That’s Not Windex

I had my family over Sunday for my moms’ 81 birthday.  It turned out to be a very nice time and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. My mother told me my meatballs were hard….said  I must have added too much breadcrumbs.  I made spinach and ricotta gnocchi (got  easy recipe from the cooking channel,,,Extra Virgin) for my neice and sister..they don’t like to eat meat any more. Anyway, I served it all with penne and a marinara sauce and a great big salad. Everyone ate….then after we had the cake, we  started to smell somthing coming from my bedroom.  My grandkids were jumping on the bed and playing there, when my granddaughter came out and said her brother was touching the  perfume!!.. Well, he sprayed it all over the dressers and the picture frames .  But who could  get mad at him,  he was having a good time and besides, he really did a good job.   When they left, I cleaned up the place  and then it was time to go to sleep….only trouble was the the smell in the bedroom was just too much…….I was gagging… was even tasting the perfume.  I left the window open yesterday to air the room…..but something tells me., it’s going to be a while.