt Beauty

I love my Sue Devitt Beauty silky blush silver compact. I carry it in my make-up bag along with a brush and freshen up everyday at work. The color on the back says Vanuatu….it is a pretty pink shade….so perfect for the spring.
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Beauty is an adventure.
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