Dancing with Bernie

Yes, Bernie is still around.  His classes more than intense.  Each class is a surprise.  As the members enter we all ask each other, “What do you think he will be doing today?”  The answer is “God only knows.”  And it never fails, it is always something different then the last class.

I loved today’s class.  It was all dancing.  I felt like I was in a dance rehearsal.  The room was filled and we all were bopping to the music.  Kicking, hips a swinging, arms swaying to the music, one, two, one two.  Who needs dancing with the stars when we can dance with Bernie.
DWTS-030811-0031.jpgI love dancing.  Dancing is the fun way to get into shape.  Perfect example is Kirstie Alley.  Have you noticed how much weight she has dropped since she started this dancing with the stars gig.  Week by week, dance by dance, she is shedding her pounds and loving every minute of it, I am sure.

Yes, Bernie’s classes are intense, but he makes shaping up unpredictable, and fun.

Go ahead, dance, dance to your hearts content, and just like Kirstie, should  you fall or lose a shoe, just keep on dancing.

You’ll be surprised as to what else will fall off.



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Getting Gorgeous with Degree – Secret Sleeves

Secret Sleeves is a secret worth sharing.  Secret Sleeves is a fashion scarf with a secret – slip your arms inside the hidden pockets and the scarf becomes a wrap or shrug!!  It’s pretty and practical – fits and flatters every woman – dresses up any outfit – keeps you warm and cozy – conceals your upper arm – fits in your purse – doesn’t wrinkle – comes in many fabulous colors and trims.

I have to say this is one of the best items I received from the Getting Gorgeous with Degree Event!  I have the black velvet  with black bead  trim scarf.   I wore it out to dinner and to a bridal shower – so easy to wear.  You can wear it with jeans or evening wear – and that is a good thing.

Casual or elegant……Secret Sleeves is going to change the way women wear scarves.

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Weight Watchers’ – 5K Walk

Walk or Run with Weight Watchers and the Alliance for a healthier Generation.

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation reports that obesity has become an epidemic in the US, especially for our children.   So walk out in force and challenge yourself on Sunday, May 22nd, 2011, by joining the Weight Watcher 5k walk.

Make it a family affair.  Encourage your family, as well as your friends, to participate in the Walk-It Challenge.

Get out, do what you can, and remember walking is easy we do it every day.

Shopping, Time of the Season

Bridal Shower – Fit for A Future Queen

 How exciting!!!   On Friday, April 29, 2011 about 4 billion people around the world will watch the Royal Wedding of Catherine & William.  The happy couple will be married at Westminster Abbey by the Archbishop of Canterbury.  There will be a traditional reception, including a wedding cake with royal icing,  at Buckingham Palace, thanks to the Queen. Security is estimated to cost at least $8 million.

Here are a few fun gift ideas for a  fairy tale Bridal Shower for someone who has everything!  After all, everyone knows that it is the thought that counts.  What princess wouldn’t love a pink vacuum cleaner?? ……… Going to need a 12 piece charger set in red, gold and pewter.  There is always room for some English Toffee….yummy.  How cute is this English Terrier Spaniel…… boy!  Rainy afternoons…. a very  good time for  a cup of tea and playing a little game of trivia. 

 The Countdown has  begun  – “Making of a Royal Wedding”-  Clinton Kelly (love him) in London – Randy Fenoli will be in Times Square = the wedding dress and the designer is a state secret = wonder if Kate will wear her hair up or down?……cannot wait!!

Dear Kate & William,  Wishing you a special day of happiness and a love that lasts forever – God Bless.

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Time of the Season

Easter Sunday

Three Marys at the Tomb William Bouguereau Royalty Free ImagesHave Christians been celebrating Easter on the wrong Sunday?
The Last Supper, Jacopo Bassano 1542And the Last Supper on the wrong day of the week? The answer, according to a Cambridge University scientist, Professor Collin Humphreys, is yes.

A recent discovery of an ancient Jewish calendar has suggested another interpretation for the dates and day.

The article stated that there is an inconsistency with the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, who said that the Last Supper coincided with  Passover and John, who wrote that the meal took place before the Jewish holy day.  The Professor concludes that  Jesus, Matthew, Mark, and Luke were using the “Pre-Exilic Calendar, which dates back to Moses and counted the first day of the new  month from the end of the old lunar cycle, while John was referring to the official Jewish calendar of the day.”

It’s all about the calendar.

According to the Professor, this contradiction has been known for a long time, but not spoken about.  Professor Humphreys  used science and the Bible hand in hand to solve this question.  The good news is this means that the Gospels are not contradictory, but really in agreement, they were using different calendars.

Humphreys, along with the help of an astronomer, reconstructed the Pre-Exilic calendar and placed Passover’s date as Wednesday April l st, 33 AD,  which is the accepted year of Jesus’ crucifixion.  This would mean that the Last Supper took place on a Wednesday, not Thursday, and according to the Professor, “helps explain how the large number of events that the Gospels record between the Last Supper and the Crucifiion were able to take place.”  Humphreys has been working on this since 1983, and if his calculations are correct the first Easter Sunday would have occurred the first Sunday of April.

So, should today’s Christians want to set a date for Easter, it should be on the first Sunday in April.      HAPPY EASTER.


source: Reuters