The Time to Toss It Out Is Now

If you are like me, you have forgotten to remember to throw out expired items all over the house. Every year  I promise myself that I will do it right this time, but life gets in the way and I get side-tracked.  Here are some items I just got rid of.

In the Bathroom: Old saline solution, sunscreen and medications.  Even unopened saline solution and drugs can quickly become less potent past their experation dates.  High temperatures degrade sunscreeen, so replace it once a year.


In The Kitchen: That  old water-pitcher filter because they will remove contaminants from 40 gallons of water – about three (3) months worth of normal use.  After that, the filter is useless.  No warning light or timer on your filter?  Slow flow  indicates it’s maxed out.

In the bedroom:  All worn out sneakers, running or walking shoes that easily bend in half at the midsole, they may increase your risk of injury.  Average sneaker life span is 300 to 500 miles or about six (6) months.

You will be surprized at how good you feel after the cleaning is done!!