Emma Is Two

My grand niece  turned two this April 25th.

 I think that when a child reaches the age of two they can  show adults how to have fun and not take life so seriously.


It was easy for little Emma to put on a too-too and never have to learn any ballerina positions, not even a plie.

IMG_1101 (1)

Then doing a quick change and becoming Elsa, the Snow Queen.  Who cares that the outfit was a little big, a perfect fit would not have been as much fun.

IMG_1131     Elsa stickers was a great gift for Emma.  But sticking the stickers on your eyes was even greater.                                       IMG_1132

When it comes to birthday cakes Emma just cupped it.  IMG_1139And it didn’t seem strange that Batman stood along side of Emma to help blow out her  # TWO candle. IMG_1145

All in all the kids made Emma’s birthday special.IMG_1083The older ones always seem to take over but this  two year old never complained.

 I think Emma enjoyed every moment of turning two.  I also think Emma knew that we all  loved her

 to the moon and back.IMG_1142Now that’s a lot of LOVE!