Butch Bakery

Have you heard about Butch Bakery?

Butch’s  Bakery bakes their cupcakes  with a masculine flare, this ain’t your school girl cupcake.

The  creator, David Arrick, made a decision to give cupcakes a more butch approach, according to David this is “Where butch meets buttercream.”

David took our everyday cupcake and turned it into a delicious statement.  He has christened his cupcakes: Beer Run, Home Run, Mojito, Jackhammer, Big Papi.

Don’t they  looked good?  But d0 they taste good?  Yes, most definitely.  Groovinmoms had the opportunity to pop one of these “Macho cup cakes ”  into our not so macho mouths.  I am sorry, did I say we had one. Not.  After popping one of  these  little guys, we had to  pop a couple more,  if  I had some coffee I could have popped the whole table of cakes.

Cup cakes are not the only thing Butch’s Bakery makes. They do quiches, too.  OMG!  A bite into Butch’s quiche awakened my memory bank, and I recalled the last time I had a crust like this was when I went to  France .  http://images.businessweek.com/mz/10/51/370/1051_mz_94etcnextlife.jpg

I guess real men don’t eat quiche, they  bake it.  That is fine by me, keep on baking, David.

Butch  Bakery has been featured on Rachael Ray, Business week, NY Post, and Irish Times.

David, love the little hats on the cupcakes.