Curious Critters Marine By David FitzSimmons

Curious Critters Marine by David FitzSimmons is an amazing book about marine animals.  Curious Critters Marine got my grandchildren curious enough to open the book instead of opening the i-pad or lap top.


 As soon as they saw the octopus on the front cover their interest was aroused.


With wide eyed interest they flipped through each page.IMG_0779

They got to see pictures of creatures they never had seen before

IMG_0773Christian’s favorite was the photo of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

Curious Critters Marine had creatures that made me say,”Look at that creature.”

Creatures like a California sea Cucumber, Lined Seahorse (the kids loved this little horse), Red LionFish, Hawaiian reef hermit Crab ( so cute peeking out of his shell), A Cushion Sea Star ( even in the picture you can actually see why it is called cushion).

Each picture with a simple story that children and adults can enjoy, especially at bed time.


Curious Critters Marine does get you curious about nature.

Text and Photography by David FitzSimmons.