He’s My Brother

I’ve been following, along with the rest of the world, all day yesterday and today the news on the effects of the  earthquake in Japan and the countries in the Pacific .  My heart and prayers are going out to all involved in this disaster.  Best wishes and tears have their place, but I believe that a donation of any amount that comes from the heart is needed and will be put to good service.   We have to just stop where we are and make a donation for relief , now, not later. We do something, lest we do nothing.  A little or alot, that does not matter, so many of us are planning to enjoy  a lovely day, like I am, I have a hairdresser appointment, then I’m going to see some  friends and go to dinner,   knowing I’ll be  sleeping  in a nice cozy bed tonight …….hey, how lucky can we get?


Another Travel Zoo Deal

If you like to dance and most of all love to watch the elegance of someone dancing,  then maybe you may be interested in this deal.

The Martha Graham Dance Company will showcase its dazzling
physical feats during five programs from March 15-20.

Get Mezzanine and Orchestra seats at the Lincoln Center for $33-$43, regularly
up to $93.

To get this deal, purchase a voucher directly from
Travelzoo, then redeem your tickets at the box office an
hour before the show.

*Buy the voucher before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 13.  Hurry 320 have been sold at this time.

For more information on this deal, click here:


Did Spiderman get tangled in his own web?

I am hearing so much negative reviews for, Spiderman in the Dark. My question is, why are they reviewing something that is not officially out?

I went to see Spiddy. I was truly entertained. I knew when I went to this show that this was what they called a ‘Preview’.   It was announced right before the start of the play.  They explained that this is a preview and they may have to stop at times, for what ever reason.   No problem, I thought, as long as I see a show. Let me tell you the place was packed. Yes, I presume some people came to see some kind of mishap. But, I will go out on a web and state that that was most likely 10% of the audience.

I bought the tickets  to sit in the ‘flying circle’.  Not really sure what this referred to.  After reading what this meant I  figured out that this may be a good place to seat.  I was right.  I had a birds eye view of what was happening, never had to lift my head to see the actors do their acrobatic show.  I was so amazed.  Was I at the circus?  People clapped, and cheered Spiddy on.  I prayed that no one would fall from the ceiling.  See I was one of the 90% who did not want to see anyone get hurt.

The story of Spiderman, is an old one.  But, the writers of this play added a little surprise, a little twist was added to the story line.  OK, they had to stop the show one time.  But , the actors handled themselves like true pros.  They picked up on the pause and entertained the audience.  We laughed and when they were ready to resume, these actors received some thunderous applause.

Last I heard the show is sold out for the next 70 performances.  Why did I go and see Spiddy?  I went on word of mouth and the word I heard was this show is good.  See, I go by my own richter scale.  I never listen to the  critics.

Now I hear the show has, once again, postponed the official opening date.  But, I also hear it is not stopping anyone from seeing it.

So whatever happens to the show, I am glad I saw it.  And all I can say is “GO SPIDDY!


Who’s Ready For A Cocktail?

Well, it’s finally Friday, and that is a good thing!  This is the day alot of people go out after work for a cocktail and some good old pub grub. Let’s see…..we can start off with some bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms and zucchini sticks.  The burger sliders are just so lady-like, you can eat them in two easy bites.  Some people like french fries, I like onion rings. Mmmm..enjoy the spicey-cool of a buffalo chicken salad.

This sounds like alot of food, but you have to remember that it is being shared and everyone gets a taste or two.  I wouldn’t be eating supper when I get home. For the record, the first thing I always ask for is a glass of water, Merci got me into that habit.   The most requested drink is probably a pitcher of beer. Myself, I like a cosmo, while my friend enjoys the margarita. There was a time when we both would drink a couple of Long Island ice teas, but that was many, many moons ago. Oh and always always share a dessert, who needs the extra calories?

Listen to the music, laugh out loud, eat a little of all that makes you happy and sip with care, if you get asked to dance, or not,  please get off your fanny and dance………always enjoying the people in your life. We only get so many Fridays.

posted by Liz