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Nice Shoes! by Dennis Gillan and Stephen Pihl

Nice Shoes! by Dennis Gillan and Stephen Pihl. The perfect book to help parents, teachers, and caregivers open a dialog with children about having a bad day and dark thoughts, and also about how they can brighten the day of someone else who might really need it. Life has its ups and downs. Especially for children, it can be hard to see the silver lining when things go awry. “Sometimes dark thoughts can overwhelm a child,” Gillan says. “But a kind word from another can really go a long way toward chasing off those negative thoughts.” This positive and inspirational story was based on Pihl’s own experience at school. “In writing this book for kids, I want to show how easy it is to help others, and how important doing so can be in someone’s life.”

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Happy Thanksgiving – Ringrazzjament it-tajjeb

Thanksgiving Day! SO EXCITING

It’s the smell of the turkey as it bakes in the oven. The hustle, the bustle, it takes to prepare. As the table is set to hold the fine guest, it easy to forget what the day represents.

No matter what may go wrong on Thanksgiving Day it’s important to remember what we have been given.

Now look around and inhale the odor of thanks, then exhale with rejoice on this fine day…

Thank you Heavenly Father for all of the blessings, for today is The Thanksgiving Day!

Ringrazzjament it-tajjeb –

Happy Thanksgiving in Maltese…

God Bless America!!

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Marky the Magnificent Fairy by Cynthia Kern O’Brien Illustrated by Jeff Yesh

Believing in yourself isn’t always easy. Marky learns that firsthand when the other woodland fairies make fun of her. They laugh at her one small wing and say mean things about her fiery-red hair, her glasses and her freckles. It is hurtful, but through Marky’s determination, she helps them understand that everyone has exceptional qualities. Some are visible. Some are invisible. Through her kindness, Marky teaches her friends about self-love, confidence, acceptance, positivity and compassion. She reminds them they are magnificent. Readers of all ages learn to believe in themselves and the importance of treating everyone with respect and kindness.

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A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food by Michelle Li

Michelle Li, award-winning, veteran journalist, co-founded the  Very Asian Foundation after receiving a monetary donation from The Ellen Show for her response. Since then she is focused on shining a light on Asian experiences through advocacy and celebration.

The movement has now inspired her to write her first Korean Food Children’s book, A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food by Michelle Li. This illustrated picture book introduces young readers to classic and modern Korean dishes and provides fun facts about the foods and culture of Korea. 

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