A weekend in Delaware is what everybody needs.  And when there, a visit to Winterthur Museum is a must.

  Who or What is Wintherthur?

 Winterthur was the childhood home of Henry Francis du Pont (yes the DuPonts)  and 60 years ago he opened Winterthur to the public.

Upon entering Winterthur you immediately get the grand feel of the home.IMG_0917

Imagine walking up these staircase every night.  IMG_0918   

Almost think that the staircase could keep going straight to heaven.

IMG_0908Now doesn’t this look like a dream hall.


Who has an eagle guarding their plants?  Wintherthur does.


Dining room to dine for.  Don’t have to worry about over inviting guests. IMG_0914 A Sitting room covered with wall paper straight from china.IMG_0940

A chandelier to die for.  But could not help thinking how long it takes to clean all those gorgeous crystals.

IMG_0941  George Washington paintings and other deco was rampart in the home.  IMG_0900                 IMG_0951

A Chester drawer that reflected all of  Winterthur’s beauty .

To learn more about Winterthur, purchase Guide to Winterthur Museum & Country Estate by Pauline Eversmann.