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DIGZ Garden Gloves are made for ever outside task, are designed for modern and pioneering women who posses a passion for plants. Digz products combine form and function with a splash of fashion and are ideal for gardeners, homesteaders or just those harnessing the beauty of Nature. Digz products are engineered to protect our customers’ most valuable assets, their hands, steeped in color and pattern, Digz gloves are inspired by nature.

Light Gardening Task – Cotton gloves are most suited for tasks, such as mowing the lawn and using a trimmer.

Wet Gardening task gloves – If the soil is wet, you are moving a pile of wet leaves, or mixing and using pesticide or fungicide, the gloves which offer the best protection are rubber gloves.

Heavy Gardening Task Gloves – Choose leather gloves for tasks, such as moving rocks or handling tools, which could easily pierce other types of gloves.

General Gardening Task Gloves – For smaller tasks, such as weeding and planting, the best gloves to use are the traditional multipurpose gardening gloves

DIGZ gardening gloves have a unique design that connect with anyone and everyone. What’s even cooler is they have touchscreen compatible fingertips so gardeners can get the perfect picture while gardening. 

Spring is coming get digging with DIGZ

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The Original PeachSkinSheets

PeachSkinSheets the perfect sheets for any bed size. A 21st Century Smart Fabric. The latest in high performance sleep technology textiles –   the best sheet fabric for night sweats.

PeachSkin Sheets are more breathable and light weight than most fabrics, to keep you comfortable all night long and  decrease sweating while sleeping.

PeachSkin Sheets helps warm sleepers stay cool, cool sleepers stay cozy, athletic grade performance, lightweight and  airy microfiber wicks away moisture  rather than just absorbing like cotton and other fabrics

Shop PeachSkin Sheets trendy colors- Shop all – purchase is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year Manufacturer Warranty against any defects in finish and workmanship.

Get your best sleep ever

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Harry Potter and The Cursed Child on Broadway

Ladies only and finally we made it to the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child on Broadway and it was the best. We were mom, grandmas and girls all excited about Harry!! The extra visual surprises they put into the show is amazing There were moments where you just said, WOW.

I loved these characters for so long and it was easy to dive deep into the extension.

What house are you in?

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100 Things I Love About Grandma by Lisa Carpenter

What a fun book!! 100 Questions that a grandchild fills in with what they love about Grandma. Not going to lie I was a little nervous but it was so much fun in the end. My grandchildren wrote funny and loving things I forgot about and the little guy drew me pictures. This is a truly magical book especially since I grew up a immigrant in New York without grandparents, they were in Malta and I only visited them 2 times before they passed. So it was pure joy being with my grandchildren as enjoyed being together and best remembering the 100 things they loved about me. They also split the answers for Bea, their other Grandma!!! Making memories is having fun together. A love journal is a love journey. Write it down.

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Dinos vs Machines: Showdowns that Defy the Ages! by Eric Geron, illustrated by Mat Edwards

Dinos vs Machines: Showdowns that Defy the Ages! by Eric Geron, illustrated by Mat Edwards preparing for battle… have you ever wondered if a velociraptor could out sprint a motorcycle? Get a front row seat to the challenge as 10 dinosaurs face off against 10 machines. On the stats page, learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each dinosaur and machine. Discover the pointy horns of the triceratops, the scorching speeds of a motorcycle, the bat-like wings of the pterodactyl, and the digging power of the bulldozer. Then, turn the page to discover what a showdown between the two superstars would look like. You decide who the winner is. Experts share their winners at the back so that you can check your answers to find out if and why you’re right…or wrong. Written in engaging, sportscaster-style prose, each battle is sure to get your heart pounding. Ages 5-10

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