Hans Millerman by Bernadette Watts

Before next full moon let me find a friend. Hans Millerman lives all alone in his mill. Intent on finding a friend. Hans sets off on a long journey. Could it be that his true friend was there all along?

It was the time of the full moon again. The miller felt more lonely than ever. He gazed out his window and watched the moon rise amid the stars. ” Well, moon.” he said, “I asked you to grant me but a simple gift, and this you have not been able to do. Now I must try my luck for myself.” So Hans Millerman packed a few things into a parcel, washed his face and hands, and put on his boots. He said to the caterpillar. ” A man is lonely unless he haas a friend to love–I must travel into the world to find a friend to love too,. Now, get off my hat and on the floor where you belong. I am leaving this creaky old mill, but you might as well stay if you wish.”

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The Forrest Keeper The true story of Jadav Payeng by Rina Singh illustrated by Ishita Jain

As a boy, Jadav Payeng began planting trees on a sandbank in the state of Assam. Nobody believed that he would succeed. But since 1979, a forest the size of Central Park has emerged, offering a home to countless animals, including elephants, and plants. One small act… one great impact. It was not until 2007 that a photographer accidentally discovered the forest and made Payeng known to the world beyond India.

Indian artists Rina Singh and Ishita Jain have sensitively retraced the story of young Jadav. Readers feel immersed in the spectacular habitat whose existence borders on a miracle come true. This picture book contains full spread illustrations and additional back matter.

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Little Polar Bear and the Brave Little Hare by Hans de Beer

Lars leaned nervously over the edge. Down at the bottom sat a small hare, shivering with fear.

“Don’t be afraid,” Lars said to him. “I will help you.”

The little hare’s eyes grew large as Lars pushed down a heap of snow, but then he understood, and with a hop-hop-hop he was free!

On a quiet day in the Arctic, Lars, the little polar bear, hears a cry coming from a deep hole in the ice. It’s Hugo, a scared little hare, who is trapped and needs to be rescued. The two become fast friends with Lars teasing Hugo for being timid and Hugo wishing Lars was just a little more careful! Lars lands himself in trouble, Hugo has to show just how brave he can be in an emergency.

Lars gains a new friend in his latest adventure…Such teamwork and fond friendship will win readers’ hearts while the falling snow and expensive faces will dazzle their eyes.” Kirkus Reviews.

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My First Book of French by Nicolas Jeter & Tony Pesqueira

My First Book of French.……Introduce your child (or yourself!) to these incredible languages! Featuring 800 first words with bright, bold illustrations, the My First Book of Series provides each word in English and the foregin-language (including romanized/transliteration and simplified script when needed.) Words are divided into handy sections like kitchen, travel, and more, with a special emphasis on including foods and customs you’ll find in France itself. 

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The Little Polar Bear: Take Me Home! By Hans de Beer

While looking for a tasty snack, Lars, the little polar bear, meets Sasha, a lost, hungry, homesick Siberian tiger cub who had been on a journey to see the ocean. Lars is surprised that his friend traveled so fat just to see th ocean. Lars sees it all the time. Always one to lend a hand, Lars offers to help his new friend. But who will help Lars get back home?

A sweet tale about caring and sharing, encouragement, appreciation, and cooperations.”

The plot is full of action, and the winsome artwork is as attractive as ever.”