Absolutely Gluten Free Blondie Crunch and Brownie Crunch #Crunch #Treat #Snack

Absolutely Gluten Free Vanilla Chocolate Chip Blondie Crunch & Absolutely  Gluten Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip Brownie Crunch are “Perfectly Crunchy and Perfectly Sweet.”  Absolutely products are made from natural and gluten-free ingredients.


Absolutely Gluten free products are committed to producing gluten free products without the lose of taste. Absolutely Gluten Free are the first nationally available gluten free crunch.

All natural – Certified by the OK as well as by Rabbi Babad.       


Absolutely a snack treat!

Absolutely Gluten Free Blondie and Brownie Crunch are baked for that perfect crunch.

    No tea or milk necessary to enjoy Absolutely Blondie Crunch or Absolutely Brownie Crunch.

Absolutely Gluten Free Snacks :  Certified Gluten Free, Perfectly Crunchy & Deliciously Sweet, Kosher Parve.   Absolutely Gluten-free packs a flavor-filled punch with its full line of unique and delicious gluten-free products that satisfy everyone’s craving for sweet and savory snacks, whether they’re eliminating gluten from their diets or not. The company received the 2017 Gluten-Free Trailblazer Award from Grocery Headquarters in recognition of its innovation and impact on the gluten-free and diabetic foods space.

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