Thanks for the memories


This 2010 Christmas, my family and I went to see the play Rain.  A gift from my daughter-in-law and son. I also purchased 2 tickets for my parents, so all 6 of us went to see Rain.

What an event.  See I was, and still am, a beatlemaniac, and George is my favorite Beatle.  To watch them on stage, was to me, the next best thing to have seen the Beatles perform, I never got the privilege to see them.  Of course I saw them on Ed Sullivan Show.  Kissing the TV tube, screaming George’s name.

My parents, liked them also, see they were English and they loved the English, but my father was a quiet beatlemaniac, he would buy me and my sister their albums. We’d put the albums through the grinding machine (record player) over and over again. Non stop. Home from school and out with the vinyl records and when we got a Beatle album that was even better, more songs to hear on one record. Of course, we memorized every word, right down to the breathing if we heard it.

Rain was wonderful, if you are or were a beatlemaniac, this is the show for you.  During the whole performance people clapped, stood up, danced in their seats.  The four who performed sounded and sometimes looked like the fab four.  My favorite part was of George playing solo, I was so impressed.  What a copy.  My father cried during the whole performance.  Tears for a time gone by, for they were a time of being care free and young.  Even my stone faced husband could not help smiling.  No you could not come out without feeling like you have just inhaled about 30 years of your youth.
The best is that the Beatles were passed down to my children, who play their music all the time.  Now my grandchildren, at least my 4 year old, the 9 month old has to learn to talk, sings their songs.  She came over one day and started singing one of my favorite George songs, Listen do you want to know a secret.  I could not believe it, she loves him too.