MTA Reduced Fare Metro Card #TravelTuesday

A co-worker told me all about the MTA Reduced Fare Metro Card for  Seniors of Disabled. She told me how easy it was to get, she went to the bus/van on the street and showed a valid  I.D. and presented a credit card (or cash)  got a photo taken  and presto  she received a temporary card to use until the permanent card  comes in the mail. You know I was so excited that I ran to my MTA Station and applied for mine!! I called and found out where the van was in  my  neighborhood.  The whole procedure took less than 30 minutes.  It was so easy!!

Filled in the application, showed valid I.D. presented a credit card and put some cash on the temporary card so I could use at once until my permanent card came in the mail. That was it!! Half fare is very groovy and that is why I love New York.

So simple for more information call 718-330-1234 or 511…..or you can click here