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Chalk Around The House


I just love playing with chalk and I love giving chalk to my grandkids and making all kinds of drawings and games with them.  Good clean fun!  It was always something that I used outside the house…….now I find out that there are other uses for chalk inside the house.

Remove stains Mark ring-around-the-collar stains heavily with chalk before washing. The dust  helps absorb the oils, making the stain easier to clean.

Stop tarnish Wrap chalk in cheesecloth and store with silverware. It absorbs moisture and  helps prevent tarnishing.

Steady a screwdriver Rub chalk over the handle of a screwdriver to prevent slipping.

Keep ants out If ants are coming into your house, draw chalk lines around their entry points. Many chalks contain calcium carbonate, which ants don’t like.

Hide cracks Cover hairline cracks in walls until you’re ready to paint by rubbing over them with a matching color




Rolling Thunder – Ride for Freedom

“Rolling Thunder” a non-profit group that celebrates  Memorial Weekend in a special way.  This group has one misson and that is to publicize Prisoner Of War (POW) Missing in Action(MIA) issues.  The left behind soldier, the warrior who never returned to his/her homeland.

A group of Vietnam Veterans  began a quest to get the government and the media to pay attention to the POW-MIA concerns.  The group joined forces in 1987. They’ve rolled into Washington, D.C.  every year since  making their concerns known.

Their method of transporation  was the interesting part they ride in on motorcycles.Bikers in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally ride across Memorial Bridge on Sunday. The 24th annual event, which saw thousands of military and civilian motorcycle riders rumble across the District, was held to remember American prisoners of war and support veterans. (Drew Angerer/The Washington Times)

The motorcycle brigade have continued to roll into  D.C. every Memorial Day weekend since. Not because it is a three day weekend, or because they will all gather to have a reunion of sorts. No, they roll for  a purpose,  to remind us all that “out of sight is not out of mind.”

This “Ride for Freedom” will continue until all our POW-MIAs are accounted for.

For more information about this great group click site below:


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Barry’s Boot Camp Grand Opening

 Want to get  “The Best Workout in the World” Barry’s Bootcamp is the place.

Barry’s Bootcamp has  a legendary following  with gyms based in southern California!  It is a  no-nonsense, results-driven program, and isn’t that what we want from a bootcamp.  There is no drill sergeant with whistle in mouth.  Rather a fun, upbeat party-like environment that embraces a back to basics style with treadmills and weights.

Barry’s Bootcamp will be opening its first ever New York location on June 4th 2011 in Chelsea.

Come on summer is right around the corner and classes are filling up fast!

Don’t miss out on the biggest trend to hit the streets of NYC, sign up for Barry’s today!

Full BodyNew York CityFor the only time this year, Barry’s Bootcamp is offering 25% off all packages through June 5th, with promotion code: VIPNYC

 Sign up for Barry’s Bootcamp NYC by electronically purchasing classes on this site http://www.barrysbootcamp.com/new-york-city.html

Don’t forget to use the promo code for your discount.

Groovinmoms will be taking a Barry’s Bootcamp class this weekend…pictures will be posted.


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Green Machine – How Not To Make A Smoothie

I just got rid of my blender and thought I would be able to use my food procceser…..what was I thinking?

I was so determined to make and drink the Everyday Food “Green Machine Smoothie” – ……oh boy!

Moral – Sometimes you are going to make a mess. After the clean up, I made a avocado, tomato, spinach on italian bread hero. Then I went on line and ordered a blender.



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