Voli Vodka – This Summer Cocktail Mixer

This summer we are enjoying  Voli Vokda. Merci and I both really like the Raspberry Cocoa. Merci sister Marlene  picked the Espresso Vanilla. The other great flavors are Mango Coconut, Lemon Orange Vanilla and Original.


Marlene made a batch of fresh lemonade, we each picked our favorite flavor and  mix up a delicious cocktail. Topped off with a few ice cubes.  Could not have been easier 🙂


Here is Marlene wearing her Voli Vodka sunglasses sipping away.


My sister Marianne chose to drink a beer that day. We enjoyed a wonderful summer day together, relaxing and catching up.


Clinking our glasses and wishing you all a  wonderful summer. Cheers!

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