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My First Cookbook by Annabel Karmel


Filled to the brim with fun and simple recipes, this first cookbook is the perfect kids’ introduction to the kitchen.. With lots of opportunities to get even the youngest chefs involved, it will lead to a love of food that will last a lifetime.

Inside this book…Breakfast….Birghten your mornings with yoghurt pancakes, a croissant crab, and more! – Main Meal...Cute pasta faces and mini beed burgers make main meals fun again. – Super Snacks…Why reach for a packet when you can make caterpillar sandwiches and monster pizza? – Sweets and Desserts…All kinds of yummy sweet treats, from teddy bear cupcakes to Oreo brownies.


The Cutest Animal Babies: How Cute You Decide!

The Cutest Animal babies: How Cute You Decide! Inside you’ll find all kinds of animals and their SUPER-CUTE BABIES. Cuteness Alert! Plus lots of cool animal facts. Use the Cute-O-Meter ( Mega Cute! Super Cute! VeryCute! Just Cute ,Okay) to rate every animal and choose your cutest baby!

Featured animals include sloths, foxes, bears, tigers, elephants, and rabbits, all shown with their oh-so-cute babies. Gorgeous photography brings out the best in every animal, and bitesize text delivers entertaining facts at a level that is perfect for both emerging and reluctant readers. Learn the special words for young animals, from puppy to piglet, including some that even grown-ups might not know!

Animals include bear/bear cub, seal/seal pup, tiger/tiger cub, elephant/calf, panda/panda cub, rabbit/kit, turtle/hatchling, deer/fawn, dog/puppy, sheep/lamb, penguin/penguin chick, fox/fox cub; pig/piglet, and sloth/sloth cub.


Michael and Hannah and the Magic Money Tree by Anthony C. Delauney

Get ready, one and all, for you are about to see the magical and mystical money-making tree!

Join Michae, Hannah, and their friends as they discover all the splendors of the magic money tree! What starts out like a dream come true soon turns into a lie lesson the children will never forget.

Learn even more age-appropriate financial lessons in the Owning the Dash Kids’ Book series: 

product review

Coretta’s Journey – The Life and Times of Coretta Scott King by Alice Faye Duncan Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie

Coretta’s Journey – The Life and Times of Coretta Scott King by Alice Faye Duncan Illusgrated by Gregory Christie delves into Coretta’s childhood, illustrating how her strong disposition to stand against racism led her down the path of activism. It talks about how she supported Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but was so much more than just his wife and was an activist herself and how she continued on fighting for justice after MLK’s death. 

Dr. Calyborne Carson, historian and founding director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University says, “Coretta’s Journey should be read by any young person who wants to understand Coretta Scott King’s essential contribution to her husband’s extraordinary life and enduring legacy. Her courage and dedication were evident both before and after she met Martin. She chose to be a wife and mother but was always Coretta.”

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