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Stuff Happens Card Game: Parenting Edition

Can you handle the truth? Is discovering your kids’ secret booger wall BETTER or WORSE than a failed homework assignment that you helped with?  Rank these funny and engaging parenting moments in the new Stuff Happens: Parenting Edition card game. If Misery Index agrees with you, you get to keep the card. Correctly rank 10 scenario cards to win! Can be played on its own, but if you’re ready for a full night with the family and friends, mix in with any Stuff Happens deck!

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BabyLit An Anatomy Primer Frankenstien by Jennifer Adams #BabyLit #Frankenstein #Book #Learn

BabyLit books are a bonding experience for caregiver and child. BabyLit books teaches basic concepts and is a great way to introduce classic literature.

Like BabyLit’s Little Miss Shelley An Anatomy Primer FRANKENSTEIN which will acquaint your child with the science of anatomy, or Frankenstein.

She, Miss Shelley,s explain the anatomy of her infamous Frankenstein.

The BabyLit books will help your child develop and learn, creates a bonding experience between caregiver and child – Mothers, Fathers, grandparents and siblings will all enjoy their time spent with their little ones. BabyLit is the best way to begin their lifelong education.

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Count Dracula in Dracula: A BabyLit Counting Primer By Jennifer Adams #Babylit #bookworm #Count #Dracula

BabyLit is the fashionable way to introduce your baby or toddler to the world of classic literature. BabyLit are storybooks for children ages 3-5.

Count Dracula in Dracula: A BabyLit Counting Primer.

Where you will meet 2 friends, Mina and Lucy, and the 5 heroes who try to save them from the dreaded Count Dracula in Dracula: A BabyLit® Counting Primer. Make sure you’re wearing a necklace of 10 garlic flowers as you count wolves,

along with ships, tombstones, and boxes full of soil in this witty retelling of Little Master Stoker’s classic Gothic tale.

Author: JENNIFER ADAMS, wrote more than 30 books, including board books in the best-selling BabyLit series which introduce young children to the world of classic literature. Jennifer works as a writer and editor in Salt Lake City, Utah. Visit her website at

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Biodiversity: Explore the Diversity of Life on Earth! by Laura Perdew

Finding the answers to the right questions. We are thrilled to announce that Biodiversity: Explore the Diversity of Life on Earth! is a Junior Library Guild selection!

Check out the book that Booklist called “. . . a text that makes daunting concepts, such as evolution, levels of biodiversity (genetic, species, or ecosystem), and why biodiversity matters, easy to understand without sacrificing scientific precision,” in a starred review.

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Tickle Plenty and The Bubblegum Tree by George Minkoff read by Alison Larking

Tickle Plenty brings children on her imaginative new audiobook trilogy, read by award-winning narrator, Alison Larkin, and written by George Robert Minkoff.
The Children’s Book Review says of Tickle Plenty and the Bubblegum Tree (Book 1): “George Robert Minkoff’s charming and imaginative story, Tickle Plenty and the Bubblegum Tree, follows the adventures of a bubbly young girl namedTickle, and her many companions. The story follows the characters through the Rainbow Forest to the Ice Cream Volcano, in pursuit of a magical decree.Tickle meets and encounters plenty of characters with eccentric personalities, reminiscent of events that take place in the classic Alice in Wonderland in which the characters have plenty of random and woolly conversations that intrigue young readers—scrumptious food and enchanting scenery play a large part.
While familiar, Minkoff has created a unique world that kids will surely appreciate. The whimsical fantasy realm he has created, combined with its superb narration by AudioFile Earphones Award-winner Alison Larkin, gives off a nostalgic feeling— making it enjoyable for adults, too. The pacing, individual accents for each character, and Larkin’s intonation are absolutely marvelous!

Original, poetic, and creative—a talking swing hangs from a chocolate chip celling, bubblegum can be picked from a tree, a lemonade river flows through the Rainbow Forest—Tickle Plenty and the Bubblegum Tree makes for a wonderful audio experience that will readily fill up the time on a road trip or provide companionship during some quiet time. Minkoff’s ending will leave listeners ready to jump into Tickle Plenty and the Lollipop Garden and TicklePlenty and the Kingdom of the Clouds, also read by Alison Larkin.”