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The Small and Mighty Book of Deadly Creatures

Small in size. Mighty in Facts! Pocket-sized books. Massive facts

Have you ever wondered about the most dangerous animals that roam the Earth?

Step inside The Small and Mighty Book of Deadly Creatures and you’ll discover…Blood -sucking vampire bats …The deadliest snake in the world… An eagle with claws as long as a grizzly bear’s …..and MANY MORE Ferocious animals.

The largest four-legged hunter on Earth today is the polar bear, weighing up to 600 kg. Standing on its hind legs, a polar bear can rear up 3.5 m tall – twice the height of an adult human.

Many owls have special wing feathers which muffle the sound of the air rushing over their wings as they fly. These allow the owl to hunt quietly and stealthily to grab prey by surprise.

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Fashion and Beauty

SAKURA Collection 2024

Supporting young designers and preserving traditional culture since 2012

Support Membership – Looking for Sakura Collection support members to help continue efforts to nurture young designers and preserve traditional culture. Funds will be used to run contest for fashion design students from around the world

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Did you know that Knock, Knock Jokes have been around for as long as Shakespeare has been writing plays. Knock, Knock Jokes get people to smile even though they know it’s a silly Knock, Knock joke.

Knock, Knock jokes have been making people chuckle, snort, giggle and groan for centuries. This is the ultimate little collection of the best, worst and silliest Knock, Knock jokes –perfect for torturing your friends, family and even your teachers. So grab this book and get ready to answer, “WHO”S THERE?

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The SMALL MIGHTY Book of Myths and Legends by Clive Gifford and Isabel Munoz

The SMALL and MIGHTY Book o Myths and Legends

The SMALL MIGHTY Book of Myths and Legends by Clive Gifford and Isabel Munoz a pocket-size collectible book series

Small in size. MIGHTY in facts!

Have you ever wanted other the most exciting stories from around the world?

  • A Three headed guard dog
  • A crab monster that eats people’s shadows
  • How the world was formed from colored clouds

And MANY MORE Legendary stories This Small and Mighty Book is a treasure trove bursting with facts about myths and legends from around the world. Inside readers will discover some of the earliest stories ever told, from gods and supernatural forces to a three-headed guard dog and colored clouds forming the world. With a wealth of fun and fascinating mythical facts that were passed down by word of mouth as early peoples tried to make sense of the world around them, this is a book no legend lover can afford to be without!

Explore the Small and Mighty Book of Myths and Legends

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Family, Time of the Season

New York City and Christmas


2023 Christmas! Nothing like Christmas in NYC. Christmas may be over but the time we spent in NYC at Christmas is never over. We did our usual visits, see the tree at Fox Square, then off to Rockefeller Plaza.


But the most important visit we did this year was bring my friend, Joanne, to Macy’s SantaLand.

OMG! She has never been to Macy’s SantaLand. Had to fix that….

Macy’s SantaLand
Macy’s SantaLand

I was happy to bring the joy of Macy’s SantaLand to my friend, and it is always a pleasure being in the city at Christmas time. NYC always gets us in the Christmas Spirit…its the match to our holiday joy,


and after the city sites we always capture a HO! HO! HO! night…