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The MaskRack

Mask are the new normal and need a place to hang. That is why The MaskRack is the prefect place to hang your masks. The MaskRack is the solution to returning home because you keep forgotten your mask. The first-to-market hanging rack that provides a centralized location for masks and sanitization products in a way that no other product does. Created by award-winning designers and available in two styles – Classic and Mod – this innovative product will help get dirty masks off of floors and countertops and into one clean place.

MaskRack offers a smart and discreet way to organize safety attire. Designed for individuals, families, and workplaces, MaskRack™ offers a sleek and minimalist design made of BPA-free ABS safety plastic (MaskRack™ Classic) or high-quality lightweight sheet metal (MaskRack™ Mod). It’s easy to hang, easy to clean, and holds all of your masks, filters, sanitizers, and other gear.

MaskRack’s™ unique features include:

  • Patent-pending inverse hooks and functionality to accommodate various string sizes, larger masks and face shields. MaskRack™ helps masks socially distance on your rack when utilizing every other hook.  
  • N95 Filter Slots: The only organizer to offer stand-up N95 filter holder slots built into the design of the rack.
  • Face Shield Ready: On the left side of each of the devices is a larger inverse nodule specifically designed to hold larger face shields, multi-bands, baseball caps, and more.  
  • Easy Install: MaskRack™ easily goes up on your wall with included adhesive or – for heavier loads, screws directly into your wall (mounting holes and screws included).
  • Minimal and Customizable Design: The MaskRack™ is adaptable to your lifestyle. Its design enables personalization and storage for other commonly misplaced items like wallets, keys, and phones.

As we don’t know how long we will be required to wear masks MaskRack is the rack for the new normal.

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MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks

MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks are not a new brand in the sock industry. MP Merino wool socks have been reinvented!

Made with a miracle fiber – Merino wool a natural pick for quality, durability, warmth, softness, and style. 

These socks are Odorless, Breathable, Antibacterial, Comfortable.

MP Magic Socks are the world’s best odorless socks with three-metal infused: Silver, Copper, and Zinc. The MP Magic Socks incorporate a super comfortable design, with silver, copper, and zinc-infused, integrated with mineral substance, antibacterial fabrics that work hard to make your feet odorless.
Many Major websites have tested and reviewed MP Magic Socks including Forbes, Mirror, The Times (two times), Mashable, Glamour, GQ, Daily Mail and USA today etc.

MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks are the best odorless socks with a variety of great designs you can find in the world.

70% Merino wool+37.5 technology+MP special yarn+Lycra= MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks!

All you need is hot chocolate and warm socks. Every order gets 1 FREE pair (classic socks)

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Freeda the Frog & Her New Blue Family by Nadine Haruni

As we navigate the complexities of race relations and inequality as adults, how do we address these issues with our children? Gold Mom’s Choice Award-winner Nadine Haruni, creator of the Freeda the Frogbook series, appropriately tackles the topics in a thought-provoking and fun way in Freeda the Frog & Her New Blue Family.

“Future topics for Freeda and her tadpoles to explore include adoption, Special Needs kids, a new baby sibling and a parent returning to work. Each book reinforces Nadine Harunis’ mission of “helping families of all species, one tadpole at a time.”

Family Forever, For Always, No Matter What.

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CODI by Pillar – The Story Telling Robot

For parents tired of watching their kids stare at screens all day, give them a toy that will keep them entertained for hours! CODI is a screen less, adorable interactive robot that stimulates children’s imaginations and creates a sense of adventure with stories and songs. CODI even encourages good habits like brushing teeth and cleaning up.  I like you A BOT!!!

Measuring in at a huggable 8.5” tall, CODI is the next generation of kid-centered tech created to spark their creativity through its cute design and interactive and unforgettable songs and stories, like their newest ones about changes at school and virtual trick-or-treating.  Best of all, parents have complete control over what their kids hear and can even use it to set daily routines that make life just a little bit easier during these crazy times. 

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Three Tributes by Bob and Jim Freeman CD

Three Tributes for Mom and Dad,  CD from musicians and brothers James and Robert Freeman contains original scores commissioned to honor their beloved parents, who were also accomplished musicians. Several years ago, they conceived the idea of an album and commissioned three new pieces of music in memory of their parents, Henry and Florence Knope Freeman, both of whom graduated the Eastman School of Music in Rochester in 1930. They came up with the idea of recording an album, accompanied by a booklet, as a tribute to their parents, who were also both musicians and who were also children of musicians. Lifeline = Mom and Dad.

Spanning two generations of musicians THREE TRIBUTES for Mom and Dad CD works as a tribute for future generations to enjoy.