The Maltese Center- Shining A Light on Autism

On Saturday afternoon,  my mother and  I attended a Art Auction Fundraiser For Autism Speaks and The Malta Community Chest Fund at The Maltese Center in Astoria NY.   Together,  Maltese and American alike, showed a joined effort in supporting this fine event in support of those less fortunate than ourselves, here and in Malta.

For a donation at the door,  there was complimentary refreshments, food and drinks served all day.  DJ Chuck provided the music for the event and kept things moving!!  It was so nice for us  to talk with and enjoy  friends, old and new.  Everyone there was so excited , because we all wanted this to be a success and with the help of all the wonderful people who worked so hard to bring this together, along with all the lovely people who showed up, despite the horrible weather… was a success.

              Art pieces, in three sizes,  framed and unframed,  created by Charllie Spiteri using Unique Digital CompArt (DCAs)  were auctioned.  I got to leave with  the John Lennon piece that I could not keep my eyes off!!!

The Maltese Center is doing their part to make people aware of Autism….to recognize Autism as a growing global health crisis. Affecting 1 in 110 children……….1 in 70 boys.  It is estimated that 1 percent of the worlds’ population is affected by autism…….or 67 million people.

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posted by Liz