Miracles Through Hell: A True Story of Holocaust Survival and Intergenerational Healing

Miracles Through Hell: A True Story of Holocaust Survival And Intergenerational Healing by Jerry M. Elman. Miracles Through Hell is a moving account of bravery, luck, and redemption, in which Elman uncovers the details of his parents’ lives before the Nazis took control of Poland, leads us through the miracles and hell his parents experienced as the war raged on, and finally, reveals the trauma of second-generation survivors. Through the telling of his family history, Elmans’s own story is told.

Flash forward to the present day-Holocaust denial is a trend, fascism in America is on the rise, and most survivors are not longer alive to tell their stories. Miracles Through Hell is written by Jerry Elman, the son of Shmeryl and Rochal, grew up in a seemingly normal American household. All he knew was that his parents survived the Holocaust, but he never truly understood the weight of what that meant, His parents’ silence was meant to shield him from the horrors of their past.