Time of the Season

April – Thanks For The Showers

I think that April really announces Spring (no offense to March 21).  It is a month of growth for all nature.  The snow finally melts and the plants begin to show!  April showers nourish the young plants.  In April, the animals that have slept all winter appear,  the weasels’ winter white coat is now brown and the snake sheds his old skin for a new one. 

Birds return from the warmer climates to build nests and lay eggs.  New born animals are taking their first steps, copying their mothers, learning what to eat to grow strong.

 Here, April is the time  to plant, spring-clean, and don’t forget about the opening of baseball season!! Play ball…. 

 New Beginnings…..Easter and Passover.  A month where we  enjoy work and play and get ready for new seasons……and that first BBQ hot dog.

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Getting Gorgeous with Degree – Studio Jewel

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  I have been wearing the lovely earring I got from the Getting Gorgeous with Degree Event.  Everyone tells me how pretty they are and where can they get a pair. 

I want to tell you that all the jewelry is artisan and  handcrafted for the modern woman!!  There is so much jewelry  to choose from….earrings, bracelets, rings, one prettier than the other…..which to choose?

Make your choice and get 20% off your  order with code:  ggNYC11

There is also a mens’ collection!!



Travelzoo Dinner for 2

Dine at Nino’s Tuscany, near Central Park. For just $75.  Enjoy two appetizers, two entrees, two desserts and coffee or tea from a specially crafted menu and share a bottle of wine.

This meal would cost you $180.  With a Travel Zoo Voucher only $75.00.  How zoofully delicious.  Hurry you know this deal will not last long.

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Getting Gorgeous with Degree – Tide

Barbecue time is around the corner.   Meats will be basted with your favorite oozy, gooey, delishes, BBQ sauce.  Then SPLAT!

Oops, just stained your new summer, could be white, blouse.

It’s Tide To Go  to the rescue.Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover

This happened to a friend of mine.  As she was eating my husband’s wonderful cooking, she dropped, on her blouse which was white, a piece of chicken.  Oh no, she screamed.  We grabbed some napkins to dab it up.  She looked at me and asked if I had Tide To Go.  Wow, was she in luck.  I just happened to pick one up. I had  thrown it in my kitchen draw, never really used it.  So off I went to get this little stick.  As soon as I handed it to her she began to dab,dab,dab on her spot.  I really thought it would not come out.  I have tried to remove stains from  white cotton items never was successful.  I offered her some seltzer water, but she refused it and told me this will work.  I guessed she had used this product before.

Low and behold, after a few dabs the spot truly disappeared.  It worked!  Tide To Go really works.

Now this detergent on a stick  became my companion.

For you see, I am one of those people who cannot go anywhere without managing to stain my outfit.




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Fatty’s Cafe

Liz and I like to relax at Fatty’s Cafe. The menu is simple, yet delicious.  We both enjoy A Fatty’s sandwich.  Liz likes the Cubano sandwich (pork) and I like the Chavorrayo (chicken).

Along with our sandwich we order Fatty’s sweet potatoes  fries.


Fatty’s Cafe is small, really,really small. They  have an outdoor area, when the weather gets warmer.

But the real reason we love to go there is to have their Mojitos.

Yes, this is the real reason.

First time I ever had a Mojito was at Fatty’s Cafe. Not a fan of rum, but this drink was different. Of course, the best is Mojito only has 200 calories, which compared to other alcoholic drinks  is pretty good.

So, if you are ever in the area, that’s Astoria, NY, stop in and tell them Groovinmoms sent you.  I tell you a nice tall glass of Mojito goes down really easy in the hot summer heat.  

Fatty’s Cafe

2501 Ditmars Blvd
Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 267-7071

Receipt for the orginal Cuban

Mojito click here:  http://www.tasteofcuba.com/mojito.html