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Duncan Hines’1,000,000 Cupcake Challenge

Duncan Hines is chanllenging passionate bakers nationwide to host bake sales to benefit Share Our Strength and help end childhood hunger.

You are invited to join the 1 Million Cupcakes Challenge to support Share Our Strengths’ Great American Bake Sale.  More than 17 million kids in America struggle with hunger.  Together, we can change that.  The goal is to sell 1 Million cupcakes this bake sale season.

First: sign up to host a Great American Bake Sale and join the Duncan Hines Team.

Second: Enter for a Chance to win the Duncan Hines 1 Million Cupcake Challenge Sweepstakes = ends on 7/25/11.

Win A trip to Los Angeles including a seat on the Red Carpet at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards!!!

Third: Double Donations with Duncan Hines.  Duncan Hines will match the top fundraising Great American Bake Sale team donations each week with a matching donation to Share Our Strength.

Duncan Hines will make the baking easy and delicious.


For official rules and more information go to:

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Rebecca Minkoff Handbags

Would you like to own a Rebecca Minkoff Handbag?

Well head out to 155 5th Avenue between 21-22nd street, NYC.
Minkoff sample sale is currently going on. Bags that cost between $375-$550+ are being sold for $100-$250+ dollars.

Rebecca Minkoff bags are carried on famous shoulders, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, Paris Hilton, Reese Witherspoon, just to name a few.

They are going like hotcakes.  Sample sale ends Sunday.

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Hummus Eggs

Want to try something a little different with eggs?  Try making deviled eggs with hummus, in place of mayonnaise.

Make hard boiled eggs, let cool, remove the yolk, place yolks in a bowl.  Then mix yolks with  hummus, as much as you desire.  Salt to taste, kosher salt is best, pepper if you wish.  Mix and mix.  Once mixed to a smooth consistency, spoon into the center of the egg.  You can sprinkle with chili powder, or better yet, add the chili powder into the mixture if you want to spice it up a little more.  Spicey is good for you, kicks up your metobolism.  Garnish as you wish, and eat.

Not sure of the calorie savings by using hummus in place of mayonnaise, but I am sure it is much less in calories and you know how good hummus is for you.

If you like deviled eggs and hummus, you should like hummus eggs.



Living Social – House Cleaning

This is a deal.  For $65.00 you can hire a cleaning service.  This is really a deal.   Over the Top Cleaning Service is a deal that is over the top.

“Over The Top promises a thorough cleaning of your home or office without shirking the hard-to-handle nooks and crannies. Furniture is dusted, appliances are moved around to scrub counters and floors, carpets are vacuumed — just imagine taking a cup of Lysol to a dirty bin. This service also tackles the bathroom, kitchen, and wall pieces. Most importantly, it’s a time- and money-saver.”  Fully bonded.

Go ahead make yourself a cup of tea, put up your feet, and relax, while OTT does you a service.  The clock is ticking so hurry, offer ends soon.  mb

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The Mayflower was the little three-masted sailing ship that brought the Pilgrams to the New World in 1620.  A tough little ship of 180 tons, about 90 feet long, roughly the size of harbor tugboat.Before the Pilgrams hired it, the ship had been carrying wine from France to England.On September 20, 1620, the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth, England with just over 100 men, women, children including a crew of about 28 men.  The Mayflower crossed the Atlantic Ocean at its stormiest season.  Sailing westward across the Atlantic Ocean was very difficult, the wind almost always blows strongly right from that direction-west- in which the ship must go.

They ate the same food everyday – sea biscuits, salted meat, dried fish and cheese, washed it all down with beer. Some people were seasick for weeks.  Just before they landed one young man died, but the number of passengers remained unchanged because a baby boy was born on shipboard a month after the vessel arrived safely.

The first landfall was where Provincetown, Massachusetts is today. they then went on to the site of Plymouth, across Cape Cod Bay.  The Mayflower Compact was written and expressed the idea that everyone would have fair treatment in the government that would be set up to rule the colony.  41 men signed the compact in the ships’ cabin and agreed to obey the laws they themselves would pass.  The Mayflower Compact was a very important step along the road to self-government in the New World.

There is a replica of the wonderful old ship near a reconstruction of the early colony at Plymouth.  More than 250,000 visitors go abroad the Mayflower II, gaining a new admiration for the courage and fortitude of a little band of men, women and children who sailed in a ship with no engines, only sails to America more than 350 years ago.

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source :Grolier/Alan Villiers