Birthday Celebration At The Beach House, Long Beach NY


Where did this year go?  To stay in touch with the people you love takes a lot of thought. We make it a point to celebrate each of our birthdays with a dinner or a brunch.  Last week was Mercis’ sister, Marlenes’ birthday, and the birthday girl always gets to pick the restaurant. Friday night we went to The Beach House in Long Beach NY. Excellent choice!!


We shared a bottle of wine and a platter of wings and some brie for starters. We were so hungry, I never got a chance to take a photo 🙂


My sister Marianne and I got the tuna and shrimp with rice, asparagus with sweet chili sauce. This plate had a good kick!


Merci and Marlene both got the skirt steak.  The fact that we each got the same dish was so weird. We usually each get something completely different. Birds of a feather flock together I guess. Ha!!  Anyway, the skirt steak came with wasabi mashed potatoes and sweet carrots.  Too much food, so we ended up each taking half home.


The sweet people at The Beach House must have heard us toasting Marlene for her birthday.  The molten s’mores plate came with a candle and they stayed at the table and sang “Happy Birthday” with us.  Thank you, guys!


I hope  to celebrate more birthday with my family and friends. I don’t know who said this, but I love it and think it holds true.

“To age is a privilege. Do not regret getting older.  It is a privilege denied to many”   Love, Liz and Merci