Precious Moments Down Under The Bed

How precious are those moments that turn into more than just a simple moment.  get-attachment (12)

Take for example a sleep over with my grand children. Sleep overs usually happen when their parents need to go out and the children are not apart of the evening.  So they just come to my house and we get to spend the whole night together.  Then in the morning they hang out till their parents are ready for them to return.

But on  this particular sleep over morning, Sophie took out her  jewelry kit.  A kit with all different beads and strings to make whatever type of jewelry she would want to have.get-attachment (9)

Oh, Great!  I thought.  Now this would keep them busy all morning and  they would not  run around the house, and we would not have to hear Christian whine about wanting his mommy.  get-attachment (7)

I really thought jewelry making was  a good idea.  Hey, they would make jewelry until it was time for them to go home.  Hooray!get-attachment (8)

Sophie is very interested in this bead necklace, bracelet making thing.  Serious as any jewelry maker would be about her beads and strings.   All was going along  just dandy.  UNTIL!

Until the beads started falling  and rolling under the bed.

“Pick up those beads,” I shouted, “You are losing them.”

get-attachment (6)

They both  crawled under the bed to pick up the tiny beads. Then they both realized, under the bed is more fun then  on top of the bed .

It was at this moment that I realized this is going to be a different type of sleep over morning.  Christian and Sophie throw down the pillows and began to enjoy their under the bed experience.get-attachment (4)

There was no talking them out from under the bed.  This play time won out.  Beads became history and left under the bed.


Pictures are not upside down.  See when you are under the bed you take upside down pictures.  get-attachment (1) Sophie,  letting her head hang out and her tongue accidentally rolled out.  Guess that is what happens when you are hanging out under the bed.

Yes, this sleep over morning turned out to be  a precious morning experience with these two.   In a matter of moments they both went from quiet  jewelry making to  under the  bed time.

I suppose you might be wondering if any thing came from those beads and strings.   Well, yes.get-attachment (3)

They managed to make a necklace for me, Grandma,  before they both fell under the bed.