Advantage of time

Everyday when I leave work I take a short cut to get to the main road…today that short cut was cut short…no pun intended…here is what happened. I drove out of the parking garage and made my usual turn into the municipal parking field. As I turned in another car was exiting…this is not the first time I have encountered a car exiting, however, this was the first time I was challenged.
The driver of the car exiting refused to let me pass, she blocked me and motioned that I need to go around the other way. She became the municipal police, and I became the villain…of course, I instinctively became defiant and motioned that she should move around not me…oh boy, what a mistake that was…she shook her head and did not move…I shook my head and did not move…engines where turned off…the stand off began…as the minutes passed on I realized what the heck am I doing…I have to get home, I have no time for this…so I started the car and as I drove away I honked and gave her a not so nice finger…she won…so she thought…I realized that I had a home to rush to…she acted like she could stay there all day…thus the advantage of time…which she had.