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Rainbow Mountain Creations || Polymer Clay Earrings at Etsy

Rainbow Mountain Creations || Polymer Clay Earrings creates beautiful earrings. Jewelry is the one little thing that makes you feel unique. I love earrings, I wear them everyday at the least. My new earrings The Ariel and The Veronica are a perfect addition to my collection of favorite things. And yes I love green!! There are many more colors and shapes to choose from. Something for everyone.

Life these days is not always perfect , but your earring can be. Have fun.

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‘Let’s All Get In The Casserole Dish’ by Les Birdwhistle

Les Birdwhistle’s ‘Let’s All Get In The Casserole Dish’ takes young readers on a light-hearted and highly creative intergalactic journey, as a group of aliens travel to earth in a casserole dish. What happens next couldn’t be thought up by anyone other than Birdwhistle; a brave, non-conformist writer who is set on carving out a new corner of the fantasy market.

About the Author:

Les Birdwhistle is one of England’s rare and curious storytellers. Gaining inspiration from the quaint absurdities in life, he enjoys translating his experiences and dreams onto paper. He often creates his illustrations to the sound of a church bell, while drinking tea from a brothel creeper. He also enjoys breeding pigeons, playing the French horn and making strange noises in his cellar. His new genre of writing is not designed to conform and there is no room for compromise to satisfy anyone in the business. It will be enjoyed by the open-minded, the carefree and the breezy.

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Love Your Story, Let God Define Your Story to Be the Champion You Were Meant To Be by Linda A Olson

Love Your Story by Linda Olson gives you everything you need: tools, strategies and practical tips to address the area where your greatest power lies: knowing your identity in Christ.

Love Your Story will guide you to healing and help you discover the gifts and abilities that you have been given. You will discover that you don’t have to wait for someone to tell you who you are and what you have to offer. God has already defined your story, it’s a matter of embracing it and be the champion you were called to be. Now is the time to fully embrace your story so you can be a Champion wherever you go. 

In this book you will discover:

  • How to grasp the true fight of revelations: the error to see your true self
  • A simple pathway to your true identity; who you are in Christ
  • How true champions are created
  • Strengths you didn’t even know you had
  • The favor on your life
  • Practical tools to rise above every challenge and soar

About the Author: Linda Olson is a TEDx speaker. Story expert ad multiple bestselling author, She resides in Southern with her husband Rick, 2 married daughters, and five adorable granchildren wig are the best part if her story.

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Greater Than Sports Drink

Greater Than Sports Drink offers a healthy alternative to drinking plain water, the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, Hydrating with plain water can be tasteless, and very boring. Then of course, there is your sports drinks, which taste better because they have added sugar, dyes, chemicals, stimulants, and other potentially-hazardous ingredients outweighing the hydration benefits.

They help you get and stay hydrated and prevent you from consuming unnecessary sugars, and also add necessary minerals to your diet. Whether you need them for support during and after workouts or just to get you through your regular day, these electrolytes are an important part of your overall wellness – and an important reason to choose sugar-free, plant-based sports drinks.

Greater Than Sports Drink was recently honored with The Moms Choice Award for its healthy ingredients, superior taste, and unparalleled ability to crush electrolyte loss, dehydration, and fatigue.

Lo Sugar.
Hi Electrolytes.
Great Taste!

Non GMO | No Additives | Family Owned

Available in seven different flavors, including brand-new Strawberry Lemonade, Tropical, Orange Mango, and Peach Clementine, as well as best-selling Chocolate, Grape, and Watermelon, Greater Than Sports Drink has been the delicious and healthy hydration solution for serious athletes, nursing moms, and everyone in between, for more than a decade.

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ILARY Perfume

Happiness is a new roll-on perfume. The perfume they will always remember. Invisible but unforgettable. An exotic blend of Jasmine, Sandalwood, Musk, Ebony Wood, and Orange Blossom.

Ilary Perfume besides being magic in a bottle 10% of your purchase benifits YourMomCares.

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