Dinos vs Machines: Showdowns that Defy the Ages! by Eric Geron

Dinos vs Machines, preparing for battle… have you ever wondered if a velociraptor could outsprint a motorcycle? Get a front row seat to the challenge in Dinos vs Machines as 10 dinosaurs face off against 10 machines. On the stats page, learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each dinosaur and machine. Discover the pointy horns of the triceratops, the scorching speeds of a motorcycle, the bat-like wings of the pterodactyl, and the digging power of the bulldozer. Then, turn the page to discover what a showdown between the two superstars would look like. You decide who the winner is. Experts share their winners at the back so that you can check your answers to find out if and why you’re right…or wrong. Written in engaging, sportscaster-style prose, each battle is sure to get your heart pounding.

From Quarto Kids – Ages 5-10