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Lemon Yellow


I just love the color yellow.  It makes me think of summer.  Sunny mornings I love to take Miss Penny to the park and we walk the track about 2 or 3 times…….this Scoobey t-shirt is just so cute!

Love this yellow bathing suit – it   is adorable and so pretty against the blue water…..please don’t forget your sunscreen and  to wear a hat.

 How about this pretty summer wrap dress and earrings……enjoying an evening with friends by the sea.

A simple pair  will do the trick.

Something for those little babes…love a Barbie doll and a big yellow truck!!!


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Barry’s Bootcamp-A Workout For You!

Groovinmoms was delighted to do a class at Barry’ s Bootcamp NYC on their opening day Saturday, June 4th.

When we first walked in I have to admit we were
a little uncomfortable, but Joey and staff  made us feel welcomed.
Liz took  pictures and I was elected to do the work out.  I don’t know how that happened.
Barry’s Bootcamp is not your regular gym and not your regular bootcamp workout.

I ran the treadmill.  OK, that was not hard, but try doing it backwards. I held on for dear life.
As I was running, backwards, my fear left me and I quickly got use to it.    Not bad I thought.  I  actually kept up with the pack.
Barry’s Bootcamp provides a full body workout.  Barry’s workout shocks the body.  I guess that means never let the body get use to the same routine.  The workout shocked my body.  This shocking program gets the body to build muscle and drop that weight.  I like that kind of shock.
So if you are looking for a different gym and want a total body work out Barry’s Bootcamp is the place .
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Soccer Saturdays

My granddaughter Natalie is in a girl soccer team.  They are all beginners and its alot of fun.  They played every Saturday morning, the whole town was involved.   The truth is, there was no winner at this stage, just the girls learning how to kick and handle the ball, trying to get a goal. No score keeping.  The coaches are all very nice and they make sure that every girl get at least two goals in a game, to know how good it feels.  I would try to see as many games as I could and sometimes my mom and friend Dale would come too.

The morning would start out very good.  Natalie would be all excited about seeing her friends and was happy to see and hear  us cheering all during practice. She would stop to wave at us and throw kisses.  Run over for some water and wait patiently for the snacks that would be handed out after the game.  She would be all smiles!

After a half hour of practice, all the balls but one are taken off the field.  The game has begun.  Natalie would start out running after the ball, but after she realized she lost it, she would slowly wind down, moving slower and slower.  Play after play until she found herself lying on the grass looking for a  unicorn in the clouds.

One Saturday, I thought my mother was going to fall off her chair, she was laughing that hard.  We were calling Natalie to get back on the field – when suddenly it seemed she fell asleep.

I can’t wait for next season.


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Take Back Program – Recycle More, Waste Less


You can reduce your waste and participate in take-back programs.  That’s right, you can reduce waste through everyday choices:

Donate or sell stuff – instead of throwing it away
Reduce paper waste by printing double-sided; viewing bills, statements, newspapers, and magazines online; and removing your name from junk mail lists
Use reusable bags and say “no bag please” when you don’t need one

Use your own drink container for your coffe, tea, water, or other drinks
Buy in bulk and choose products that have less packaging, are made with recycled content, and can be recycled.

What to take back:

Electronics manufacturers that produce TVs, computer and some peripherals must have a program to collect these items.
Cell phones must be accepted by any wireless provider in NY State.
Plastic shopping bags must be accepted by many retailers who provide them.
Rechargeable batteries must go back to stores that sell them – they are required to recycle rechargeables – these can not go in the trash or in you recycling bin.Automotive waste – auto batteries, motor oil and tires cannot go in the trash – take them back to service stations or auto shops.
Syringes must be accepted by any hospital in NY State.CFL bulbs and mercury thermostates are voluntarily accepted by certain retailers and manufacturers.

 We all can all recycle more and waste less.


for more information go to: