April – Thanks For The Showers

I think that April really announces Spring (no offense to March 21).  It is a month of growth for all nature.  The snow finally melts and the plants begin to show!  April showers nourish the young plants.  In April, the animals that have slept all winter appear,  the weasels’ winter white coat is now brown and the snake sheds his old skin for a new one. 

Birds return from the warmer climates to build nests and lay eggs.  New born animals are taking their first steps, copying their mothers, learning what to eat to grow strong.

 Here, April is the time  to plant, spring-clean, and don’t forget about the opening of baseball season!! Play ball…. 

 New Beginnings…..Easter and Passover.  A month where we  enjoy work and play and get ready for new seasons……and that first BBQ hot dog.

posted by Liz

source:Groiler Inc