Merry Christmas Office Party Grab Bag and Ugly Sweater Fun


Love the Season to Tingle and Mingle and celebrate with the great group of people I work with, can I say I have worked with them for 30 years so honestly they are more like family. 

We have a grab bag or Dirty Santa because everyone picks a number and then goes up in order and picks a gift off the table.  Now if someone after you likes your gift they get to steal it from you and you go back to table to pick a new gift. And on and on. Lots of fun and laughter and wrapping paper on the floor. 

The delicious food came from our favorite Italian Restaurant Daizies, everything was perfect as always, eggplant chicken beef pasta sausage   salad and sides.  Oh and the cannoli!! Yum. 

This year there was a photo booth Thank You Louise what a great idea that was. Everyone wanted to get into the picture and they did.

We ate , we drank and we made merry and then I won second place in the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest ~ I got a NY Lotto Scratch off and a Pin to prove it. 

May you be with the people you love this day and may the peace and joy of Christmas live in your heart all year long. Merry Christmas!